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News and Fun Facts

In the episode "The Origin of Iceman" an animator accidentally drew TWO Cyclops (X-Men) in the same scene.



Angelica Jones: Kathy Garver
Angelica's father: Frank Welker
Ariel: Sally Julian
Aunt May: June Foray
The Beetle: Chris Latta
Bobby Drake: Frank Welker
Bonnie : Marilyn Schreffler
Bruce Banner: Peter Cullen
Captain America: George Dicenzo
The Chameleon: Hans Conried
Colossus: John Stephenson
Cyclops: Neil Ross
Dean Wilmer: Stanley Jones
Doctor Octopus: Michael Bell
Dr. Doom: Shepard Menkin
Dr. Faustus: Dennis Marks
Electro: Alan Melvin
Eric the Viking: John Stephenson
Firestar: Kathy Garver
Flash Thompson: Frank Welker
Green Goblin: Dennis Marks
Hiawatha Smith: Michael Ansara
Honey Dove: Annie Lockhart
Hulk: Peter Cullen
Iceman: Frank Welker
J. Jonah Jameson: William Woodson
The Juggernaut: William Marshall
Kingpin: Walker Edmiston
Kraven: Robert Rigley
Lance Macho: George Dicenzo
Lightwave: Annie Lockhart
Loki: John Stephenson
Magneto: Michael Rye
Modred: John Stephenson
Mona Osborn: Sally Julian
Mr. Frump : Alan Young
Ms. Lion: Frank Welker
Mysterio: Peter Cullen
Narrator: Dick Tufeld (first season), Stan Lee (second-third seasons) Norman Osborn: Neil Ross
Peter Parker: Dan Gilvezan
Professor X: Stanley Jones
Red Skull: Peter Cullen
The Sandman: Chris Latta
Shanna: Janet Waldo
The Shocker: John Stephenson
Spiderman: Dan Gilvezan
Storm: Annie Lockhart
Sub-Mariner: William Woodson
Sunfire: Jerry Dexter
Sunfire's Uncle Genju: Keye Luke
Swarm: Al Fann
Thunderbird: John Stephenson
Tony Stark: William Marshall
Uncle Ben: John Stephenson
Yamir: John Stephenson
Zerona: Janet Waldo
Additional voices: Alan Dinehart, Michael Evans, John Haymer.

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Spiderman and his Amazing Friends

Spiderman and his Amazing Friends cartoon

Peter Parker (Spiderman) teams up with Angelica Jones (Firestar) and Bobby Drake (Iceman) after meeting them at college. They fight such supervillains as Doc Ock and meet up with other superheroes, like the X-Men in their adventures.

For the second and third seasons, the show was combined with The Incredible Hulk cartoon. The second season was "The Incredible Hulk and The Amazing Spiderman Hour" with three new episodes (all origin eps for the main characters), while the third was "The Amazing Spiderman and The Incredible Hulk Hour".

Airing Information
Marvel Productions. Thirteen thirty-minute episodes. Premiered NBC: September 12, 1981.

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