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Masters of the Universe Classics: Perfuma

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PostPosted: Tue Nov 03, 2015 10:21 pm    Post subject: Masters of the Universe Classics: Perfuma Reply with quote

Greetings fellow He-Fans and She-Ravers,

the year is winding down and with it we are wrapping up the last of the vintage figures to get the Classics updates. Here is the final member (that had a figure previously) of the Great Rebellion Perfuma.

Perfuma comes in the mostly standard MOTUC blister card package complete with the Princess of Power logo sticker on the bubble. I say mostly standard because her plastic bubble is of the kind that does not have the air holes in the side. This is to lock in her freshness as it were since, like Moss Man and Stinkor, she is a scented figure. As soon as you open the package you will get a strong whiff of her smell. It's quite strong, though not overpowering. Thankfully, it's a pleasant rose like scent. Like the other scented figures it will fade over time, but for the first few days you will notice it every time you enter the room. Again though it's a fresh, strong but not overwhelming, aroma.

As always the back of the box show off other figures in the line and gives a bio for the character.

Sheesh, can I get some crackers to go with that cheese!? Seriously how sappy is that opening? Many of the Great Rebellion girls have had the misfortune of having wording from old licensing guides put in their bios, and those old guides were designed for a doll line aimed at young girls rather than the more serious action take of the cartoon. This one really stands out though. Now in her limited cartoon appearances Perfuma was portrayed as something of a clueless ditz to the point that she occasionally annoyed even her rebel friends, but it was intentionally played for laughs in that case.

The last line is a nice reference to her main episode "Flowers for Hordak" though it wasn't the scent Hordak couldn't stand it was her personality. In fact scents weren't what Perfuma was about in the cartoon, but rather her powers involved creating and controlling plant life magically. In the episode the Horde had managed to block out the sun over Whispering Woods so that the trees would wither and die thus removing the magical protection they gave the rebels. Knowing that Perfuma's power would allow her to keep the woods healthy no matter what Hordak had her captured and brought to the Fright Zone. Instead of being afraid and desparing though Perfuma casually got out of her cell and began filling the Fright Zone with flowers, dancing with the Horde Troopers and driving "Hordikins" as she called him crazy to the point that he abandoned his plan and even gave the rebels a month's worth of supplies just so She-Ra would take Perfuma away. And in case you're wondering why he didn't just kill Permua -he actually tried to shoot her at one point only to have her powers cause a bouquet to spring out of his cannon instead. Really funny episode, check it out if you can.

Taking a look at the figure now you can see Perfuma is a mixture of her cartoon and vintage toy look. In the cartoon she had a younger looking smaller build and also instead of boots she had small slipper shoes. The Classics version uses the standard female buck overall and gives her boots like the vintage figure. There's also a lot of details from the toy integrated into her outfit such as the flowers on her belt and the vines and leaves over her dress, though there are a few leaf details in the dress that are not painted in. I feel these would have looked better if fully painted.

Perfuma did manage to capture the younger cuter look in her face. She also features the rose hat from her cartoon appearance. This is a separate piece that clips on to her head behind the small pink tiara that is part of the head sculpt. It is form fitting and actually stays on very tight once attached.

Articulation is very standard on the figure. Head shoulders and thighs on ball joints, standard joints at the knees elbows and ankles, swivels at the waist, biceps and wrists. Once again there is no boot cut swivel though come to think of it since her boots are a new sculpt anyway why didn't they give us the cartoon slipper look? It should also be noted that Perfuma's skirt hinders her thigh movement a bit and her hair can get in the way of shoulders going up ever so slightly. It is a softer material so it doesn't really cause much trouble though.

For weapons Perfuma naturally comes with the standard POP shield done in green colors. She also includes this strange rose bazooka thing. This is a recreation of what came with the vintage figure. On that one it could plug into her back and had a lever so that pushed the rose up and out letting it bloom. (it appears that the full bloom on her back is what inspired the cartoon's rose hat) For the Classics though there is no way to attach it to her back. It could still pass for a gun, however the rose end is very solid and heavy so she cannot hold it up. It will pull her arm down every time. Also, though it has two apparent handles, Perfuma's left hand is the open spell casting mold so it cannot hold onto anything making this accessory almost completely useless. Something that Mattel didn't mention and early reviewers missed though is that the rose part can detach from the main gun. Rather easily too and was clearly designed to do so. Without the rose Perfuma can hold the gun up, but it's not quite fitting and proper looking without it. I really wish the rose had been made more lightweight somehow. On the vintage figure it was this that provided the scent. For Classics it appears both the weapon and the figure itself were given the aroma.

Perfuma is one where I greatly prefer her cartoon look so I'm pretty happy overall with how this was done. The boots instead of the slippers is not a huge issue really, just something I would have liked to make her a bit more unique in sculpt. I admit she wasn't my most wanted, and I was initially a bit let down with the reveal pics, however in hand she looks much better than I thought and really helps round out the Great Rebellion. It wouldn't have been right without her and I'm glad she's finally here.

Perfuma is no longer available on Mattycollector.com so happy hunting and until next time, Good Journey.


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