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Masters of the Universe Classics: Callix

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PostPosted: Wed Jul 22, 2015 9:55 pm    Post subject: Masters of the Universe Classics: Callix Reply with quote

Greetings fellow He-Fans and She-Ravers,

Club 200X kicks off with it's first figure, Callix. A character who originated from the MYP cartoon series. Calix (who had only one L in his name originally) appeared near the end of the series in the episode "The Power of Grayskull" and only very briefly. The majority of this episode was a flashback that told the story of King Grayskull and his battle against Hordak. As the scene opens the Evil Horde has just triumphed in battle over the Snake Men. Initially we were supposed to see this battle but it ended up cut for time. If we had it's possible we would've seen more of Calix. As is he first shows up as Hordak is talking about attacking Grayskull. Calix respectfully points out that it might be better to wait and regroup as their forces were severely depleted in the battle with the Snake Men. Hordak replies, "That is good council Calix, but I do so hate bad news." Hordak's eyes glow at which point Calix's body starts glowing and cracking then he explodes leaving behind only a small pile of rocks.

So yeah Calix was created solely to be killed off just to show how powerful and evil Hordak was. I just spent more time describing the scene than it takes to view it. The total time he was in the show from his first appearance to the smoke clearing after he blows up is a whopping 28 seconds. That's right, the character's entire existence in MOTU until now consisted of less than half a minute! Somehow though the appearance of this rock man got enough fans wanting more of him that he has now been given figure form.

Callix comes on the standard Masters of the Universe Classics blister card package complete with the Evil Horde logo sticker on the front of the bubble. The back of the box shows off other figures in the line and presents a bio for the character. As usual though the bio is pretty much all Toyguru's canon rather than what we saw in the cartoon.

It's annoying enough that the Space Mutants were reduced to being an offshoot of the Horde, but why do half the Horde members now have to be from the Tri-Solar galaxy? Why do the bios have to keep saying Hec-Tor-Kur instead of Hordak? So he's lead council now? I always pictured it as him speaking out of place that got him killed. Oh but wait, in this story he can turn into a pile of rocks and reform. So I guess Hordak didn't kill him he just... forced him to use said power as a punishment?

No. Okay just no. If you want to tell a new story and describe how Calix was a total badass during Preternian times up until Hordak decided to kill him fine. I've got no problem with expanding on the character's history, but he has no future. What makes it all the more infuriating is how the Classics canon keeps killing off well established and beloved characters like Sorceress, often in lame implausible ways, yet this guy who existed for and was famous only for getting killed off gets a retcon to allow him to still be alive. Sloppy sloppy crappy writing, plain and simple. Calix may well have been a major villain in Preternian times, but in modern Eternia he is dead Dead DEAD!!!!!

So let's talk about the actual figure now. Strangely enough he actually does utilize a lot of the standard buck. His biceps, upper legs, and torso under the overlay are all the standard buck. Also under the overlay his shoulders are the scaly buck ones which help add to the cracked stone look, for what bit is visible. His armor overlay is glued on and non-removable so that large collar slightly hinders side to side head movement. However it is soft enough in the shoulder pads to not bother arm movement.

Articulation wise he's pretty much the same as most figures. Head is on a ball joint, as are shoulders and thighs. Standard joints at the elbows and knees, swivels at the biceps, wrists, calves/boot cuts and waist, and he does have the mid torso ab crunch as well. One difference is his ankles. Because of the rocky buck he actually has side to side swivel joints here instead of the normal up and down joint. It's also worth noting the sculpt makes him stand about a half inch taller than most figures in the line. Overall the large pieces on the standard buck flows well, however I think he could have benefited from some more coverings on his upper legs as they kind of stand out a bit.

I must say the face sculpt is very well done both in the stone look and in the sunken solid black eyes. I feel the black gives a creepier villain look. Speaking of color differences, his Horde emblem has been given more detail going from the cartoon white to a grainy sandstone look which I actually like as it gives the appearance of something worn rather than part of his body, yet maintains the stone motif of the character. For weapons Callix comes with a shield done in the same stone design as his body. Unlike most shields in the line that clip onto the figure's wrist, this one has a handle to be held in his hand. As it's slightly off center it works better in his left hand. His other weapon has two functions. It can be held by the log rear handle and comes off as a large stone axe, or it has another handle on the back and can instead function as a rocky take on the classic Horde crossbow. Kudos to the Four Horsemen for creativity here.

I have to admit I initially had zero interest in ever getting a Callix figure. With so many characters to do getting one of the guy who existed for 28 seconds then died seemed like wasting a slot. In hand however I will say that the result turned out into a very fine figure. Honestly if 200X had continued longer and we had gotten more back stories involving Calix the desire for him might have been higher. As is, I am getting a new appreciation for the guy thanks to this figure, though I still maintain that he is a Preternian villain only and Hordak killed him. I might even be able to stomach a tale of him being brought back to life, but "he never actually died" is not acceptable canon.

Calix sold out very quickly (though I should remind everyone the Club 200X just barely made its numbers so there was likely a very small allotment for day of sale) so you'll need to check the secondary market for him. Good luck and until next time, Good Journey.


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