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Masters of the Universe Classics: Multi-Bot

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PostPosted: Fri Jun 19, 2015 10:27 pm    Post subject: Masters of the Universe Classics: Multi-Bot Reply with quote

Greetings fellow He-Fans and She-Ravers,

I said it before, but it bears repeating; if Mattel had opened 2015 with the characters we're getting in the second quarter instead of the ones we got first quarter we probably wouldn't have gone through such a close call push to get the line through. Not that I personally didn't like the first quarter characters (except Oo-Larr) but this quarter's selections are much cooler and more fan demanded, including the actual quarterly item Multi-Bot.

Multi-Bot comes in a fully enclosed box similar to the one Modulok did as he is a character with the same basic feature. While the actual figure inside is unseen, it does show off a picture of Mutli-Bot all assembled as well as smaller artwork of various possible forms he can be assembled into. The back of the box shows off a small selection of other characters in the line and presents a new bio for Multi-Bot in the Classics continuity.

They stuck with him being created by Modulok (I pointed out in my review of him how his name should be Nycroft not Nycoff) but really it wouldn't make much sense not to. Multi-Bot had various depictions in different media sometimes being sentient other times a mere drone. Strangely though no actual vintage story took advantage of his ability to merge with Modulok save his first mini-comic and in that it was only a two panel shot to showcase his power to Hordak, but he didn't actually use the ability in combat. Also the merged form was called Megabeast not Ultrabeast. Trademark problems strike again I guess. The part about He-Man and She-Ra taking him down is getting flak from the fan community as it makes it sound like Multi-Bot is another character to be killed off. This actually is in conflict with Megabeast's appearance in the last page of the new Classics Mini-comic, but it should be noted that the bio doesn't say he was taken out permanently. Modulok could have always rebuilt him, plus it's not the first time Multi-Bot was killed off. In his sole Star Comic appearance he was introduced then disposed of at the end via him getting eaten by Monstroid.

Multi-Bot did appear in a few episodes of the She-Ra cartoon, however since he was designed for the show before the final figure was made he had been based on early concept art and thus looked nothing like the toy version. Despite the limited budget of Filmation, Multi-Bot actually did get to show off his abilities rather well in his debut episode "Black Snow" (chronological debut at least -due to episodes originally airing out of order he actually showed up on screen before Modulok even joined the Horde!) Though his transformations were done via hiding it behind a glowing light rather than animate the full change, he went through a few body changes, mostly hands to weapons, and even had parts fall off leading to a humorous scene where he accidentally put his heads back on upside down and backwards. On that note though he was portrayed as pretty stupid. She-Ra got him to spill the beans with no effort at all.

MUTLTI-BOT: "I've been ordered to capture you"
SHE-RA: "Who could boss a big tough robot like you around?"
MULTI-BOT: "Modulok! He created me. And he's up there now watching us from his weather wheel."
SHE-RA: "Is that what's causing the black snow?"
MULTI-BOT: "Of course. Modulok built it himself. He is a genius."
MODULOK: "And you are a nincompoop! You just told She-Ra everything!"

Opening the package we find Multi-Bot in a plastic tray much like Modulok was. A big difference between the two though is that Multi-Bot's parts include two torso pieces so he can (and comes preset as) form into two full bodied figures practically making this a 2-pack. His parts also include two heads but three neck pieces -there is another black one in addition to the two already attached to the heads in the pack. There are four arms, one set done in a reddish orange with human like hands and the other more yellowish tan with silver claw hands. Curiously the hands are done with enclosed holes in them for holding the handles of his guns -witch can be snapped together to form a rifle. While this is just like the vintage figure, on that one it was something of a necessity and I was honestly expecting the Classics version to just have normal claws with a stronger sculpt to hold things. He has three pairs of legs, a mid "thorax" piece for connecting the two waists together and those waists can detach from the torso parts unlike Modulok who was fused there.

Articulation wise Multi-Bot has most of what you'd find in a standard figure. Both of his torsos do actually feature the ab crunch articulation, though the joints are better hidden due to the robotic sculpt of the parts. None of his six legs have boot cut swivels, but they do feature ball joints at the thighs and standard joints at the knees and ankles except the purple legs actually have ball joints for knees increasing the movement. His arms have ball joints at the shoulders and swivels at the biceps and wrists -though on the claw hands the joint is actually at the base of the sliver claw instead of the actual wrist area. Both sets of arms feature ball joints at the elbows. Normally this is done to combine standard elbow joints and bicep swivels into one joint, but Multi-Bot actually has both the ball joints and the standard bicep swivels above them.

His head and waists swivel of course, though that is in part due to his feature to detach his body parts and assemble them in various ways to form thousands of bodies. To this end he also includes five splitter pegs and additional extension pieces. Unlike Modulock however these aren't really used unless you want a Multi-Bot with one torso. On Modulok there was only the one, but since here you have two you don't need the splitters to display both heads and all arms. As a result, like the vintage, you end up with several extra parts no matter what, wheres Modulok could form a body with almost all his parts.

Where those parts really come into play is when you combine Multi-Bot with Modulok to form Megabeast. All the parts are fully interchangeable with each other, making for even more outrageous creature forms. Like the two that make him up, Megabeast does not have a specific body form. Any combination of Modulok and Multi-Bot pieces can be considered Megabeast.

Multi-Bot fully captures the essence of the vintage figure while expanding on his features. His paint job shows off more detail. He can stand on his own as two bodies better. He has all the parts from the original and more extension pieces for increased options, plus the extra articulation opens up a lot of possibilities.

Multi-Bot did not make it into the 200X line, though there was an apparent concept mock up for bringing him in. Or at least a character called Multi-Bot. The 200X version, instead of being a robot with Modulok's powers, was given an extreme redesign so that he was actually a collect and connect build a figure. The difference though was that his body would have been composed of various weapons that would come packed with other figures, but double as his parts when assembled. (Thus if you didn't have the whole set the parts could still serve a purpose as weapons) An interesting new take on the character, but one that never came to be.

I am very pleased with how Multi-Bot turned out. Really the only thing I can possibly complain about (not counting the bio as always) is that my Evil Horde display shelf if getting extremely packed and I still need to have room for Dragstor later this year. And let's face it. that's not really a serious complaint at all is it? Like Modulok he is a figure that is lots of fun to utilize and combined with Modulok the options and fun just increase.

As of this posting Multi-Bot is still available on Mattycollector.com so good luck and, until next time, Good Journey.


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