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HUGE cartoon list

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PostPosted: Sat Jan 24, 2015 6:14 pm    Post subject: HUGE cartoon list Reply with quote

Anybody interested in any of these series let me know. PM or direct e-mail me at jorgegloria@comcast.net

101 Dalmatians Complete 105 episodes
8th Man 42 episodes
A.T.O.M. Complete 52 episodes
Abbott & Costello 65 episodes
Ace Ventura, Pet Detective Complete 39 episodes
Action Man Complete 27 episodes
Action Man CGI Complete 26 episodes
Addams Family, The Complete 16 episodes
Addams Family, The Complete 39 episodes
Aladdin Complete 87 episodes
Albert the Fifth Musketeer Complete 26 episodes
Alf Tales Complete 21 episodes
Alf The Animated Series Complete 26 episodes
Alienators: Evolution Continues Complete 26 episodes
All Dogs go to Heaven Complete 40 episodes
Alvin & The Chipmunks 151 episodes
Alvin Show Complete 53 episodes
Amazing Chan & The Clan Clan Complete 16 episodes
American Darkstalkers Complete 13 episodes
American Dragon Jake Long Complete 52 episodes
Amigo & Friends a.k.a. Cantinflas Show 82 episodes
Andy Panda 26 episodes
Angry Beavers Complete 126 episodes
Animal Crackers 51 episodes
Animals of Farthing Wood Complete 39 episodes
Ant and the Aardvark Complete 17 episodes
Ant and the Aardvark, The New Series Complete 26 episodes
Aquaman Complete 36 episodes
Arabian Knights Complete 18 episodes
Archie Filmation a.k.a. Archie Show, The Complete 34 episodes
Archie's Funhouse Complete 16 episodes
Archie's Weird Mysteries Complete 40 episodes
Archies, The New 26 episodes
Around the World in 79 Days Complete 17 episodes
Around the World in 80 Days Complete 16 episodes
Around the World with Willy Fog Complete 26 episodes
Arthur and the Square Knights of the Round Table 21 episodes
Astro and the Space Mutts Complete 11 episodes
Astronut Complete 18 episodes
Atom Ant Complete 26 episodes
Attack of the Killer Tomatoes Complete 21 episodes
Augie Doggie and Doggie Daddy Complete 45 episodes
Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes Complete 52 episodes
Avengers: United They Stand Complete 13 episodes
Baby Huey Show, The Complete 26 episodes
Baby Huey Complete 12 episodes
Baby Looney Tunes Complete 103 episodes
Baby Plas Complete 13 episodes
Back at the Barnyard Complete 104 episodes
Back to the Future Complete 26 episodes
Bailey's Comets 10 episodes
Banana Splits, The Complete 36 episodes
Barkleys 9 episodes
Barney Bear Complete 26 episodes
Batfink Complete 100 episodes
Batman and Robin Boy Wonder Complete 34 episodes
Batman and Robin, The New Adventures of Complete 16 episodes
Batman Beyond Complete 52 episodes
Batman, The Complete 65 episodes
Batman, The Animated Series Complete 110 episodes
Batman, The Brave and the Bold Complete 65 episodes
Batman, The New Adventures Complete 16 episodes
Battle of the Planets Complete 85 episodes
Battletech Complete 13 episodes
Beany & Cecil Complete 86 episodes
Beary Family Complete 28 episodes
Beatles, The Complete 39 episodes
Bedrock Cops (Flintstone Comedy Show) 15 episodes
Beetle Bailey Complete 48 episodes
Beetlejuice Complete 109 episodes
Belle and Sebastian Complete 52 episodes
Berenstain Bears (1985) 25 episodes
Berenstain Bears (2003) 54 episodes
Beverly Hills Teens Complete 65 episodes
Biker Mice from Mars (2006) Complete 28 episodes
Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventures Complete 21 episodes
Bionic Six Complete 65 episodes
Birdman Complete 40 episodes
Biskitts, The Complete 26 episodes
Blackstar Complete 13 episodes
Blast-Off Buzzard Complete 13 episodes
Blazing Dragons Complete 39 episodes
Blinky Bill, The Adventures of 77 episodes
Blue Racer, The Complete 17 episodes
Bonkers 58 episodes
Bots Master Complete 40 episodes
Brady Kids 20 episodes
Bravestarr Complete 65 episodes
Breezly and Sneezly Complete 23 episodes
Brown Hornet, The Complete 44 episodes
Bucky O'Hare and the Toad Wars Complete 13 episodes
Buford Files and the Galloping Ghost Complete 13 episodes
Bugs Bunny Complete 167 episodes
Bureau Alien Detectors Complete 13 episodes
Butch Cassidy and the Sunshine Kids Complete 13 episodes
Buzz Lightyear Complete 64 episodes
C.O.P.S. Complete 22 episodes
Caddilacs and Dinosaurs Complete 13 episodes
California Raisins Complete 15 episodes
Calvin and Colonel 13 episodes
Camp Candy 23 episodes
Capitol Critters Complete 13 episodes
Captain America Complete 13 episodes
Captain Caveman (Flintstone Comedy Show) Complete 18 episodes
Captain Caveman and Son Complete 19 episodes
Captain Caveman and the Teen Angels Complete 40 episodes
Captain N and the Game Master Complete 34 episodes
Captain Planet and the Planeteers Complete 65 episodes
Captain Planet, The New Adventures Complete 48 episodes
Captain Redbeard 11 episodes
Captain Simian and the Space Monkeys Complete 26 episodes
Care Bears Dic and Nelvana Versions Complete 97 episodes
Cartoon Planet 21 episodes
Casper & the Angels Complete 26 episodes
Casper the Friendly Ghost Complete 53 episodes
Casper's Scare School Complete 35 episodes
Cattanooga Cats Complete 9 episodes
Cave Kids Complete 8 episodes
CB Bears 12 episodes
Censored 11 Complete 11 episodes
Centurions Complete 65 episodes
Challenge of the Gobots Complete 66 episodes
Chilly Willy Complete 50 episodes
Chilly Willy, The New Episodes 17 episodes
Chip 'N Dale Rescue Rangers Complete 65 episodes
Chuck Norris Karate Kommandos Complete 5 episodes
Chucklewood Critters Complete 26 episodes
Cinderella, The Adventures of (Saban's) Complete 26 episodes
Class of the Titans Complete 52 episodes
Clerks Complete 6 episodes
Clue Club Complete 16 episodes
Clyde Crashcup Complete 26 episodes
Colonel Bleep 40 episodes
Comicolor 25 episodes
Complete Adventures of Cubby Bear, The Complete 20 episodes
Completely Mental Misadventures of Ed Grimley, The Complete 13 episodes
Conan and the Young Warriors Complete 13 episodes
Conan the Adventurer Complete 65 episodes
Cool McCool Complete 80 episodes
Count Duckula Complete 65 episodes
Country Mouse and City Mouse, The 31 episodes
Courageous Cat and Minute Mouse Complete 130 episodes
Crazy Claws Complete 16 episodes
Crazy Legs Crane Complete 16 episodes
Creepy Crawlers 6 episodes
Crusader Rabbit Complete 35 episodes
Cubix Robots for Everyone Complete 26 episodes
Cybersix Complete 13 episodes
Danger Mouse Complete 90 episodes
Darkwing Duck Complete 92 episodes
Dastardly and Mutley in Their Flying Machines Complete 17 episodes
David the Gnome Complete 26 episodes
DC Super Heroes Complete 18 episodes
Defenders of the Earth Complete 65 episodes
Dennis the Menace Complete 234 episodes
Dennis the Menace - Cruise Control Complete 16 episodes
Dennis the Menace, The All New Complete 13 episodes
Denver the Last Dinosaur Complete 50 episodes
Deputy Dawg 103 episodes
Devlin Complete 16 episodes
Diabolik Complete 40 episodes
Dick Tracy Show Complete 130 episodes
Dilbert Complete 30 episodes
Dingbat and the Creeps Complete 26 episodes
Dink The Little Dinosaur Complete 42 episodes
Dinky Dog Complete 32 episodes
Dinofroz Complete 26 episodes
Dino and Cavemouse (Flintstone Comedy Show) 30 episodes
Dino Boy in the Lost Valley Complete 18 episodes
Dino Riders Complete 15 episodes
Dino Squad Complete 26 episodes
Dino's Dilemmas 18 episodes
Dinosaucers Complete 65 episodes
Dinozaurs Complete 26 episodes
Dirty Dawg (Part of "The Kwicky Koala Show") Complete 16 episodes
Doctor Doolittle, The Further Adventures of Complete 17 episodes
Dog City (Jim Henson's) Complete 32 episodes
Dog of Flanders A.K.A. Flanders No Inu Complete 52 episodes
Dogfather, The Complete 17 episodes
Dogtanian Complete 26 episodes
Dogtanian, The Return of Complete 26 episodes
Don Coyote and Sancho Panda Complete 26 episodes
Donkey Kong 14 episodes
Donkey Kong Jr. 9 episodes
Double Dragon Complete 26 episodes
Dr. Snuggles Complete 13 episodes
Dragon Booster Complete 39 episodes
Dragon Flyz Complete 26 episodes
Dragon Hunters Complete 52 episodes
Dragon Tales Complete 186 episodes
Dragon's Lair Complete 13 episodes
Drak Pack Complete 16 episodes
Dreamstone Complete 52 episodes
Droopy Complete 24 episodes
Droopy & Dripple Complete 24 episodes
Droopy Master Detective Complete 13 episodes
Droopy, Wolf & Screwy Squirrel Complete 13 episodes
Duck Dodgers in the 24 1/2 Century Complete 39 episodes
Ducktales Complete 102 episodes
Dukes of Hazzard, The Complete 20 episodes
Dumb and Dumber Complete 23 episodes
Dungeons & Dragons Complete 27 episodes
Dynomutt Dog Wonder Complete 20 episodes
Earthworm Jim Complete 23 episodes
Eckhart 26 episodes
Eek the Cat & Eek and the Terrible Thunder Lizards Complete 41 episodes
Elliot Mouse, The Untouchables of Complete 26 episodes
Emergency + 4 11 episodes
Emperor's New School Complete 91 episodes
Exosquad Complete 52 episodes
Extreme Dinosaurs Complete 52 episodes
Extreme Ghostbusters Complete 40 episodes
Fairy Tale Police Department Complete 26 episodes
FangFace and Fangpuss Complete 32 episodes
Fantaghiro Complete 26 episodes
Fantastic Four (1960's) Complete 20 episodes
Fantastic Four (1990's) Complete 26 episodes
Fantastic Four with Herbie Complete 13 episodes
Fantastic Four - World's Greatest Heroes Complete 26 episodes
Fantastic Max Complete 26 episodes
Fantastic Voyage Complete 17 episodes
Fantomcat 10 episodes
Farhat, The Prince of the Desert Complete 26 episodes
Farhat 2 Complete 26 episodes
Farmer Alfalfa and his Terrytoons 95 episodes
Fat Albert & The Cosby Kids Complete 36 episodes
Fat Albert, The New Show 20 episodes
Fearless Fly Complete 26 episodes
Felix the Cat Complete 31 episodes
Felix the Cat, The Twisted Tales of Complete 21 episodes
Fender Bender 500 (segment from Wake, Rattle and Roll) 10 episodes
Fievel's American Tails Complete 13 episodes
Firequest episodes
Fix and Foxi Complete 52 episodes
Flash Gordon (1996) 5 episodes
Flash Gordon, The New Adventures of Complete 32 episodes
Flight Squad 25 episodes
Flintstone Comedy Hour 10 episodes
Flintstone Family Adventures (Flintstone Comedy Show) Complete 18 episodes
Flintstone Frolics 31 episodes
Flintstone Funnies Complete 13 episodes
Flintstone Kids Complete 24 episodes
Flintstones Complete 167 episodes
Flintstones Television Specials Complete 11 episodes
Flip the Frog Complete 38 episodes
Flipper and Lopaka Complete 52 episodes
Fly Tales 45 episodes
Flying House, The Complete 52 episodes
Foghorn Leghorn Complete 31 episodes
Fonz & The Happy Days Gang Complete 25 episodes
Foofur 25 episodes
Football Stories 25 episodes
Forest Friends Complete 52 episodes
Forgotten Toys, The 16 episodes
Fox and the Crow, The Complete 14 episodes
Foxbusters, The 24 episodes
Fraggle Rock Complete 96 episodes
Frankenstein Jr. Complete 18 episodes
Frankenstones, The (Flintstone Comedy Show) Complete 18 episodes
Freakazoid Complete 24 episodes
Fred and Barney Show, The New Complete 17 episodes
Free Willy, The Animated Series Complete 13 episodes
Freedom Force Complete 5 episodes
Friday The Animated Series Complete 8 episodes
Fruitties, The 41 episodes
Funky Phantom Complete 17 episodes
Funnybones 10 episodes
Future Boy Conan Complete 26 episodes
Future is Wild, The Complete 26 episodes
G.I. Joe Sigma 6 Complete 26 episodes
G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero Complete 95 episodes
G.I. Joe's Renegades Complete 26 episodes
Gadget and the Gadgetinis Complete 52 episodes
Gadget Boy & Heather Complete 26 episodes
Gadget Boy's Adventures in History Complete 26 episodes
Galaxy High School Complete 13 episodes
Galaxy Rangers Complete 65 episodes
Galaxy Trio, The Complete 20 episodes
Galloping Ghost Complete 13 episodes
Galtar and the Golden Lance Complete 21 episodes
Garbage Pail Kids Complete 13 episodes
Garfield and Friends Complete 363 episodes
Garfield Show, The Complete 96 episodes
Gargoyles Complete 78 episodes
Gary Coleman Show Complete 26 episodes
George of the Jungle Complete 26 episodes
George of the Jungle, Tom Slick & Super Chicken Complete 17 episodes
George Shrinks Complete 40 episodes
Geronimo Stilton 42 episodes
Ghostbusters, Filmation Complete 65 episodes
Ghostbusters, The Real Complete 140 episodes
Gigantor Complete 52 episodes
Gilligan's Island, The New Adventures 19 episodes
Gilligan's Planet Complete 13 episodes
Gladiators Complete 26 episodes
Glo Friends, The Complete 27 episodes
Go Go Gophers Complete 54 episodes
Godzilla Power Hour Complete 26 episodes
Godzilla The Animated Series Complete 40 episodes
Gogs Complete 12 episodes
Goldie Gold & Action Jack Complete 13 episodes
Goober and the Ghost Chasers Complete 16 episodes
Goof Troop Complete 65 episodes
Grape Ape Complete 32 episodes
Gravedale High, Rick Moranis in Complete 13 episodes
Great Book of Nature Complete 54 episodes
Grimm's Fairy Tales Complete 36 episodes
Groovie Goolies Complete 16 episodes
Gulliver, The Adventures of Complete 17 episodes
Hans Christian Andersen - 200 years - The Fairytale Collection Complete 31 episodes
Hardy Boys 13 episodes
Harlem Globetrotters + 3 Specials 17 episodes
Harvey Birdman Complete 39 episodes
HarveyToons Complete 56 episodes
Hashimoto Mouse 12 episodes
He-Man and the Masters of the Universe (2000's) Complete 130 episodes
He-Man and the Masters of the Universe (1990) Complete 39 episodes
He-Man, The New Adventures Complete 65 episodes
Heathcliff and Dingbat Complete 52 episodes
Heathcliff and Marmaduke Complete 36 episodes
Heathcliff and the Cadillac Cats Complete 86 episodes
Heathcliff, I Heart Sonja Complete 9 episodes
Heavy Gear Complete 40 episodes
Heckle & Jeckle 47 episodes
Hector Heathcote (Terrytoons) Complete 18 episodes
Help… It's the Hair Bear Bunch Complete 16 episodes
Hercules (Disney's) Complete 65 episodes
Herculoids Complete 36 episodes
Herculoids, The Space Stars Complete 11 episodes
Here Comes the Grump Complete 34 episodes
Herman & Katnip Complete 33 episodes
Hero High Complete 26 episodes
Hey Arnold Complete 100 episodes
Heyyy, It's the King Complete 13 episodes
Highlander, The Animated Series Complete 40 episodes
Hillbilly Bears Complete 26 episodes
Histeria Complete 52 episodes
Hokey Wolf Complete 28 episodes
Hong Kong Phooey Complete 32 episodes
Hoot Kloot Complete 17 episodes
Hoppity Hopper Complete 27 episodes
Horseland Complete 39 episodes
Hot Rod Dogs & Cool Car Cats 17 episodes
Hot Wheels (1960's) 8 episodes
Hot Wheels Battle Force 5 Complete 52 episodes
Houndcats, The 11 episodes
Huckleberry Finn, The New Adventures Complete 20 episodes
Huckleberry Hound Complete 57 episodes
Hulk Hogan's Rock 'N Wrestling Complete 40 episodes
Hulk, The Incredible (1980's) Complete 13 episodes
Hulk, The Incredible (1990'S) Complete 21 episodes
Hulk, The Incredible from Marvel Super Heroes Segment Complete 39 episodes
Hunky and Spunky Complete 7 episodes
Huntik Secrets Seekers Complete 52 episodes
Hurricanes, The 33 episodes
Impossibles, The Complete 36 episodes
Inch Eye Private Eye Complete 13 episodes
Inhumanoids Complete 13 episodes
Inspector Gadget Complete 86 episodes
Inspector, The Complete 34 episodes
Invasion America Complete 13 episodes
Iron Man (1990's) Complete 26 episodes
Iron Man (2010) Complete 12 episodes
Iron Man Armored Adventures 46 episodes
Iron Man, The Invincible Complete 14 episodes
It's Punky Brewster Complete 42 episodes
It's the Wolf Complete 25 episodes
Ivanhoe, the King's Knight Complete 52 episodes
Jabberjaw Complete 16 episodes
Jackie Chan Adventures Complete 95 episodes
Jackson 5ive Complete 23 episodes
James Bond Jr. 61 episodes
James Hound (Terrytoons) 11 episodes
Jana of the Jungle Complete 13 episodes
Jason and the Heroes of Mount Olympus Complete 26 episodes
Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors Complete 65 episodes
Jeannie and Babu Complete 16 episodes
Jem and the Holograms Complete 65 episodes
Jetsons, The Complete 76 episodes
Jim Button 24 episodes
Jin Jin and the Panda Patrol 15 episodes
Johnny Cypher in Dimension Zero 20 episodes
Jonny Quest Complete 26 episodes
Jonny Quest, The New Adventures (1980's) Complete 13 episodes
Jonny Quest, The Real Adventures (1990's) Complete 52 episodes
Josie and the Pussycats Complete 16 episodes
Josie and the Pussycats in Outer Space Complete 16 episodes
Journey to the Center of the Earth Complete 17 episodes
Jumanji 39 episodes
Jungle Book Mowgli Complete 52 episodes
Jungle Cubs Complete 34 episodes
Jungle Show Complete 24 episodes
Justice League Complete 52 episodes
Justice League Unlimited Complete 39 episodes
Karate Kid Complete 13 episodes
Kidd Video Complete 26 episodes
Kim Complete 26 episodes
Kimba The White Lion Complete 52 episodes
King Arthur and the Knights of Justice Complete 26 episodes
King Arthur's Disasters Complete 26 episodes
King Kong (1966) 22 episodes
King Leonardo and His Subjects 140 episodes
Kirby, Right Back at ya / Kirby of the Stars 98 episodes
Kissyfur 26 episodes
Klondike Kat Complete 26 episodes
Koko The Clown Complete 112 episodes
Kong The Animated Series Complete 40 episodes
Kwicky Koala Complete 16 episodes
Lady Lovely Locks Complete 20 episodes
Lampies, The 17 episodes
Land Before Time Complete 26 episodes
Lapitch the Little Shoemaker Complete 26 episodes
Lassie's Rescue Rangers 15 episodes
Last of the Mohicans, The Animated Series Complete 26 episodes
Laurel & Hardy, The Animated Series 66 episodes
Laverne & Shirley in the Army Complete 13 episodes
Laverne & Shirley with the Fonz 5 episodes
Lazer Tag Academy Complete 13 episodes
Legend of Calamity Jane 11 episodes
Legend of Prince Valiant, The Complete 33 episodes
Legend of White Fang, The Complete 26 episodes
Legend of Zelda Complete 13 episodes
Legends of Treasure Island 25 episodes
Legion of Superheroes Complete 26 episodes
Leo the Lion Complete 26 episodes
Liberty's Kids Complete 40 episodes
Life with Louie Complete 39 episodes
Lilo & Stitch Complete 65 episodes
Lionhearts, The Complete 13 episodes
Lippy the Lion and Hardy Har Har Complete 52 episodes
Littl' Bits, The 23 episodes
Little Clowns of Happytown 6 episodes
Little Dracula 6 episodes
Little Koala, The Adventures of 48 episodes
Little Mermaid Complete 31 episodes
Little Mermaid, The Adventures of (Saban's) Complete 26 episodes
Little Mouse on the Prairie 25 episodes
Little Prince, The 24 episodes
Little Rascals, The Animated Series 4 episodes
Little Roquefort 13 episodes
Little Women II, Jo's Boys Complete 40 episodes
Little Women, Tales of 47 episodes
Littles, The Complete 30 episodes
Littlest Pet Shop, the 34 episodes
Lone Ranger, The 69 episodes
Lone Ranger, The New Adventures Complete 28 episodes
Loonatics Unleashed Complete 26 episodes
Loopy De Loop Complete 48 episodes
Lucky Luke (Hanna-Barbera) Complete 26 episodes
Lucky Luke, The New Adventures Complete 52 episodes
M.A.S.K. Complete 75 episodes
M.U.S.H. Complete 9 episodes
Mad Jack Pirate Complete 23 episodes
Magical Adventures of Quasimodo Complete 26 episodes
Magi-Nation Complete 52 episodes
Magic School Bus Complete 55 episodes
Magician, The Complete 39 episodes
Magilla Gorilla Complete 31 episodes
Marine Boy AKA Undersea Boy Marine Complete 78 episodes
Marmaduke 12 episodes
Marsupilami (Part of Raw Toonage) Complete 24 episodes
Marsupilami (2000) 52 episodes
Martin Mystery Complete 67 episodes
Martin the Warrior (Series 3) of Redwall Complete 13 episodes
Mask, The Animated Series Complete 54 episodes
Mattimeo (Series 2) of Redwall Complete 13 episodes
Maya the HoneyBee 93 episodes
Max Fleisher Color Classic Complete 26 episodes
Medabots Complete 91 episodes
Megaman Complete 27 episodes
Men in Black Complete 53 episodes
Metajets Complete 40 episodes
Mighty Ducks Complete 26 episodes
Mighty Hercules (1960) 113 episodes
Mighty Heroes, The 18 episodes
Mighty Man & Yukk Complete 32 episodes
Mighty Max Complete 40 episodes
Mighty Mightor Complete 36 episodes
Mighty Mouse 75 episodes
Mighty Mouse, The New Adventures Complete 38 episodes
Mighty Orbots Complete 13 episodes
Mighty Thor, The Complete 13 episodes
Milton the Monster Complete 26 episodes
Mission Magic Complete 16 episodes
Mission Odyssey Complete 26 episodes
Mister T Complete 30 episodes
Misterjaw Complete 34 episodes
Moby Dick Complete 18 episodes
Monchichis Complete 13 episodes
Monsters and Pirates Complete 26 episodes
Monster Force Complete 13 episodes
Moondreamers Complete 16 episodes
Mork & Mindy 22 episodes
Mortal Kombat - Defenders of the Realm Complete 13 episodes
Motormouse & Autocat Complete 34 episodes
Mozzart Band, The Complete 26 episodes
Mr. Magoo Nearsighted 45 episodes
Mr. Magoo Show, The Complete 130 episodes
Mr. Magoo, What's New 26 episodes
Mrs. Pepper Pot Complete 130 episodes
Mumbly Complete 16 episodes
Mummies Alive Complete 42 episodes
Mummy, The Animated Series Complete 26 episodes
Muppet Babies Complete 107 episodes
Muppet Show Complete 96 episodes
Muppets Tonight Complete 22 episodes
Mysterious Cities of Gold Complete 39 episodes
Mythic Warriors: Guardians of the Legend Complete 26 episodes
Nadia the Secret of Blue Water Complete 39 episodes
Nascar Racers Complete 26 episodes
Never Ending Story, The Complete 26 episodes
New Three Stooges Complete 156 episodes
Noah's Island 38 episodes
Noozles Complete 26 episodes
Oggy and the Cockroaches Complete 195 episodes
Oliver Twist, The Adventures of (Saban's) 10 episodes
Once Upon a Time… Life Complete 26 episodes
Once Upon a Time... Man Complete 26 episodes
Osmonds, The Complete 17 episodes
Ovide and the Gang Complete 40 episodes
Ozzy & Drix Complete 26 episodes
P.J.'s, The Complete 43 episodes
Pac-Man Complete 43 episodes
Partridge Family 2200 A.D. Complete 16 episodes
Paw Paw Bears Complete 21 episodes
PB & J Otter 30 episodes
Pebbles and Bamm Bamm Show Complete 20 episodes
Pebbles, Dino & Bamm-Bamm (Flintstone Comedy Show) Complete 18 episodes
Penguins of Madagascar 98 episodes
Pepe LePew Complete 18 episodes
Pepper Ann 72 episodes
Perils of Penelope Pitstop Complete 17 episodes
Peter Pan and the Pirates Complete 65 episodes
Peter Pan, The Adventures of Complete 41 episodes
Peter Potamus & So-So Complete 27 episodes
Peter Puck Complete 10 episodes
Phantom 2040, The Complete 35 episodes
Piggsburgh Pigs 3 episodes
Pink Panther Complete 124 episodes
Pink Panther & Sons Complete 26 episodes
Pink Panther and Pals (The New Series) Complete 52 episodes
Pinocchio, The Adventures of (Saban's) Complete 52 episodes
Pippi Longstocking Complete 26 episodes
Pirates of the Dark Water Complete 21 episodes
Pith Possum (Part of Shnookums and Meat Cartoon Show) 12 episodes
Pixie & Dixie and Mr. Jinks Complete 57 episodes
Planet of the Apes, The Return To Complete 13 episodes
Planetes Complete 26 episodes
Plastic Family Complete 13 episodes
Plastic Man Complete 35 episodes
Pocahontas Complete 26 episodes
Poddington Peas, The Complete 14 episodes
Pole Position Complete 13 episodes
Police Academy, The Animated Series 30 episodes
Polyanna, The Story of the Girl in Love Complete 51 episodes
Popeye & Son 16 episodes
Popeye the Sailor ('40's - 50's) Complete 232 episodes
Popeye The Sailor ('60 - '62) 126 episodes
Popeye, The All New Show 44 episodes
Popples, the Complete 46 episodes
Posse Impossible Complete 13 episodes
Possible Possum 23 episodes
Potato Head Kids 12 episodes
Potsworth & Co. AKA Midnight Patrol Adventures 7 episodes
Pound Puppies Complete 14 episodes
Pound Puppies, The All New Complete 24 episodes
Power Stone Complete 26 episodes
Precious Pupp Complete 26 episodes
Prince Namor, The Submariner Complete 13 episodes
Princess Knight Complete 52 episodes
Princess Sara, a Little Complete 46 episodes
Princess Sissi Complete 52 episodes
Princess Starla and the Jewel Riders Complete 26 episodes
Princess Tenko and the Guardians of Magic Complete 13 episodes
Private Olive Oyl Complete 16 episodes
Private Snafu, The Complete Uncensored Complete 23 episodes
Problem Child, The Animated Series Complete 13 episodes
Professor Balthazar 47 episodes
Project G.e.e.K.e.R 4 episodes
ProStars 8 episodes
Punkin' Puss & Mushmouse Complete 23 episodes
Q-Bert 12 episodes
Quack Pack Complete 39 episodes
Quick Draw McGraw Complete 45 episodes
Raccons, The Complete 64 episodes
Raggedy Ann & Andy, The Adventures of Complete 14 episodes
Raggy Dolls, The 53 episodes
Rainbow Brite Complete 13 episodes
Rambo and the Forces of Freedom Complete 65 episodes
Redakai Complete 26 episodes
Redwall (Series 1) Complete 13 episodes
Reign the Conqueror Complete 13 episodes
Rescue Heroes 43 episodes
Richie Rich (1980 - 1984) Complete 99 episodes
Rickety Rocket Complete 16 episodes
Ricochet Rabbit and Droop-a-Long Complete 23 episodes
Ring Raiders Complete 5 episodes
Ripley's Believe it or Not Complete 26 episodes
Road Rovers Complete 13 episodes
Road Runner Complete 43 episodes
Road Runner & Wily E. Coyote Complete 45 episodes
Robin Hood Complete 50 episodes
Robocop Complete 12 episodes
Robocop Alpha Commando Complete 40 episodes
Robonic Stooges Complete 32 episodes
Rocket Robin Hood Complete 53 episodes
Roger Ramjet 150 episodes
Roland and Ratfink Complete 17 episodes
Roman Holidays Complete 13 episodes
Ronald McDonald, The Wacky Adventures of 5 episodes
Ronin Warriors Complete 39 episodes
Roobarb Complete 30 episodes
Rosey and Buddy Show A.K.A. Little Rosey 3 episodes
Roswell Conspiracies Complete 40 episodes
Rubik, The Amazing Cube Complete 12 episodes
Ruff and Reddy 123 episodes
Rupert the Bear Complete 65 episodes
Saber Riders and the Star Sheriffs Complete 52 episodes
Sabrina the Teenage Witch (1971) Complete 32 episodes
Sabrina the Teenage Witch (1999) Complete 65 episodes
Sabrina's Secret Life Complete 26 episodes
Sam & Max Freelance Police Complete 24 episodes
Samurai Jack Complete 52 episodes
Samurai Pizza Cats Complete 52 episodes
Sandokan Complete 26 episodes
Sandokan 1 - The Tiger of Malaysia 24 episodes
Sandokan 2 - The Tiger Roars Again Complete 26 episodes
Sandokan 3 - The Two Tigers Complete 26 episodes
Savage Dragon Complete 26 episodes
Scooby and Scrappy-Doo Complete 115 episodes
Scooby and Scrappy-Doo, The New Show Complete 26 episodes
Scooby-Doo 13 Ghosts of Complete 13 episodes
Scooby-Doo Mysteries, The New Complete 28 episodes
Scooby-Doo Mystery Incorporated Complete 52 episodes
Scooby-Doo Show Complete 40 episodes
Scooby-Doo, A Pup Named Complete 31 episodes
Scooby-Doo, What's New Complete 40 episodes
Scooby-Doo, Where Are You Complete 25 episodes
Scooby's Laff-a-lympics Complete 48 episodes
Scruff, The New Season Complete 39 episodes
Seabert 19 episodes
Sealab 2020 Complete 13 episodes
Sealab 2021 Complete 53 episodes
Secret Files of the Spy Dogs, The Complete 44 episodes
Secret Lives of Waldo Kitty, The 9 episodes
Secret Squirrel Complete 26 episodes
Secret Squirrel, Super-Secret Complete 13 episodes
Shadow Raiders War Planets Complete 26 episodes
Shake, Rattle & Roll 6 episodes
Shakespeare, The Animated Tales Complete 12 episodes
Sharky & George 75 episodes
Shazzan Complete 36 episodes
She-Ra Princess of Power Complete 93 episodes
Shelley Duvall's Bedtime Stories Complete 26 episodes
Sherlock Holmes in the 22nd Century Complete 26 episodes
Sherlock Hound Complete 26 episodes
Shirt Tales Complete 46 episodes
Shmoo, The New Complete 16 episodes
Shnookums and Meat Cartoon Show 12 episodes
Shoe People Complete 26 episodes
Shoe People, The New Adventures of Complete 26 episodes
Siegfried & Roy, Masters of the Impossible Complete 4 episodes
Silver Brumby, The 13 episodes
Silver Surfer Complete 13 episodes
SilverHawks Complete 65 episodes
Silverwing Complete 13 episodes
Simba the King Lion Complete 52 episodes
Sinbad Jr. Goes to N.Y. and the World Cup Complete 26 episodes
Sinbad Jr. and His Magic Belt 59 episodes
Skatebirds 12 episodes
Skeleton Warriors Complete 13 episodes
Skippy Adventures in Bushtown Complete 12 episodes
Sky Commanders Complete 13 episodes
Sky Dancers 13 episodes
Skyforce Striker Force Complete 26 episodes
Skyhawks (1969) 14 episodes
Skyland Complete 26 episodes
Sleeping Beauty, The Legend of Complete 26 episodes
Slimer and the Ghostbusters Complete 33 episodes
Smokey Bear Show 10 episodes
Smurfs Complete 421 episodes
Snagglepuss Complete 32 episodes
Snooper & Blabber 44 episodes
Snorks Complete 107 episodes
Snuffy Smith Complete 50 episodes
Sonic the Hedgehog Complete 26 episodes
Sonic the Hedgehog, The Adventures of Complete 66 episodes
Sonic Underground Complete 40 episodes
Sonic X Complete 78 episodes
Space Ghost (1960's) Complete 42 episodes
Space Ghost Coast to Coast 96 episodes
Space Goofs 43 episodes
Space Kidettes Complete 20 episodes
Space Sentinels Complete 13 episodes
Spaceballs Complete 13 episodes
Spaceketeers - Force Five 23 episodes
Spartacus Complete 13 episodes
Spartakus and the Sun Beneath the Sea 44 episodes
Speed Buggy Complete 16 episodes
Speed Racer Complete 52 episodes
Speed Racer, The Next Generation 26 episodes
Speedy Gonzales Complete 46 episodes
Spicy City Complete 6 episodes
Spider Riders Complete 52 episodes
Spider-Man (1967) Complete 78 episodes
Spider-Man (1981) Complete 26 episodes
Spider-Man (1994) Complete 65 episodes
Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends Complete 24 episodes
Spider-Man Unlimited Complete 13 episodes
Spider-Man, The New Animated Series Complete 14 episodes
Spider-Man, The Spectacular Complete 26 episodes
Spiderwoman Complete 17 episodes
Spiral Zone Complete 65 episodes
Sport Billy 17 episodes
Spy Shadow (Segment from Super President) 8 episodes
Squiddly Diddly Complete 26 episodes
Star Blazers Quest for Iscandar (Season 1) Complete 26 episodes
Star Blazers The Bolar Wars (Season 3) Complete 26 episodes
Star Blazers The Comet Empire (Season 2) Complete 26 episodes
Star Trek, The Animated Series Complete 22 episodes
Star Wars Droids Complete 14 episodes
Star Wars Ewoks Complete 35 episodes
Starcom, The U.S. Space Force Complete 13 episodes
Stargate Infinity Complete 26 episodes
Static Shock Complete 52 episodes
Stitch Complete 26 episodes
Stop the Smoggies 37 episodes
Stoppit and Tidyup Complete 13 episodes
Storm Hawks Complete 52 episodes
Story Keepers, The Complete 13 episodes
Street Fighter Complete 26 episodes
Street Fighter 2, The Animated Series Complete 26 episodes
Street Sharks Complete 40 episodes
Stripy Complete 13 episodes
Stuart Little, The Animated Series Complete 13 episodes
Stunt Dawgs 6 episodes
Super 6 Complete 20 episodes
Super 7 28 episodes
Super Chicken Complete 18 episodes
Super Dave 5 episodes
Super Globetrotters, The Complete 13 episodes
Super Mario Brothers 3, The Adventures of Complete 26 episodes
Super Mario Brothers Show Complete 52 episodes
Super Mario World Complete 13 episodes
Super Power Team, Galactic Guardians Complete 10 episodes
Super President 16 episodes
Super-Secret, Super Squirrel Complete 13 episodes
Superbook Complete 52 episodes
Superboy, The Adventures of Complete 33 episodes
Superfriends (1973) Complete 16 episodes
Superfriends (1981 - 1982) Complete 18 episodes
Superfriends Shorts 23 episodes
Superfriends, Challenge of Complete 32 episodes
Superfriends, Legendary Super Powers Show Complete 15 episodes
Superfriends, The All New Hour Complete 60 episodes
Superfriends, The Lost Season Complete 24 episodes
Superfriends, The World's Greatest Complete 14 episodes
Superhero Squad Show Complete 52 episodes
Superheroes Filmation Complete 18 episodes
Superman Ruby Spears Complete 14 episodes
Superman - Aquaman Hour Complete 18 episodes
Superman Animated (1941) Complete 17 episodes
Superman, The Animated Series (1996) Complete 54 episodes
Superman, The New Adventures (1966) Complete 60 episodes
SuperTed Complete 36 episodes
Swamp Thing Complete 5 episodes
Swat Kats Complete 26 episodes
Swat Kats, The Radical Squadron (1993) Complete 26 episodes
Swiss Family Robinson Complete 48 episodes
Sydney the Elephant 14 episodes
Sylvanian Families 18 episodes
Sylvester & Tweety Mysteries 51 episodes
Sym-Bionic Titan Complete 20 episodes
Tabaluga Complete 79 episodes
Tales from the Cryptkeeper Complete 29 episodes
Tales from the Cryptkeeper, New Complete 13 episodes
Tales of the Wizard of Oz 101 episodes
Talespin Complete 65 episodes
Tarzan, Lord of the Jungle Complete 36 episodes
Tarzan, The Legend of Complete 39 episodes
Taz-Mania Complete 121 episodes
Teddy Ruxpin, The Adventures of Complete 65 episodes
Teen Force Complete 11 episodes
Teen Titans Complete 66 episodes
Teen Wolf Complete 21 episodes
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1980's) Complete 193 episodes
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2000's) Complete 155 episodes
Tennessee Tuxedo Complete 70 episodes
Terrahawks Complete 39 episodes
Tex Avery, The Wacky World of 40 episodes
These are the Days Complete 16 episodes
Thing, The Complete 26 episodes
Three Musketeers, The Complete 17 episodes
Thundarr the Barbarian Complete 21 episodes
Thundercats Complete 130 episodes
Tiger Sharks 10 episodes
Tijuana Toads Complete 17 episodes
Timon & Pumbaa Complete 167 episodes
Tintin Complete 21 episodes
Tiny Toons Adventures Complete 100 episodes
Toad Patrol 13 episodes
Tofus, The Complete 52 episodes
Tom & Jerry Complete 161 episodes
Tom & Jerry's Kids Complete 195 episodes
Tom & Jerry's Tales Complete 78 episodes
Tom and Jerry Show, The Complete 48 episodes
Tom Slick Complete 17 episodes
Tom Terrific Complete 26 episodes
Tomb Raider Revisioned Complete 10 episodes
Tooter Turtle (Part of King Leonardo and His Subjects) 19 episodes
Top Cat Complete 30 episodes
Totally Spies Complete 130 episodes
Touche Turtle & Dum Dum Complete 52 episodes
Toxic Crusaders Complete 13 episodes
Transformers, The (1984 - 1987) Complete 98 episodes
Transformers, The Headmasters Complete 35 episodes
Transformers; Generation 1 60 episodes
Transformers: Armada Complete 52 episodes
Transformers Beast Machines Complete 26 episodes
Transformers: Beast Wars Complete 52 episodes
Transformers: Cyber Missions Complete 13 episodes
Transformers: Cybertron a.k.a. Galaxy Force Complete 52 episodes
Transformers: Energon Complete 51 episodes
Transformers: Prime Complete 64 episodes
Transformers: Robots in Disguise Complete 39 episodes
Trollkins 14 episodes
Tutenstein Complete 40 episodes
Twins of Destiny, The 51 episodes
U.S. of Archie Complete 16 episodes
Ultimate Book of Spells Complete 52 episodes
Ulysses 31 Complete 26 episodes
Undercover Elephant 4 episodes
Underdog Complete 124 episodes
Undersea Adventures of Captain Nemo, The Complete 48 episodes
Valley of the Dinosaurs Complete 16 episodes
Van-Pires Transformers Complete 13 episodes
Vickie The Viking 51 episodes
Victor and Hugo, Bunglers in Crime 25 episodes
Visionaries, Knights of the Magical Light Complete 13 episodes
Voltron - Defender of the Universe Complete 124 episodes
W.I.T.C.H. Complete 52 episodes
Wacky & Packy 15 episodes
Wacky Races Complete 34 episodes
Wait Til Your Father Gets Home Complete 50 episodes
Wally Gator Complete 52 episodes
Walter Melon Complete 52 episodes
Watership Down Complete 39 episodes
Way Things Work, The Complete 26 episodes
What a Cartoon Show 31 episodes
What-a-mess 25 episodes
Wheelie and the Chopper Bunch Complete 39 episodes
Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego Complete 40 episodes
Where's Huddles Complete 10 episodes
Where's Waldo 10 episodes
Why Why Family, The Complete 12 episodes
Widget the World Watcher 10 episodes
Wild C.A.T.S. Complete 13 episodes
Wild West C.O.W.Boys of Moo Mesa Complete 26 episodes
Wildfire Complete 13 episodes
Will the Real Jerry Lewis Please Sit Down 6 episodes
Willo the Wisp (1981) Complete 26 episodes
Wing Commander Academy Complete 13 episodes
Winner and the Golden Child Complete 26 episodes
Winnie the Pooh, The New Adventures Complete 82 episodes
Winsome Witch Complete 26 episodes
Winx Club Complete 132 episodes
Wish Kid 6 episodes
Wizard of Oz, The Complete 13 episodes
Wizard of Oz, The Wonderful Complete 52 episodes
Wolverine and the X-Men Complete 26 episodes
Wonder Wheels Complete 16 episodes
Wonderful Adventures of Professor Kitzel, The 21 episodes
Woody Woodpecker Complete 195 episodes
Woody Woodpecker, The New Series 39 episodes
World of Commander McBragg, The Complete 48 episodes
Wowser 13 episodes
Wunschpunsch Complete 52 episodes
Wuzzles, The Complete 13 episodes
X-Men (1992) Complete 76 episodes
X-Men Evolution (2000) Complete 52 episodes
Xyber 9: New Dawn Complete 22 episodes
Yakky Doodle Complete 32 episodes
Yearling 41 episodes
Yippee, Yappee & Yahooey Complete 23 episodes
Yo Yogi Complete 19 episodes
Yogi Bear (1957) Complete 69 episodes
Yogi Bear, The New Adventures Complete 45 episodes
Yogi's Galaxy Goof-ups 12 episodes
Yogi's Gang Complete 17 episodes
Yogi's Space Race Complete 13 episodes
Yogi's Treasure Hunt Complete 27 episodes
Yolanda the Daughter of the Black Corsair Complete 26 episodes
Young Justice Complete 46 episodes
Young Robin Hood Complete 26 episodes
Young Samsom Complete 20 episodes
Zeta Project, The Complete 26 episodes
Zevo 3 Complete 26 episodes
Zorro Filmation (1997) 8 episodes
Zorro Generation Z Complete 26 episodes
Zorro, The Legend of AKA Kaiketsu Zorro Complete 52 episodes
Zorro, The New Adventures of (1981) Complete 13 episodes

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PostPosted: Mon Feb 09, 2015 12:37 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

i am also a cartoon collector and from where i am standing it would appear that you have all of them but you might have missed a few maybe i can help in that area. you also have some material that i am interested in

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PostPosted: Thu Feb 25, 2016 3:17 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

I am also cartoon collector and interested in a regular exchange of experiences, informations, etc.

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PostPosted: Wed Jul 06, 2016 7:31 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

hey, I'm looking for the Lone REanger series from the 1980s, do you still have copies of these?

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PostPosted: Tue Dec 20, 2016 10:33 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

bootleg or original seller does not respond to email

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Totally Bitchin'

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PostPosted: Thu Dec 29, 2016 7:01 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

scroeffie wrote:
bootleg or original seller does not respond to email

Bootlegs. 95% of these dont have a official dvd release. User hasnt logged in for months.

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