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Masters of the Universe Classics: Mermista

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PostPosted: Wed Dec 31, 2014 11:48 pm    Post subject: Masters of the Universe Classics: Mermista Reply with quote

Greetings fellow He-Fans and She-Ravers,

2014 brought us a lot of Princess of Power characters in the MOTUC line, as was necessary due to previous years skimping on them. We close out the year with one of the most anticipated and demanded of the lovely ladies: Mermista.

Mermista comes in the standard MOTUC blister card bubble complete with the Princess of Power logo sticker on the front. This was a surprise to many fans who fully expected her to end up as a deluxe figure owing to her mermaid tail swap feature. At the least we expected her to be a higher priced item, but no she's a regular priced monthly release. The back of the box shows off other Great Rebellion members in the line, plus Mer-Man owing to what happens in the new bio.

I believe this is what they refer to as mood whiplash. The majority of the bio comes from old license guide material and seems to set Mermista up as a care free happy little stereotypically "girlish" mermaid, even making reference to the vintage figure's water squirting necklace feature... then flips all that around by having her kill Mer-Man. Not just kill him -she cuts off his head with a trident! Stop and think for a minute how brutal and gory beheading someone with a trident would be. Naysayers argue that it's trying too hard to make Mermista more badass and the death of yet another iconic character upset many. Oddly enough though, whereas I'm usually opposed to killing off major characters, I'm actually okay with this one. Sure Mer-Man's a long staple villain, but it's the big final battle, its a self defense kill not a pointless offing, and it fits the character. Mermista is an appropriate adversary to take out the evil ocean warlord. After all the guy's done over the years he had it coming.

Mermista, as one might expect, has a lot of unique tooling. Unlike most females in the line her outfit top is part of her torso sculpt, as is her necklace. She has a beautiful face sculpt that is modeled more on her Filmation appearance. Her hair is made of a softer more flexible plastic than usual and is sculpted in a way where it has a sort of flowing look that works for underwater scenes, but doesn't look out of place for on land. The paint job is very nice with more of a flat tone on her bodice and metallic on her bracers, necklace and belt.

Now one of the big questions with a mermaid character is how do you display her? Does she have to be sitting down or do you find some way to prop her up on her tail? Mattel solved this by including a small plastic stand that clips on to the end of her tail allowing her to be displayed standing on her tail. It's supposedly made so her tail fluke can go either forwards or back, however I could not get her to balance with it forward -though I've seen others do it. For other accessories she comes with the standard POP shield done in two tone green and also includes a small shell item. This is a throwback to her vintage figure where the shell could be filled with water and plugged into her back. When squeezed it then squirted out through her necklace (as mentioned in the bio) As usual there are no action features in Classics so the shell is slightly reshaped so it's now more of a conch shell battle horn item.

Mermista's big ability though was how she could change from a mermaid into human form. Much like King Hiss this is achieved in Classics figure form by giving her a removable torso that can plug into either her mermaid tail or onto human legs. The legs are pretty much like we've seen before although it's worth noting that the boots appear to be modified versions of Netossa's and finally we have a female figure with covered ankle pins. Given the design we'll probably be seeing this again when we get to Peekablue.

The mermaid tail -which yes I got to balance forward when there's no torso attached- is highly detailed with a fish scale sculpt and the paint deco is highlighted with a glitter overlay giving it a shimmering, almost wet, scale look. The glitter is on there solid too and doesn't flake off easily like one might fear. The tail is articulated at several points which really opens up the movement and poses for her mermaid form. She bends forward below the waist for a sort of sitting pose, though it doesn't go fully forward for a flat sit and she comes off more as a lounging pose. There is a ball joint further down around the basic knee area allowing for forward and backward movement as well as rotation. Still another ball joint is found at the ankle area so her fin can move fully forward or back and also rotate.

The vintage figure achieved the switch feature by having a cloth tail that slipped over her legs. This was limited for posing and did tend to distort the figure's ankles over time. It is worth noting that the Classics figure models her human legs after the toy design though. On the cartoon Mermista had blue leggins with sort of stocking feet making it seem more like it was actually her tail turned into legs. As a Filmation first fan I can seen where collectors may have preferred this look, but I'm honestly okay with the bare human legs.

Of course it's not much of an issue since I intend to keep her displayed with her mermaid tail. While she can't get in a full upright sitting pose, the relaxed lounging sit pose works really well and appears fitting for a mermaid. The addition of the articulation in the tail is a major plus and also gives another display option as you can place her on the edge of the shelf with her "knee" joint bent so her tail hangs over the side, which looks very nice.

Mermista was a character that I, and many others, have been anxiously awaiting in Classics and she did not disappoint. In a mythos containing wizards, dragons, giants, unicorns and such a mermaid character is a logical and perfect addition. The sculpt and paint job are beautiful and, as I've said, the added articulation to the tail makes an already great character even better and more kick ass... as Mer-Man learned the hard way.

Mermista is no longer available on Mattycollector.com so check the secondary market because I consider this one a must have. Good luck and, until next time, Good Journey.


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