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Masters of the Universe Classics: Scorpia

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PostPosted: Wed May 21, 2014 8:41 pm    Post subject: Masters of the Universe Classics: Scorpia Reply with quote

Greetings fellow He-Fans and She-Ravers,

a couple years ago while discussing the Masters of the Universe Classics line, the subject came up about anticipating the release of certain characters like Scorpia. At the time I had to unfortunately deliver the bad news that Mattel did not have the rights to make her or other Filmation created characters. Fast forward and now Mattel does have the Filmation license and thus we finally get our first ever figure of the fan demanded Scorpia.

Scorpia comes in the standard MOTUC blister card package, complete with the Evil Horde logo sticker on the bubble. Unlike most figures that face front, she is turned to the side, as was pretty much necessitated by her signature tail. The back of the package shows off other Evil Horde members from the line and gives us a bio for Scorpia.

I've got mixed emotions on the real name. It doesn't really seem to fit the character in my opinion, however I do acknowledge the fact that it is meant as a tribute to the late Linda Gary, who provided the voice of Scorpia as well as Teela, Sorceress, Glimmer, Shadow Weaver, Madame Razz... in fact a vast majority of the female characters in the Filmation cartoons. I do like that they kept her a native of Etheria and also the mention of her ineptitude at magic, something that did come up in the show, but I actually dislike the idea of her being part of a race of scorpion people. For one thing, where are the others? But also because I distinctly remember an episode where Hordak said to a group of Horde members including Scorpia words to the effect of "Horde science and magic made you what you are" implying that she is not this way naturally.

Scorpia translated to figure form quite well, utilizing a mixture of old parts with a good bit of new tooling. The paint deco is very vibrant with her dark red helmet and Horde logo on her tunic, and a slightly lighter shade on her scorpion parts -which is cartoon accurate. And her face fully captures that sinister look, complete with the high eyebrows and green eye shadow going all the way up her forehead.

She utilizes the 2.0 female buck torso and has the standard biceps, however she has new shoulders that have the sculpted on shoulder pads (and this is beneath the shoulder area of her collar) and of course new forearms with the scaly/bumpy scorpion skin design. Her hands are clawed pincers that do not open, but she does still have the wrist articulation. Strangely she uses the original female legs which have the more open joint area. I find this odd considering, like so many females, her skirt piece was made longer than the prototype in order to hide the articulation point. Well with those more open ones, they don't stay hidden when turned. I will point out that Scorpia's skirt piece curves back more which stays closer to the cartoon design so it looks good, but the figure would've been better with the newer leg buck.

Scorpia has newly sculpted boots that feature high backs and a sculpted "zipper" line up the interior sides. She also has new feet designed with a more spiked heel look. While the joints are tight so that's not a problem, she does not have the rocker joints in her feet and is yet another female figure with no boot cut articulation. When pressed about this issue Toyguru gave an unsatisfying answer that simply said there is no set pattern and it's just on a figure to figure basis up to the design team about whether they give the figure the articulation or not. Notice how this "answer" does not explain why ANY figure would be denied it in the first place nor why it has become the more common way to go. I overlooked it on the first couple, but now it's become an annoyance. Also, despite these being new female boot pieces, they still have not bothered to cover the ankle pins as they did on the later males.

Now of course the main thing we want to talk about on Scorpia is her tail. The tail is actually molded with her outfit so it basically is attached to the skirt and not the figure itself, but the actual appearance flows perfectly. Since it's one mold it is of the softer more flexible plastic. It can be moved out during play, but will return to it's position. I wouldn't worry too much about it weakening like Snout Spout's trunk, but still I'd advise caution around the thinner areas. It does have one articulation point at the base of the first "link" as it were. It can swivel side to side so you get some movement out of it but around the same as other tailed characters like Whiplash and Draego-Man.

Scorpia comes with one accessory in a brand new crossbow weapon. Like Octavia's this is a brand new weapon designed to fit the Horde Crossbow theme while being personalized for the individual character. It has a scorpion design with the pincer arms forming the bow's prod and a curled up tail behind. Since Scorpia can't really hold and work weapons with her pincer hands, like Leech's, it features a clip on the underside to attach to her arm.

Scorpia is one of those characters who has been long desired to add to the collection. She was a regular recurring villain on the show, and had a cool design on top of that. The final figure did not disappoint. It is a fantastic representation. A long fan demanded figure, a POP character, an Evil Horde member, a Filmation character -this is an all around win. Obviously I'm not alone in this opinion as Scorpia sold out very quickly so once more unto the breech that is the secondary market. Good luck and until next time, Good Journey.


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