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Masters of the Universe Classics: Sea Hawk

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PostPosted: Sat Nov 23, 2013 12:12 am    Post subject: Masters of the Universe Classics: Sea Hawk Reply with quote

Greetings fellow He-fans and She-Ravers,

Drink up me hearties yo ho! For years the legal rights involving the Filmation characters have kept Princess Adora from her one true love, but no more. At long last we have in figure form the dashing rogue pirate himself: Sea Hawk! Unfortunately it seems there's some "Team Bow" conspirators at Mattel who still want to keep the lovers apart as this figure was released as a Club Filmation exclusive and not put up for sale for non-subscribers.

While Bow was originally created to be She-Ra's potential love interest in the toy line, the Filmation cartoon quickly gave that distinction to Sea Hawk. He first appeared in the seventh episode -and the first five episodes consist of the "Secret of the Sword" origin story. Plus the scripts for the first few episodes to feature him were written by Larry DiTillo who wrote/created the aforementioned origin story. It's true Sea Hawk only appeared in a few episodes, but when he did it was very clear who Adora loved. And that's another thing. Sea Hawk loved Adora not She-Ra. He stated, without being directly asked, that while She-ra is fun to fight alongside, he would rather spend time with Adora. Bow flirted with both Adora and She-Ra -and other girls sometimes- but when directly asked who he liked better, Adora or She-Ra, he could only stutter and was unable to answer. Sorry Bow, you loose this round.

Sea Hawk comes in the standard MOTUC blister card package. Strangely there is no logo sticker on his bubble. Early reports said he would feature the Princess of Power logo but the final product does not have one. Well that's what those sticker sheets are for if you're a mint on card collector. The back shows off other Great Rebellion members from the line and presents a bio as always.

As usual the real name just does not seam to fit the character. For the most part this bio does cover the Filmation back story pretty well with a few discrepancies mostly due to having a lot to talk about and little space to do it in. For example, while Sea Hawk is obsessed with gold he does not place it above loyalty to his friends and crew. Sea Hawk is very loyal and protective of his crew, he almost died keeping them safe when the ship got shot down. On that note the Solar Sailor was his original ship that got destroyed. He then fixed up and inherited his father's ship the Solar Clipper. Oh and it's probably worth mentioning the ship CAN FLY!

And there is absolutely no excuse for not mentioning the fact that he and Adora are an official couple. Regardless of who a fan may prefer Adora to be with in their personal canon, in Filmation there was no doubt Adora and Hawk's relationship was full scale love. There was a deep passion between them that simply was not present with Bow. Look, I'm sorry if it seems I'm coming down on the "team Bow" fans, and I do not deny for a second that I am 100% team Sea Hawk, but I am presenting my argument based on the evidence. There were plenty of "I deeply care about you" moments throughout Filmation, but it tended to not go deep into actual romance so Adora and Sea Hawk's relationship was serious business.

How about we just move on from the debate and look at the actual figure? Out of the package you can see that overall Sea Hawk does a great job of translating the look of the character from the cartoon. The head sculpt is spot on and all the little details such as his thin mustache, ascot, and torn shirt sleeves are captured in the design. He includes two accessories. The first being his Photon Cutlass which has the semi-translucent red blade. Going back to the story for a minute this is the Photon Cutlass he received from his father as opposed to the Laser Rapier he used in earlier episodes. His other weapon is a bird shaped energy shield. It is of a semi-translucent yellow plastic as it too was made of energy in the cartoon. It features a clip in the center so it works good attached to either wrist, though to be accurate it should be kept on his left hand as the shield was generated from his impact ring. It might have been more screen accurate to have it more see through, but it comes off as a good nod to the cartoon.

Sea Hawk does have the standard articulation and nothing is seriously hindered. He does have a very slight hindrance in lowering his arms to his sides due to the slight puffiness of the vest. And therein lies the one minor issue with the figure; his vest is designed to be removable and in the transition from prototype to final product the Mattel designers ended up making the piece a bit oversized which in turn causes him to be somewhat bulkier than he was in the cartoon. Some fans argue he looks fat but really it's not that bad on Sea Hawk. From some angles it looks chubby but most of the time it's a very minor beefed up/ more muscular look.

The real problem is this trend is continuing and becoming more noticeable. As I said it's not that bad on Sea Hawk, but the upcoming Hydron figure shows a HUGE difference in bulk from the prototype. Fan research has discovered this is largely due to the placement of the tabs under the arms. By comparison Dekker has the tabs on the back and his outfit fits perfectly. In Sea Hawk's case though I found what seems to be another factor; even though his chest is painted black, his removable outfit has part of a black shirt sculpted on it instead of being just a vest like Prince Adam had. I can only assume this was a cost saving method as his ascot is part of the armor sculpt as well.

Sea Hawk actually has quite a bit of new tooling. His shoulders are new featuring the torn sleeve sculpt. He has new shin/upper boot pieces too. Again these are the Seven League boots he got from his father as earlier appearances had him in normal black boots -such that the Snout Spout boots would have worked. His forearms are similar to the gloved Hordak arms, but contain the new blue detailing. Also he has a new left hand which has his Impact Ring sculpted onto the finger though it's on his middle finger instead of the traditional ring finger.

Sea Hawk is one of those characters who fans have been wanting for years. Until now we've had to make do with customs -ironically usually made from Bow figures. He was always among the top choices of who should get made immediately upon getting the Filmation rights just like Shadow Weaver. Unfortunately, just like Shadow Weaver Mattel opted to make him only available to subscribers! You would think after the backlash from Shadow Weaver they would be smart enough to not repeat themselves. In fact some fans did assume this and didn't sign up for Club Filmation. There was heavy speculation of course, but many argued that Mattel wouldn't purposely do something that stupid. We weren't told it would be Sea Hawk and he'd be sub only. We were shown an unpainted prototype of his sword and told the owner would be an exclusive figure but the actual reveal came long after the sub sign up was closed. So not only did they deliberately repeat the poor business move they did with Shadow Weaver, there are even fewer of him since Club Filmation had lower production run numbers than the standard subs!

Sea Hawk is a must have character whose figure turned out wonderful. It makes me very angry that Mattel chose to make yet another vital fan demanded character so rare and difficult to get. At this point I would not be the least surprised if next year's Scorpia has no day of sale. If you didn't sign up for Club Filmation you're in for a tough search and inflated prices. Good Luck and until next time, Good Journey.


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