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Masters of the Universe Classics: Castaspella

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PostPosted: Mon Sep 02, 2013 8:09 pm    Post subject: Masters of the Universe Classics: Castaspella Reply with quote

Greetings fellow He-Fans and She-Ravers,

The ranks of the Great Rebellion are growing again finally and I am very happy to be adding this particular member to my collection as she has been a personal favorite for years and she turned out beautiful for Classics. Let's jump right in and look at Castaspella!

Castaspella comes in the standard MOTUC blister card pack, and like all of She-Ra's gang she comes with the Princess of Power logo sticker on the front of the bubble. The back shows off other rebels previously released in the line and presents a bio for the character.

Most of this is taken from the old style guide description and as such some of it is material that was never used in the majority of media. Casta's hypnotizing ability was used in some comics though it came off more as mind affecting illusions than hypnotism. One thing that pretty much every fan who's read this bio agrees on is that "flighty" is not a word that described Castaspella at all in any known story. Casta is very strong willed, loyal, and kick ass! She was a bit flirty with Adam in one episode (no where near the annoying extent of Frosta to He-Man!) but that's not the same thing.

While the real name is at least a normal sounding one, I don't care for it being Castaspella's. It just doesn't seem to fit her in my opinion. Not really necessary either. She's constantly referred to as just Casta for short.. well turns out Casta is an actual real life female name meaning "pure". Sounds good to me, in my canon her real name is Casta.

I've mentioned several times how I hate the idea of Etheria being in Despondos. I would have preferred that space in the bio instead be used to mention the fact that Castaspella is the ruler of the kingdom of Mystacor, or give some details about her rivalry with friend turned enemy Shadow Weaver.

Moving on to the figure now, Castaspella like most of the POP characters is based on her cartoon/style guide appearance rather than the vintage toy. In truth though the design differs mainly in color. She is made up mostly of the 2.0 female buck. She features new forearms with her unique bracers and naturally has the open spell casting hand. Her outfit is made of a softer plastic so it doesn't hinder movement even though there are no slits in her skirt she still has good leg articulation. She does feature new lower legs and sadly is another figure lacking boot cut articulation. She also uses the feet without rocker ankles. Her joints are good and tight so there's no trouble standing her up.

Then there's her face sculpt which is absolutely gorgeous! Seriously, I've always found Casta to be one of the more beautiful characters and this figure captures it perfectly. Her face carries a soft kind look and the details and paint job are just amazing. Casta's hair is done up in her signature tight high ponytail look that flows so well. I honestly think this is one of the best, if not the absolute best, female head sculpts in this line.

For accessories Casta comes with the POP shield done in translucent yellow plastic. She then includes the only real influence from her vintage toy; her spinning disk. This was based on the hypnotizing theme that the character was originally planned to feature. On the vintage figure it plugged into her back, but for the Classics the disk features a clip that goes around her waist to hold it on. The disk is sculpted and textured rather than using a sticker like the vintage. It does rotate but is not fully free spinning, much like other spin items in the line like Sy-Klone or Hurricane Hordak. I prefer to display mine without the disk. It's not that cumbersome and doesn't weigh the figure down really, though it does hinder head movement and rubs her hair, but I just like her more straight cartoon look.

Last, but not least, Casta comes with something we've been wanting with the figures for a while now. A translucent plastic energy blast effect. The blast fits over her hand and is lightweight enough that it is open to multiple poses with it. It works with other figures as well, though it fits best over the spell casting female hand. it can also sort of fit on some weapons for extra effects as seen here with the Power Sword. Hopefully we can get some more blast effects in various colors later in the line. Too bad the next weapons pack is apparently the last one as this accessory done in multiple colors, most notably red, would make a great addition.

Castaspella is one I consider a major POP character so I don't mind that she came before Glimmer. (especially since Glimmer is now finally slated for release) I must admit there may be some personal bias there as she is one of my favorite characters. The vintage Castaspella was my first Princess of Power figure so there has always been a strong sentimental attachment present, but she was also a great character on the cartoon as well. There are several people, including some who worked on the show, who feel her voice didn't fit the character, perhaps making her sound older than she should be. Personally I don't mind it and I think Melendy Britt was going for a ******* Hepburn sounding voice which always had the distinct sound regardless of age.

At any rate I am very happy to add Castaspella to the Classics line and she turned out absolutely gorgeous! Casta is now sold out so check the secondary market because I highly recommend her for any fan. Until Next time, Good Journey.


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