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Masters of the Universe Classics: Shokoti

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PostPosted: Wed Aug 21, 2013 9:51 pm    Post subject: Masters of the Universe Classics: Shokoti Reply with quote

Greetings fellow He-Fans and She-Ravers,

Well now that the line has safely been secured through 2014 we can relax and go back to concentrating on the rest of 2013. To that end it's time to look at the second figure in the Club Flimation mini-sub add on line: Shokoti.

Shokoti appeared in the Filmation episode House of Shokoti part 2. The only 2-part episode in the original He-Man cartoon and the title character did not actually show up, or was even mentioned by name, until the second half. the first part dealt with Lord Masque raising the House of Darkness while referring to his "mistress" but she's never mentioned by name until the second part when they explore the temple and discover a carving of her face on the door. Apparently it was originally going to be one episode but ran too long and they couldn't cut it down so they just made it a two parter.

House of Shokoti part 2 was a very memorable episode in that it was darker and a bit creepier than the standard fare. Shokoti's temple was filled with monsters that were drawn more detailed and horrific than the usual from Filmation. Shokoti herself was pretty dark and supernaturally mysterious. I mean instead of crystal ball she used a skull! An actual human skull! It was never really clear in the episode if she was a spirit, some undead creature, or if it was all magic. At one point she's flat out asked, "are you a ghost" and she simply says "I am Shokoti and this is my house." She also tells He-Man, "I am more than just a witch." She does shun away from a light source at one point turning translucent at the time and after He-Man gets rid of her "sleeping beast" she vanishes into smoke as though being torn away against her will. In the end though her exact nature was something of a mystery which to be honest adds to the dark creepiness of the character and episode. (Many consider this the "Halloween" episode of the series.

So of course many fans always wanted a figure of her and now that Mattel has the Filmation rights she had finally arrived in figure form. Shokoti comes in the standard MOTUC blister card package. She's placed in an oddly casual pose with her hands behind her back for some reason. Again there is no special sticker or blurb mentioning her coming from Filmation and we should not expect to see any on upcoming figures either. As always the back of the box shows off other figures in the line (I find it humorously appropriate that Ram Man is present due to his running gag in the episode where he can never pronounce Shokoti's name right) and also gives us a bio for the character.

The bio stays pretty close to the cartoon story. Actually there wasn't much background given on Shokoti in the first place. As I said, the character was largely kept shrouded in mystery. I never really considered Masque a shapeshifter. He takes on a magical disguise as a desert guide and teleports by turning to smoke but he doesn't go around morphing like Mystique from X-Men. The bio does confirm her status as a Gar while the cartoon made no explanation for her blue skin again leaving the viewer to question if it was natural or part of her supernatural nature. (Of course Gars weren't an established canon race until 200X anyway) There was a lot of fan speculation that she was/is Keldor's mother. Some fans have accepted that while others are not keen on the idea. This bio would seem to indicate no she isn't in this canon.

Looking at the figure out of the package you can see how she really captures the look from the cartoon. Her body is made up of the 2.0 female buck, which is pretty much standard now. Her forearms are like Octavia's but she has the Adora boots so she has the calve swivel joint. Her ankles are a bit looser than I'd like but nowhere near as bad as Octavia's were. Like so many of the females while she wore a leotard in the cartoon, her figure's outfit is made more like a skirt. Again not as pointy as Octavia's was, but I really feel they need to lean more towards what the Captain Glenn tunic was like to get the right look on female figures. Her cape is a separate piece, though attached to her collar and shoulder pads, and made of a softer more flexible material.

The face sculpt is right from the cartoon with the solid black eyes and the hair pulled behind the tiara. Granted the tiara's points are more rounded but that's a standard action figure safety regulation and doesn't really detract from the look. One thing I wish had been given more detail is her mouth. She is sculpted with a closed mouth so we don't get to see the fangs she had in the cartoon. To be fair that would be tricky to sculpt so small, but these are the Four Horsemen you really think they couldn't do it? She does have little details like the gold buttons on her leotard's shoulder straps. Sadly her hair does tend to rub against the shoulder pads and can cause paint scuffing. I only got a very small hardly noticeable and then only when her head is turned a certain way mark on mine but I've seen others with major paint rub on both the cape and her hair.

Shokoti's only accessory is a pack in creature of one of her Darklings. In the episode she had several of these little monsters as her pets/minions. The look is perfectly captured with the single eye stalk, the many tentacles and the three mouths, however it has no articulation. That doesn't really bother me so much as the fact that these were flying creatures in the cartoon so I really feel it should have included a clear flight stand like Orko or the Doomseeker that came with Tri-Klops. There isn't even a hole in the bottom so it could use one either. While it does balance fine on the tentacles, it is supposed to be a flyer.

While Shokoti was a memorable villain for her one episode the way she was presented didn't really make her out to be a potential recurring villain so that's probably why I personally didn't have her high on my Filmation want list. That said, I think the final result came out very good and perfectly captures the cartoon look with the one drawback being the lack of flight for the Darkling. Shokoti is sold out on Mattycollector so check the secondary market for her. Good luck and until next time Good Journey.


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