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Masters of the Universe Classics: Netossa

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PostPosted: Sat Jan 19, 2013 8:49 pm    Post subject: Masters of the Universe Classics: Netossa Reply with quote

Greetings fellow He-Fans and She-Ravers,

I've noticed that for the past few years MOTUC has opened up the year with a Princess of Power figure. In 2010 it was Princess Adora, in 2011... well Vikor was the first released but originally it was going to be Bow in January. In 2012 we got the Star Sisters. The tradition continues in 2013 with our first figure of the year; Netossa.

Netossa was one of the last figures to be released in the vintage Princess of Power line and is rather hard to come by these days. (not the hardest -that would be Spinnerella) So she truly represents the idea of MOTUC for alternating lesser known characters with the big names. Netossa comes in the standard MOTUC blister card package with the Princess of Power logo sticker on the bubble. Yes Mattel is sticking with this logo sticker instead of the special Great Rebellion sticker they made for the sheet last year. Of course since I'm an opener, I really don't care too much, though labeling them Great Rebellion instead of Princess of Power might make them more appealing to the naysayers.

Ahh who am I kidding? Those people are hopeless.

The back of the box shows off other Great Rebellion members available in the line. (or rather previously released in the line as they are all sold out now) As always there is a bio for the character in the new continuity. Interesting to note they went with her cartoon picture for the bio instead of the vintage toy look like on previous POP figures.

The real name's not that bad. Though it's not what I would have chosen, it's a lot better than most of the alternate identities we've been given in this line. Most of the bio is taken from the description in the old style guide and her vintage packaging. There is a nice nod to the cartoon continuity in how she came from far off lands in Etheria and was initially unaware of the Horde Wars going on. On that note though it would have been nice to throw something in about her close relationship with Spinnerella. How close were they? Most fans assume Xena/Gabrielle close or more. Netossa called Spinnerella "sister" once in the episode though they are clearly not actual siblings. There's not much to go on since Spinnerella only appeared in the one episode. Netossa went on to appear in a total of four episodes. Ironically -seeing as capturing enemies is her theme- in three of those four she wound up getting captured by the Horde herself.

At any rate, there's not really anything for me to complain about in this bio, mainly because it doesn't introduce any new continuity elements. It just talks about her personally and doesn't try to tell a new story that goes against previous continuities. I wish more bios did the same.

Now it's time to open up the package and look at the actual figure. When doing so take note of how her cape is sealed in. In addition to the typical slot in the back of the plastic tray, as seen on other caped figures, the tips of her net cape are pinned to the tray with small plastic tabs similar to the kind used to hold tags on new clothes. You'll need to cut those off before you try to remove her. In addition I recommend cutting the plastic tray along the side up to the cape slot instead of just yanking her out. Because of the material you risk paint scratching or ripping otherwise. In any case be cautious not to damage the net cape during unpacking.

Okay, now that she's safely released, let's take a look at the actual figure. Netossa was the only black (Etheria = No Africa or America) character released in the vintage POP line. Interesting how like Clamp Champ, the only black vintage MOTU figure, her specialty was capture. In MOTU Classics of course she's now the fourth after Zodak, the Guard, and Dekker. Thankfully her skin tone comes off well done, it seems they have indeed stopped using the black (as in actual pitch black) plastic base. Her paint job is very nice with a mixture of blues and white. It does seem to be the more gray color as used on Frosta, however there is a pearlized trim which helps the look to stand out more. There's lots of nice details such as her blue eye shadow and nail color.

Netossa is made of old and new parts. Her main body is composed of the 2.0 female buck. She has new boots that do lack the calve swivel point. Somehow I noticed it more on her than I did on Starla. She also features new forearms with unique bracers.

Or at least it's unique for now. The vintage Netossa used the same body mold as Peekablue with a different paint job. You can see how the parts can be reused later to give us a Classics Peekablue, but there is one odd thing. Classics Netossa's bodice is all one piece so those blue wing tip features do not come off so this can't be used for Peekablue unless they're planning to mix up her look a bit. I'm curious why they didn't make the figure with this in mind as it would cut down costs. Even the skirt is alike enough to be reused for Peekablue. On that note about the skirt, it is softer material, but there are no slits up the sides. She actually can spread her legs enough that she might have been able to sit on Swift Wind, but the long part hanging down blocks that anyway. The wing tips on her bodice though do get in the way of arm articulation a bit.

Netossa's head sculpt is modeled after her cartoon appearance rather than her toy. As a result she does not have her headdress, but does have the fins on the sides which are meant to be coming off her collar -and on the vintage figure they were. However the fins on the Classsics version are instead attached to the sides of her head. This apparently is to allow more head movement but it does look a bit odd in close ups or when her cape is off. Other than that though her face sculpt is very well done and captures a beautiful look. Mattel has indicated they are looking into a way to meet fan demand and put out an attachable headdress later somehow.

For accessories Netossa includes only the She-Ra shield painted in the pearl white with silver accents and a dark blue gem. Her other "weapon" is her net cape, though it doesn't quite work out. It's very similar to the net that came with Leech, but is slightly thicker so it holds up better. The vintage figure's cape though was an actual working net complete with a drawstring. Because this is rubbery plastic it stays in a stiff position and can't really be used. It works great as a cape, but not so much as an actual net. Plus the way it's made you have to take Netossa's head off to remove it and then the collar's still on it. I kind of wish it was made so the net detached from the collar without having to take the head off, but apparently this was very expensive to make as is so I can understand why it wasn't done.

It's not too noticeable on mine but a recurring trait with the net cape is there seems to be a small dark spot on the back right around the center. After several people asked it was looked in to and Toyguru came back saying this was something done by design to add some shading to the net. The color supposedly was used over the whole net so why it's so dark in one spot is unclear. Again though how dark it is seems to vary per figure and it's hidden by her hair while she's wearing the cape anyway.

Amazingly I actually do have the vintage Netossa with her cape and headdress. I almost had her bodice too. Funny story here; I found her on E-bay completely by accident. I was searching for some bodies to use for custom figures so I typed in "girl figure" for the search. (Which is retrospect sounds a little dirty) Well the auction came up with her there listed simply as "Girl figure". The seller had no idea who she was, or how valuable she was. Normally I had seen them go for $50 or more just for a bare one. (and this was several years ago they've gone up since) I bid and won the auction for $5! I decided to check the seller's other auctions in case she had more goodies and I found she was selling a small doll and it was wearing the Netossa bodice. I contacted the seller and mentioned that the clothes actually belonged to the figure I had just bought and the seller agreed to let me have them if no one else bought the doll. (there was like one day left with no bids) Unfortunately, someone else did buy it at the last minute. Oh well, for how little I paid for this very rare figure I can't really complain.

Anyway, you can see how the vintage cape worked and also how she had a headdress that was left out of the cartoon and subsequently the Classics version. Otherwise this is a beautiful update of this character and a great figure overall. Netossa is a lesser known character and I will admit she was an odd choice to open the year with. It probably would've helped subscription sales more to start out with a better known and more demanded character like Glimmer (who is LONG overdue) and then have her come out later in the year once subs were secure.

That said, though I have to say this is a wonderful, beautiful figure and I am very happy to have her. Poor Netossa's been getting a lot of flack from many so called fans, mainly She-Ra naysayers, who claim figures like her are hurting the line and don't belong. I say it is those people who don't belong -in the fan base that is. Even after Netossa sold out in just two days the naysayers were claiming either Mattel pulled her early or there was so little stock that she would've gone sooner if people actually liked/wanted her.

Yeah here's a more probable thought you jerks; she sold out for real because she's an awesome figure and if she was better known, and the price of figures hadn't gone up, she would've vanished in under an hour! As I said before naysayers are hopeless, they refuse to accept that they are in the minority when it comes to MOTU fans and the POP characters are in fact loved and wanted. Netossa is no exception. I love this figure and can't wait for her next fellow rebel. If you agree and want her too then you'll head over the the secondary market and show those naysayers what for! Good luck and until next time, Good Journey!


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PostPosted: Thu Jan 24, 2013 3:32 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I had a good laugh when I saw this figure come out. "Get out! She gets a figure?" I was not complaining. I actually like her. When I first saw her in my ep rewatch I didn't really get her. Girl with no real special abilities and a name that sounds like Natasha but was maybe...Netosha? Weird. Then I figured out her cape was a net "OH! Net-toss-a! I GET IT!" Best. Name. Ever. She has a friend named Spinnerella? ...does she spin? SHE DOES! Awesome!

What I did find most surprising about this was that Spinerella didn't come first. I was left with the impression that Spinerella was the dominate of the pair so I expected her to be released first (if they were to release the two). Now that you mention it though, I do recall seeing Netossa in a few eps and not so much with Spinerella.

For the figure, I do like how the cape actually looks as a cape but it is disapointing that it doesn't act as a net. Too stiff. I also don't like decapitating any of my figures so if I did own this one it's cape would never come off. I dislike how skirts always restrict movement but there isn't that much you can do without making it cloth which this series isn't doing (and I kinda like it that way). Don't really like the fins either but I still think she's cool.

><))'> teddy0bear
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