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Masters of the Universe Classics: Dekker

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PostPosted: Sun Dec 23, 2012 8:51 pm    Post subject: Masters of the Universe Classics: Dekker Reply with quote

Greetings fellow He-Fans and She-Ravers,

One thing about every cartoon incarnation of MOTU is that they introduce new characters. Remember that this was a cartoon based on the action figures rather than the other way around as many toylines were. Often fans wanted figures of these characters and the new Classics line has slowly been bringing them out. Now, as mentioned many times before, they only recently got the rights to make Filmation characters, but they had the rights to the 200X cartoon from the start. We've previously received Marzo, Carnivus and Faceless One and now the newest addition: Dekker.

Dekker was a character that appeared in one episode of the MYP cartoon. He was the former trainer of Man-At-Arms, and despite his age still was fairly able to hold his own against members of Clawful's race armed only with a log. Pretty cool yes, but on the whole he didn't do very much in the episode, which was a pretty mediocre episode as well. Yeah there were lower points in the series, but it was not super memorable either. To this end Dekker may have been something of a questionable choice to get a figure, at least before certain other characters.

Dekker comes in the standard MOTUC blister card package. You can see he comes with two heads. Most figures in the line that include two heads will be packed out with the original toy version on the figure. This is Dekker's first figure ever made, so he doesn't exactly fall into that category, however it can still be said that his more familiar look is what's on the body. He also has his weapon in his left hand although all indications from the cartoon are that he was right handed. As always the back of the box shows off other figures in the line and provides a bio for the character in the new MOTUC continuity.

The part about him being a mercenary who switched sides is an all new element that was not previously established. There does seem to be a bit of a continuity error in the idea that Dekker was a Man-At-Arms and chose Duncan to take his place. While it was the story that Dekker was Duncan's teacher, Duncan's bio implied that Randor chose him to be his Man-At-Arms and it was not a matter of succession. It would have been nice to have included a mention of how he lost his eye. That was never previously explained.

All right, taking a look at the actual figure the Four Horsemen have done a very good job of capturing the look of the character from the cartoon. The face sculpt is especially well done around the eye patch where you can see a scar actually sculpted onto the face going across the eye under the patch. Buck wise he is mostly the standard male body though he has a new "skirt" piece forming the lower part of his tunic, and brand new calves creating some awesome new boots. I really like these as they have a nice fantasy realm or piratey look to them. I hope we get to see them used again on future figures, though I'm not sure who would use them. At first you'd think Sea Hawk, but looking at the cartoon it doesn't match up. (though I wouldn't object to this small change as long as we get a Sea Hawk figure)

Dekker comes with an alternate head depicting his younger self. Maybe it's just me, but this head seems to resemble Billy Dee Williams. I'm not really sure why this head was included as we never saw Dekker's younger look in the cartoon. Given that the mustache looks a lot like Duncan's and Man-At-Arms was frequently seen without his helmet sporting a topknot in the 200X series, some have speculated this was done more to give us an unhlmeted 200X Man-At-Arms head. Problem there, aside from the obvious difference in skin tone, is this head also has the long hair down the back, which Duncan did not.

Speaking of the hair, it does slightly hinder up and down head movement on both heads. The older head also has the braids which can get squeezed against his shoulders when turning side to side. His ab crunch is very limited by the new clothing piece, which is removable via tabs on the back. The lower skirt piece does not come off and can limit his leg movement. It's a softer plastic so it will stretch some, but you're not going to get him in the Wind Raider or on Battle Cat.

For a weapon Dekker includes a mace that is similar to the one Man-At-Arms uses but is a new sculpt with a few different details. For one thing the shaft has some small detailing making it look more technical. It might therefore be tempting to use it for a more 200X Man-At-Arms, however the orange is that of the original Duncan figure and not the lighter shade of Snake Man-At-Arms who is the more 200X inspired body. Also, like the original Man-At-Arms, this mace is made of a soft gummy plastic. I kind of wish he came with another weapon instead of the extra head, which is a look we never saw for him. I'm not sure what he could have had though as in his one cartoon appearance he was caught without a weapon for the battle and had to fight hand to hand. He picked up a log to fight later, but is that really a worthy accessory? Maybe a fishing pole which would go well with him or also Prince Adam, and even Ram Man. (Fishing seems to be a popular pastime on Eternia) Lots of fans are giving Dekker the green Clawful shield from the third Weapons Pack, and it actually does look pretty good with him.

Dekker is a character that was never really high on my want list. As I mentioned, he was only in one episode, not one of the best episodes, and didn't stand out as a cool and/or pivotal character. Nevertheless, this is a very well done figure. The sculpt is great and he works well in with the other heroic warriors. Truth be told, most of the new characters who were introduced in 200X (that weren't revamps of Filmation characters like Marzo and Evilseed) didn't do very much and it's more a matter of who looks cool (or hot... I WANT A VEENA FIGURE!) and while Dekker is much plainer than say Lord Dactys, he's not a bad choice. Much better than "that guy in the yellow tunic who participated in the tug-o-war in the one mini-comic." (Sadly that's not a joke -this character does exist and there are fans asking for him to be made!)

Dekker is sold out so you'll have to go to the secondary market if you want him. Good luck and, until next time, Good Journey.


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