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Masters of the Universe Classics: King Randor (both)

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PostPosted: Fri Dec 21, 2012 9:52 pm    Post subject: Masters of the Universe Classics: King Randor (both) Reply with quote

Greetings fellow He-Fans and She-Ravers,

It's been a little while since my last review because, as some of you may already know, I recently hit a financial snag to put it lightly. Long story short I lost a lot of my already limited money to a scam artist and as a result had to re-budget which meant putting collecting on hold for a while. This included having to cancel my subscriptions. However, my November shipment had already been processed before I could cancel the sub so I got, and had to pay for, those. I sat on them wondering if I should keep them or not. In the end I've decided to keep one of each for my collection. I may be down, but I'm not out. I plan to recover and eventually get all the figures I miss in the meantime, so might as well keep who I've got now.

Anyway on to the review. One of the figures in the November shipment was the new variant of King Randor, but since the first version was the one previously released figure I had not yet done a review of, and I was going to have to compare them anyway, we'll look at both in one review starting with the original release.

King Randor comes in the standard MOTUC blister card pack. The back of the box shows off other figures in the line and presents a bio for Randor. This bio seems to follow the 200X storyline more though it calls Miro a king, which he was in Filmation, not a captain as he was in 200X. I don't quite understand how if his father was a king Randor is just a captain. I've mentioned before how the Great Unrest was supposed to be after the Council of Elders left but here it is clearly indicated as up to when they left. Also the wording is off, the Council didn't leave because Randor fatally wounded Keldor (itself not quite accurate as Keldor lived by turning into Skeletor), it was time for the Twins of power to be born so their time was up. Randor was the rightful king by bloodline, even if he didn't know it.

Anyway, let's look at the figure, which is based mainly on his vintage figure. Like the vintage figure he is mostly the standard male buck with a new head. The detailing on the head is very well done with a nice regal look in his face and full beard. The vintage figure had a removable crown, though it did look very odd without it, however this Classics version has the crown as part of the sculpt and it does not come off. Another difference is the armor. Much like Scare Glow, in the vintage line Randor was a character made that could be created with very little new parts. Back then he used the same armor as Jitsu with a slightly different paint job. Not only was there no Classics Jitsu at the time (actually he's still not out till February!), but the armor was redesigned to incorporate the cross like emblem which has become a symbol of the Eternian royal family. In turn, this also helps bring it down and hide the fact that the armor cuts off high leaving his abs otherwise exposed.

The vintage figure also had a cloth blue cape, and these days it's very hard to find one that is complete. As you can see my vintage Randor is missing everything. You can also see what I mean about his odd head with no crown. The Classics Randor's cape is plastic and fused with his armor, much like He-Ro's, and likewise can be removed the same way. It does create some limitations when trying to balance and pose the figure, and of course it also means that Randor cannot sit on a throne while armored up.

The vintage Randor came with a gold version of Whiplash's spear. This was later put out in Classics in a Weapons Pack, but the initial figure instead came with weapons modeled after his 200X staction. he includes a staff and a sword both of which also incorporate the emblem. While the character design was rather different you can see where the weapon influence came from. There was a variant of the staction done in classic colors but it's one of the two I don't own. I had enough trouble getting this one as both were rare exclusives.

At this point I was ready to call it a day. We had our Classics Randor so everything was set. But then Mattel got the Filmation rights and decided to make a variant. I found this odd as they said they would only be making Filmation variants of released characters if there was a significant enough difference in appearance. I personally did not think Randor qualified but others did as there was actually a pleased reaction from a lot of the fan base at the reveal of Eternos Palace King Randor:

Now putting it in perspective I suppose it does qualify as it is another outfit for the character much like Battle Armor He-Man. Of course this time it's reversed and he's going from armored to casual attire. (casual for royalty at least) He comes in the standard MOTUC package which interestingly only lists his name as King Randor with the Eternos Palace part as his description. (which kind of doesn't work) The back of the box shows off other figures in the line as always and gives a bio that is different from the previous version.

Not much new information on the new continuity here. The bio fills in a few gaps left from the previous version, though it still has some contradictions with previous established canon from 200X. Otherwise it is very 200X story inspired..... despite the fact that it is a Filmation version figure. Apparently Mattel had originally planned to give us a 200X armor style variant but after acquiring the Filmation rights at the last minute they swapped it for this version so as to get us another Filmation figure in 2012.

Okay so the figure is a mixture of new and old parts. The head is the exact same mold though the crown is now painted in a more toonish yellow than the metallic gold of the first version. He uses the standard forearms, hands, and legs. His lower tunic/skirt piece is similar to Preternia Disguise He-Man's but is a new mold. Like the other one though is does limit how much he can move his legs. Combine that with his robe and there is no way he can sit on a throne, ride Battle Cat, or fly the Wind Raider. Around his neck is a pendant which is on a gold string. It comes in the package with a plastic band holding it in place and you may want to leave that there or it'll flop all over. Also the string is pretty thin so it could break otherwise.

He has new feet featuring medieval shoes. They're also kind of like Robin's but I checked they're not the same mold -Robin's are smaller scale.

The other new piece are his upper arms. And I say upper arms because he does not have shoulders and biceps like most figures in the line. Instead it is all one piece. This does further limit his arm movement and since there is no bicep swivel that means he cannot properly use his one accessory.

Randor comes with a goblet that is done in a gold vac metal finish. (kind of wish I had this back when I did the Indiana Jones/Holy grail joke in Megator's review) It comes in his hand in the package and as such many have reported the vac metal flaking off when they take it out. I was lucky and mine is fine. Inside the cup is molded with a purple "liquid" but because of his arm mold Randor can't lift the cup to his mouth! Sure I got an Airplane reference joke out of it but come on....

For his other accessory he includes the Whiplash spear in a yellow that matches his crown like the vintage figure. Since this is a throne room Randor I feel the staff from the first release would have been a better fit. We already got the gold spear for the armored Randor in the Weapons Pack. I'm a bit torn on this figure. It is a really good sculpt aside from the lack of bicep swivel and as a Filmation fan it is a more iconic look for the character. On the other hand, it's also kind of a pointless variant. If this had been the version of Randor released first, I'd likely be saying the armored version was pointless. Unlike Battleground Evil-Lyn though I don't have the "this is the version we should have got in the first place" vibe.

Now maybe that's because Randor is not one of my favorite characters. In fact, much as I often complain about Mattel's killing characters in the bios, I wouldn't bat an eye if Randor got offed. And that's odd because if you think about it, his death would have MAJOR ramifications for the storyline. He is certainly a pivotal character, no doubt about that. He was actually much cooler in the 200X cartoon than Filmation because there he got to get in and fight sometimes, plus was more tied into the main storyline, instead of being largely a background character.

Both versions are now sold out so you'll have to check the secondary market. Right now you can probably find the Eternos Palace one easier and cheaper, but I've seen a fair share of the original available too. Whichever you want, or both if you choose -have it your way. (Did you really think I'd go through this whole review without a Burger King joke?) Until next time, Good Journey.


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PostPosted: Sat Dec 22, 2012 9:35 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Haha- nice review. Looks like a pretty cool figure. Glad to hear that you have a good positive attitude about the financial situation too. Trust that things will continue to improve on that front. Hope you have a Merry Christmas, worthy of the He-Man and She-Ra Christmas Special! Very Happy Cool

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