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Masters of the Universe Classics: Hurricane Hordak

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PostPosted: Mon Nov 05, 2012 9:17 pm    Post subject: Masters of the Universe Classics: Hurricane Hordak Reply with quote

Greetings fellow He-Fans and She-Ravers,

as you probably know by now, the Evil Horde figures are among my favorites in the MOTU lines. Today we take a look at the updated version of what was my first Hordak variant. For the longest time it was the only version of Hordak I had so, like with Dragon Blaster Skeletor, there's a sentimental attachment to this version. Does he hold up? Let's look at Hurricane Hordak.

Hurricane Hordak comes on the standard MOTUC blister card package. complete with the Evil Horde logo sticker on the front. The back of the box shows off other figures in the line, namely the Horde figures that had been released up to that point along with the two Battle Armor variants. As always there is a bio telling how this figure works into the new continuity.

You already know that I hate the real name they gave Hordak. As far as this bio goes it tries to balance telling the new story while also explaining the significance of the variant figure. It's okay overall, I mean how much more can you really say about the Hurricane Blaster's origin? Part of me wishes the Horde had been around on Eternia longer in this continuity. It seems they show up just in time for the Second Ultimate Battleground and that's it.

Okay, so looking at the figure you can see that he is mostly a repaint of the first MOTUC Hordak. To be fair, why would you expect much more since it's the same character? The only new parts are his right forearm, which is used for his weapons, and his armor, which is similar in design to the first release, but is actually a new mold. I'll get to both of these in a moment. First I want to point out the slight paint differences. First, you may notice that overall Hordak's skin tone is a slightly darker shade. It's more apparent when seen side by side. The parts of his boots and cowl which had silver color are now done in a glossy black. The cowl itself appears to be the same mold only without the cape. (unlike Horde Prime's which was a new sculpt) He still uses the flat ab torso, but it is painted with the vac metal gold like his armor.

And that leads to the one problem with this figure that literally sticks out. Hurricane Hordak's armor is designed with a large red dial on the back. The dial does not move it is just there as a throwback to the dial on the vintage figure which worked his action feature. This is not like Optikk where the dial blended into the figure's sculpt, or even Sy-Klone where it was small and not super eye catching. This thing is huge and disrupts the overall flow of the sculpt. Mattel previously stated that one of the reasons they did not want to include action features in this line was so the sculpts would not be broken up by buttons, levers and such. So why would they put this on? It breaks up the design and doesn't even work.

The other issue is that it does not match up with the vintage figure. That one had its dial imbedded inside the torso and it did not stick out. I think if it had been designed more like this with groves on the back but not jutting out it wouldn't be so bad. As is it looks like Hordak got hit in the back by one of his own buzz saw blades. I love the Horsemen's work, but this time I gotta say it was a bad choice.

Otherwise the armor is done pretty well. It attaches with clips more than pegs. The whole armor is covered with a vac metal finish. Vac metal can sometimes flake off, but in this case I find it stays on well except at the shoulder area but that is only when the armor is removed it causes the crease to fold and bend. That causes the covering to stretch and crack a bit. Even then it's only right on the crease that it flakes a little bit. So don't take the armor off and you won't stress the covering. It might have been better if they had used the hard plastic of the Battle Armor figures instead of the softer plastic used.

Otherwise the figure is a fairly accurate update of the vintage figure. Like Spikor, the vintage figure had a straight arm to accommodate his action feature. Since there is no action feature on the Classics version he has the full articulation. Of course he doesn't exactly have wrist articulation as he has no right hand. The weapons have shorter pegs than the vintage figure though. That one had to have them stick out a bit to spin better. This figure's weapons plug in right against the arm.

Otherwise the weapons are perfect updates of the originals though slightly more detailed. It almost looks like the blades of the claw-shield thing can move but they do not. The other thing is they go in pretty tight. They can still rotate, but about the same as a normal articulation point. I really wish they attached looser so they could spin freely.

Much like Sy-Klone there's a major thing missing with the figure lacking its spinning action feature. While this was my first Hordak variant as a kid, it just doesn't hold up as well without the action feature which was the whole point of the figure. Sy-Klone at least looked good standing among the other heroic warriors, but the big dial limits the good looking poses on this figure. It also limits the customization options.

Many fans like how it has the arm canon like weapon which was frequently used on the cartoon, but the vac metal combined with the dial makes customizing the armor tougher. Now a good thing about the arm canon is that it features the same peg design as all the other interchangeable weapon arm figures so you can mix and match to create some more of his various arm transformations from the cartoon. Nevertheless, I feel this figure is purely for nostalgic display options. If you just want a Hordak and don't care about the specific variant then you're better off going for the regular Hordak.

Hurricane Hordak is sold out on Mattycollector.com so if you want him you need to hit up the secondary market. Good luck and until next time, Good Journey.


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