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Masters of the Universe Classics: The Faceless One

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PostPosted: Tue Nov 06, 2012 9:36 pm    Post subject: Masters of the Universe Classics: The Faceless One Reply with quote

Greetings fellow He-Fans and She-Ravers,

When the 200X cartoon came on it introduced us to several brand new characters. Some became one shots quickly forgotten while others were much more significant and higher placed among them was the mysterious being known as The Faceless One.

Not to be confused with The Nameless One, this spirit like entity was mainly a neutral aligned being who was the keeper of the powerful Ram Stone Amulet. But then came the big twist: he's Evil-Lyn's father! He only appeared in two episodes, but he was also a major player in the final story arch of the comic book and was a character many fans wanted to see in figure form. He finally came out as part of the Classics line. Does he hold up?

Faceless One comes on the standard MOTUC blister card package with the back of the box showing off other figures and giving a bio for the character. It's somewhat close to the origin given to him in the comic, but some things were changed and not for the better in my opinion. His real name was never given before, he was simply called "Lord of Zalesia" in the comic before becoming Faceless One. I'm not overly fond of the name (though it does allow for a great joke I'll get to later) it links to Evil-Lyn's real name but I wasn't fond of the overly Earthly sounding one there either. Now the key differences here from the comic is

1. He was a member of the Council of Wisdom not the Elders. He was not connected to King Grayskull. This council basically served as a neutral party to help maintain peace amongst the different factions.

2. He did violate a truce by marrying and having a child but that was not why he was cursed. King Hiss kidnapped the infant Lyn and Powers gave him the power to release and control Serpos in exchange for getting her back. He was cursed by the council of Wisdom as punishment for the destruction Serpos caused to Eternia as a result.

3. It wasn't He-Ro, he gave his child to a mysterious figure who promised to take her to safety when Serpos attacked Zalesia. While not officially named or revealed we could see it was a male Gar and all indications (such as the fact he took the Havoc Staff too) was that this was Keldor.

The comic left many questions unanswered, but I still feel it handled the background for Faceless One better.

So now let's look at the actual figure of The Faceless One... who is not as faceless as he should be. Now the outfit is a great capture of his overall appearance. The colors are very well done. especially since they listened to the fans and made a change from the prototype. Originally the inside of his collar was plain purple but thankfully it got changed to black which really helps the overall look of the head, giving it that ghostly floating look. Now the bulk of the armor does limit his arm movement some, though the shoulder pads are designed in such a way to move a little bit.

The one possible issue lies in the design of loincloth area. It actually does match up pretty well with how he looked prior to transformation in the comic, however in the cartoon as Faceless One he had a full ankle length robe. Of course he also had ghostly smoke around his feet most of the time too. That would have been cool to have in some form for the figure, but I will admit it probably would have been more costly.

The main issue is the head. For someone called The Faceless One he does seem to have a lot of facial features. Look above at the cartoon screen capture and you can see how his head was less defined. It was more like a ghostly shadow and the figure is more like a skull. (not as extreme a skull as Skeletor or Scare Glow but still...) I think mainly it's the nose and mouth that are too prominent. The eye sockets are okay, but below that should be more glazed over. Now apparently the Four Horsemen redid the head several times trying different approaches and this was the one that was finally settled on as looking the best. I'm not sure if that decision was made by the Horsemen or Mattel or if it was a consensus. I sort of want to see the rejected sculpts so I can pass fair judgement.

Looking at the rest of Nearly Faceless Nick here (see, told you there was a good joke there) He uses a lot of the standard buck. The armor is all one piece that just slips up over his head and sits on his shoulders when placed on the body. His torso looks strange painted in the two colors without his armor, but it works with the armor on. His loincloth piece was new at the time but was since reused for Horde Prime. He features the gloved forearms, however he actually has the same hands as Count Marzo.

This is, of course, so he can hold his Ram Stone accessory in the same way that Count Marzo holds his amulet. Now as a result he does have the fingernails sculpted on to his hands though they are painted solid black. It may seem odd, but if you look back at the images of pre-transformed Nickolas in the comic, he actually does not wear gloves so this is more accurate. Looking at images from the cartoon you can see his hands are actually meant to be more ghostly, so I kind of feel that maybe they should have used a translucent plastic for the figures hands. The stone fits perfectly in his hand, or you could put in in Marzo's hand too since he did steal it in one episode.

The Ram Stone itself looks great. Its design is taken right from the cartoon in great detail and done in a metallic green. Some fans argue that it too should have been translucent, but I disagree as it is a stone not a jewel. Think jade not emerald. For his second accessory he comes with a version of the Havod Staff. This makes sense since he was the original owner before it came into Skeletor's possession. The head of this version though is made with a translucent red plastic creating a glowing with power effect.

On the whole I'm pretty happy with this figure. While I do think the head should have been more actual faceless, the overall design of the figure captures a very cool looking character and a welcome addition to the line.

While he doesn't have the nostalgic feel of most characters, since he was not from the vintage era, The Faceless One is still a character I think many fans will be happy with. If you want him though he is sold out currently on Mattycollector.com so check the secondary market. Good luck and, until next time, Good Journey.


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