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Masters of the Universe Classics: Weapons Pack #3

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PostPosted: Thu Oct 25, 2012 12:32 am    Post subject: Masters of the Universe Classics: Weapons Pack #3 Reply with quote

Greetings fellow He-Fans and She-Ravers,

As much new stuff as we've been getting in the MOTUC line this year, there has also been a few items that got cut. Some figures were meant to come with weapons that ended up being left out due to the cost of producing the figure. Thankfully, Mattel did not just leave it at that but found a way to get those extra accessories to us in this the third Weapons Pack.

The third Weapons Pack comes on the same style large card with multiple bubbles that the first two packs did. This one is labeled as the Great Unrest Weapons Pack. As I've explained in my reviews before, (more precisely in my complaining about the changes to the storyline) in the 200X series the Great Unrest referred to the time after Keldor's assault on the Hall of Wisdom and the departure of the Council of Elders. The implication was the Unrest came about due to the change in who ruled over Eternia, which is understandable. Put it perspective; the council up and vanished one day and some guy stepped forward and said they had made him king of the whole planet. Would you just accept it and follow him, war hero or not?

However in the MOTUC continuity the Great Unrest apparently refers to the time leading up to this event instead. There is some implication the time after is included but in 200X it was made clear there was a short period of time between the raising of the Mystic Wall and the time known as the Great Unrest. So there is a difference here. At any rate let's focus on the contents of the package since there is no bio to make any significance of the title anyway. The back of the card simply shows off various figures in the line. I think they should have picked a selection that reflected on the weapons included, instead it's just random.

Now while this pack does include many brand new weapons, which is the main draw, it also still features some repaints so we'll start with those. You get Teela's shield done in a baby blue tone so it can match up with the blue outfitted, a.k.a. banana slug skinned, Evil-Lyn. (No, I will not stop making fun of that figure's colors) While I am not a fan of this version of the character, I will say that the shield does match up with the figure's other weapons quite well and works overall. Sure, if you think about it, she probably wouldn't carry one as she can easily throw a mystic shield around herself, but it still looks okay or it can work with other characters as well.

What doesn't work with other characters is Teela's snake armor done in a brighter red shade. Since the pack also includes her snake staff and sword done in more reddish colors I can assume that this is meant to closer match the vintage figure. The staff certainly does, but the armor came out much lighter, almost pink. Yes, Teela was seen wearing pink in some mini-comics, but remember that was her body suit that was pink and she didn't have her snake armor in those. The staff and sword closer match the colors of the shield the Teela figure came with so it can even that out if you want, or they can also work for extra weapons for other figures. However the snake armor only works with the one Teela head and the one that came with the figure looks better. And I prefer to display Teela without her armor at all, so this one does nothing for me.

Another low point of this set is the Clawful mace done in.... pretty much the same color as the original. It's actually a slightly brighter shade of green, but not by much. If it was ANY other color I'd shake it off, but as is there's a real "what's the point" feeling. Now we also get Clawful's shield done in a darker green. This actually opens up some possibilities. It looks good with some figures like Kobra Khan or the reptilian Palace Guard. It's also been suggested giving it to Dekker who comes out next month. I personally have a custom character in mind that this shield will be perfect for.

Next up is Chief Carnivus' sword and shield done with a silver and teal color scheme. I'm not sure if there's a reason for this color choice, but I think it's meant to match the color of Central Tower. The logo on the shield is modeled after the cat like entrance to the tower after all. Whatever the case, it does offer these rather cool weapons in a new color scheme and they go good with the Qaidian Palace Guard, or just about anyone.

As mentioned, this set includes repaints as well as cut accessories. This next piece serves as the perfect segue since it fits both categories. Included in the set is a Zoar bird painted white. This is of course meant to go along with the Temple of Darkness Sorceress. Two slight problems though. First, the bird is more of a dull white, almost grey. Given the bright white of the figure, I feel it should have been made to match better. The other thing is the set does not include a perch for the bird. So unless you have an extra one lying around, you're back to the problem with the first Zoar in displaying it. As you may notice, mine also ended up with a slightly bent wing due to how it was packed.

Now for the previously cut accessories. First there is Horde Prime's staff. As you can see, it is different from the Hordak staff. There is more of a technological feel to the appearance, which fits in well with the sculpt of Horde Prime's arms. I really like this staff and at first felt it should have been included with the figure instead of the crossbow. In retrospect, the crossbow was more character specific while this staff could work for almost any Horde character, so maybe this was the right route to go as long as we get both in the end. I can actually see Horde Troopers carrying staffs like this one.

And then we have Draego-Man's cut weapons. The figure ended up coming only with his flamed sword as the others were cut for costs. Though frankly with how crammed into the package Draego-Man was, they probably wouldn't have fit anyway! The set includes a wicked looking regular sword that sort of resembles his flamed one without any fire. Put this with his shield and it's possible it is meant to be the same weapon. The shield has a great design with the same logo as on Drageo-Man's armor. It features a translucent plastic backing that can be removed via some small pegs.

When the backing is on it creates a flamed up fire ring around the shield. So it could be the intention here is Draego-Man can basically pull a Human Torch deal with his weapons and have them "flame on". Also included is my favorite of Draego-Man's weapons; the flame whip. Like the sword it features a fiery appearance but this time of an arching whip. The hilt for both swords and the whip are the same, and I believe the original intention was to have the one handle with interchangeable pieces, but this way he can have all the weapons and whatever he doesn't hold someone else can.

Not exactly a cut weapon so much as one many fans felt should have been included with Snake Man-At-Arms to make him more appealing (let's face it he needed all the help he could get) is Duncan's 200X arm cannon. This weapon was introduced in 200X but has become almost synonymous with the character and is something fans have been asking for since the beginning of the line. The weapon really works with Mattel's theme of "taking away the hyper anime detail" as it is not as hyped up as the 200X version, but looks right for the Classics figure and is still perfectly recognizable. The canon fits over his arm, but take note that you'll have to remove the lower armor piece to get it on. Also, while the 200X version simply sat form fitted on to the figure's arm, the Classics version has a small handle peg inside for the figure to grip. This leads to another note that if you use it with the Snake Man-At-Arms body, (which makes more sense since it is the more 200X styled) that figure's left hand is more open so it doesn't grip it as tightly. It's not a big issue though since the canon still fits around the hand and stays on pretty well.

Last, but not least, we have the long awaited and demanded Keldor swords! When the Classics Keldor figure was put out he came with simply two purple Power Sword halves and Mattel said this is what his twin blades look like without the "hyper anime detail". Fans unanimously cried "BULLS***!" and with good reason. We fought and demanded proper swords over and over and finally Mattel caved in. The swords come packed in the bubble fused together. The one thing I kind of wish had been done differently here is that the handles are straight when they were curved and came together in the 200X version.

But let's face it, most fans are going to display them split anyway. The halves are held together very tightly with a series of pegs. The downside to this is that when separated the attachment pegs and holes don't look very good so you'll want to be sure to pose him with the good sides facing out. One thing I noticed is that the halves are reversed from the 200X version. By that I mean how the blade is balanced with the handle on the opposite side of the hilt. They are reversed from the way they were on the 200X one. Of no real consequence, just something that caught my eye.

So there you have it. The repaints in this pack aren't all that thrilling, however the addition of the previously cut accessories as well as the brand new fan demanded weapons make this pack a must have in my opinion. Which is why I find it so surprising that, as of this posting, it is still available on Mattycollector.com. I can only assume production numbers were significantly higher on this pack owing to expected high fan demand, but it's not even marked as Almost Gone yet! So I guess I don't really need to say Good Luck, just Good Journey.

EDIT: This pack has been added to the Evergreen items so yes they did produce a very large number of them.


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