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Masters of the Univrse Classics: Weapons Pack #2

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PostPosted: Sat Oct 06, 2012 12:56 pm    Post subject: Masters of the Univrse Classics: Weapons Pack #2 Reply with quote

Hello again all you He-Fans and She-Ravers,

I'm going to assume you've read my review of the first Weapons Pack so as we continue to gear up for the third one coming out this month, let's go take a look at the second Weapons Pack. Does it hold more draw than the first one?

The second Weapons Pack comes in the same style packaging as the first one with the same green brick deco as the rest of the line. The first pack was called the "Ultimate Battleground Assortment" this second one is referred to as the "Great Wars Assortment". Again the back of the box shows off other figures in the line but there is no bio or story blurb. From what we know, the Great Wars in the MOTUC continuity refers to the time of King Grayskull and his three way battle against both the Evil Horde and the Snake Men. The weapons included don't really seem to have anything to do with this though. Now while the first pack was a throwback to the vintage Weapons Pack, this one contains more items that help fill fan requests that complete the look of some figures.

Not all of them quite fit this bill however. First up are Evil-Lyn's weapons done in a purple and green color scheme. You get her knife as well as both the long and short wands but only one head with a green orb. These were supposed to be modeled after the fan demanded 200X Evil-Lyn colors but don't really match up as the purple is too light and besides that, the correct colors would have a black staff with a purple orb. Also at the time we had not yet received Battleground Evil-Lyn so we only had banana slug girl here and the colors really clash. It's possible they knew that Battleground Evil-Lyn would have the right colored weapons so they went with a different shade, but they work better with someone who wears purple. While the purple knife is better than the baby blue one, I still feel it only looks really right with a silver blade.

Also in the 200X vibe are Mer-Man's armor and weapons done in a more golden color. This color scheme does look pretty good and is much closer to the 200X look. The only problem is the actual Mer-Man still has the bright yellow gloves and boots which end up clashing with the more golden armor and weapons. This one comes off as a good idea that didn't fully pan out. Still they could work well for a custom figure.

Keeping with the gold theme, we get Whiplash's 200X weapon in a gold color with black blades. By the way, Mattel calls this thing an "electro-shocker" so apparently it's supposed to be like a giant cattle prod or something. I do think the gold color is much nicer than the bright orange version that came with the figure, however the black blades do look a bit strange to me. There is also the factor that it still has that really thick handle which limits its uses as only characters with the wide open hand can hold it, and even then it's a loose grip.

On the other hand the gold Whiplash spear is a fine addition. Not only is it generic enough to work with most figures, here we begin to get into the area of fulfilling fan requests as it "completes" the King Randor figure. The vintage Randor came only with a gold spear but the Classics version, while modeled after the vintage figure in sculpt, instead came with weapons based on his 200X version. By providing this gold spear fans who want a pure vintage look now have that option and it looks very nice. The gold spear matches that on his crown and armor.

While not exactly intended as a "completion" item, we also get Optikk's gun and shield done in black with purple highlights. Again these colors are very cool looking, and go well with most figures particularly villains. I find they look really great when given to Kronis. Even better than the ones from the first weapons pack that actually were intended for him, especially since the shield is clip on so he can actually hold both at once.

But you also get stuff for his Trap Jaw form as well. Roboto's gun, claw, and axe are included done in black with blue highlights that perfectly match up with Trap Jaw's other weapons. They plug into his arm nice and tight, though they have no features allowing them to be hung on his belt. I also kind of wish Roboto's hand attachment had been included as well, but that's just being nitpicky. Since Trap Jaw was shown in the vintage cartoon with a wide assortment of arm attachments, being able to up his arsenal is always welcome. The only real drawback is that the gun has the "Made in China" logo on it in bright white which really stands out against the black. Logo stamps like this are not uncommon (and supposedly often required) but usually they don't stand out so much.

Now we really start to get into the items included to help complete displays. The perch and armor that were included with Screeech (who came with Evil-Lyn) are present, done in a green coloring. This finally gives you a stand and armor for the Zoar that came with Teela. This sure beats having Zoar lying around on the shelf unable to stand. So why green though? Because on the early vintage box art the Zoar armor was shown green, although the final product was red. The Zoar that later came with Sorceress included a red stand and armor, but was also done in Sorceress colors with the white head and blue feather tips. So this helps this variant to stand out more.

I mentioned it in my review of the figure, but just to recap, you also get the He-Man shield and axe done in two tone orange colors for Faker. The color scheme perfectly matches that of the sword that came with Faker and really helps to complete the look of him being a full evil duplicate of He-Man himself.

Last, but certainly not least -in fact this is probably the best item in the whole pack- you get the Sword of Protection done in two tone silver. We first got this sword with Princess Adora and, while it was silver, it was only one solid color unlike the two tone of the Power Sword. Then when She-Ra was released she came with a two tone colored sword, but it was gold in homage to the vintage action figure. Finally with this pack we have a sword that is silver like the classic cartoon look, and also in sync color wise with the Power Sword. This is the sword that my She-Ra is always displayed with now. Mattel even included this version of the sword in the Toys R Us two-pack version of She-Ra.

The first Weapons pack was more of an homage to the vintage line. This pack has a lot more items that really flesh out the display of your collection and make it well worth the purchase. While not all the items are great, like the Evil-Lyn items, the ones that are, like the Sword of Protection, make up for it. Like the first pack this one is sold out so you need to check the secondary market, and also like the first one there's a lot of broken up sets hiding the complete ones so good luck and, until next time, Good Journey.


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