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Masters of the Universe Classics: Grizzlor

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PostPosted: Mon Aug 13, 2012 12:35 am    Post subject: Masters of the Universe Classics: Grizzlor Reply with quote

Greetings fellow He-Fans and She-Ravers,

While the MOTUC line is safe for another year and will keep going, reissues are slowing down a bit so you really don't want to miss out on these fine figures. Especially when they're awesome Evil Horde members! Today we take a look at the hairy henchman of Hordak: Grizzlor!

Grizzlor comes packed into the standard MOTUC blister card pack with the Evil Horde logo sticker on the front bubble. Like other figures who come with 200X inspired accessories, he is packed out vintage figure style. I have to admit he's not the best for MOC display as his fur is often sticking up in a crazy way inside the box. Due to the flowing nature of the hair there's no real uniform look per package. Some are okay but others are sticking straight up like he just got electrocuted. Fortunately, it's very easy to smooth out once you open him up. (gives you an actual use for She-Ra's comb/axe) As always, the back of the box shows off other figures in the line and presents a bio for the character.

His real name looks like someone tried to spell out Wookie talk. I have to admit I am not fond of this back story, but I will acknowledge that it is not brand new. This was Grizzlor's origin in the UK comics which always portrayed him as child like and not really evil at heart. While I can appreciate a good, "looks like a savage monster but is really a gentle soul" story, I honestly prefer Grizzlor to be savage and bloodthirsty. At least he becomes that going by this bio. The part with his ferocity leading to stories is a nod to the mini-comic included with the vintage figure where Buzz-Off tells a campfire tale about Grizzlor then no one believes him when the guy shows up for real. Also, while this is keeping with the UK comic story, does anyone work for Hordak of their own free will without having an altered memory? On that note, why couldn't they have just said Hordak instead of reminding us of his awful "real" name?

Looking at the actual figure out of the package, the first thing to pop out is his realistic fur. Just like the vintage figure and 200X staction he is covered with a soft coat of faux fur and really wouldn't be right without it. (Thank the Elders they didn't pull another Panthor on us!) The fur is mainly one piece that is sewn over the body. It's a bit bigger, actually hanging a bit lower between his legs, so it has some flexibility to it and allows for posing the figure, though between this and the position of his armor strap his ab crunch is still hindered. As far as I can tell by pushing the fur aside as best I can he uses the standard male torso. I can tell that he uses the standard waist and actually has the furry loincloth piece under his fur, though it's painted the same brown as his legs. (However the belt is painted yellow for some reason)

Most of his arms and legs are a reuse of Beast Man's parts, which works well for this hairy character. This does mean he now has wrist bracers which the vintage did not, but they look fine and I really can't see why anyone would consider this a bad thing. His boot tops are the same as Hordak's, as is his Horde logo armband, and the feet are the Keldor boot mold. Grizzlor does feature new hands that have only four fingers and actually feature animal like paw pads on the palms. Unlike the vintage figure, they actually can hold weapons, which is a good thing as Grizzlor includes quite a few.

Before we get to the weapons though, I want to mention the head. The vintage figure's head was part of a single mold with the body and had no articulation. The new Classics head is a separate piece with fur attached to it. As such it has the articulation and is removable. Looking at the underside you can see how the face appears to be glued on to a yellow piece. Sadly Grizzlor was another victim of the anti-200X head stance. Originally he was going to feature interchangeable faces, with the alternate modeled after his 200X look, however Mattel scrapped the idea. To be fair I believe cost was also an issue this time, nevertheless the no 200X head stance was a large factor in denying this. I wouldn't have minded so much if it wasn't revealed that this was the case. If the figure had come out and no one had ever known about the canceled alternate face, I for one would not have said anything. It's the knowledge that it was cut that hurts.

Grizzlor does take a hint from the 200X version in that he comes with a full arsenal of weapons which can be stored on his back. While the 200X staction had a full backpack that stuck out, the Classics figure is given a sort of weapons rack backing to his armor with places for each one of his accessories. On that note, the armor is removable, however due to the fur it can be a pain trying to get it back on.

Grizzlor includes a small axe, a machete, and a long katana like sword all similar to the 200X weapons. He also comes with a green crossbow modeled after the vintage figure's. Just like that one, it is similar to Hordak's but actually features a new mold with a different sculpted head and a more narrow end tip. One final accessory is a removable loincloth modeled after the 200X version. It comes unattached in the box and like the armor can be tricky to get on, but I personally like him better with it.

You can see that Grizzlor is designed as an update while staying true to the vintage figure. Somehow, though I don't feel this way about the vintage, the Classics seems to be missing something without the loincloth. Maybe it's the extra height, or perhaps the fur sags lower, but it feels a bit bare.

That's easily fixed by putting on the loincloth though. Now he feels complete, even though there is still a noticeable difference with the 200X version. The alternate face we were going to get would have had the 200X look complete with the yellow frame around it (what would you call that? It's not a helmet) Thankfully the inclusion of the loincloth and extra weapons makes for a great figure, with plenty of display options, anyway.

The Evil Horde figures are among my favorites in the MOTU series and I am very pleased with how Grizzlor turned out. My only real problem is the lack of the 200X face and that honestly stems more from the knowledge of Mattel's annoying anti-200X stance, since as I mentioned I wouldn't have said anything if I had never know it was planned and then cut. Even without it, Grizzlor is a great addition to the line.

Grizzlor will be available on Mattycollector.com as a reissue on August 15. Good Luck and, until next time, Good Journey.


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