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Masters of the Universe Classics: Entrapta

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PostPosted: Thu Sep 18, 2014 11:04 pm    Post subject: Masters of the Universe Classics: Entrapta Reply with quote

Greetings fellow He-Fans and She-Ravers,

Continuing the much needed catch up of POP characters the Club Etheria add on is providing, this time we take a look at the sole villain of the mini-sub (Double Trouble only pretends to be a bad guy) Entrapta. Considering her power revolves around her hair, does she work without rooted hair? Let's take a look.

Entrapta comes in the standard MOTUC blister card package, complete with the Evil Horde logo sticker on the front. It might be worth noting that for subscribers she also comes with a sticker sheet of Great Rebellion logo stickers. I say might be worth noting since day of sale stock does not come with the sticker sheet. The back of the box shows off other Horde members and presents a bio for Entrapta.

I'm not liking this bio overall. It starts off somewhat unique then goes into stuff taken directly from early vintage promo sheets. Said material was created with a girl's doll line motif in mind and it shows. Also there are several things that just don't sit right. Her arms and legs an torso are made of gold? Don't you mean her armor or are you saying she's part metal? You really expect me to believe She-Ra and friends are dense enough to be mesmerized by the shiny gold and fall into her trap? (or at least that it would work more than once?) Illegitimate ruler of Bright Moon? How when and why did she take over Angella's kingdom?

See now in her few Filmation appearances Entrapta was presented as highly intelligent and scientifically endowed. She devised traps and inventions to use against the rebels. She still got in use of her prehensile hair though, such as a funny and well animated scene where she got into a fight with Imp who turned into a pair of scissors.

Taking a look at the figure you can see she breaks from the standard for the line and actually resembles her vintage toy more than her Filmation appearance. She does have some cartoon style in the design of her face, which is more sinister evil looking, and the head framing tiara. The color scheme is much more toy like though, particularly in her two color skirt. She features the bright, almost metallic, coloring on her outfit, though her bodice is done purple instead of gold. Also new on her chest is a small Horde emblem, though it has only the Horde face and not the full bat wings as well.

Then we come of course to her hair. Entrapta's braids plug into her head with ball joints so you can pose it around to help fully bring her hair feature to the figure. Each braid also has a swivel cut at the end tips. It must be pointed out though that the sculpted braids are heavy and weigh down her head quite a bit.

The vintage figure had braids of pink and purple hair which was rooted. Thus when it came undone it got really messy. The Classics version is molded, but does feature a few loose strands as a nice touch. Also it appears to be more pure pink hair with purple ribbons through the braids. They decided to forgo the vac metal of the vintage, which is for the best as it tends to flake off and also makes the figure look more silver than gold. The overall outfit and hair style seems Filmation inspired, while the coloring is more toy style.

For accessories Entrapta comes with the standard POP shield done in metallic purple colors. She also includes a weapon that is not actually hers. Here we get another Filmation artifact in the Shaping Staff. It's design may look simple but in the episode it was quite powerful.

As the name suggests the staff had the power to transform anything into anything. It turned Randor into a goat, Orko into a cricket, Teela into a frog, Sorceress into a tree and He-Man himself to gold! With great strain Sorceress was able to break the spell on herself and He-Man, who then broke the staff undoing all the other transformations. Even broken though the staff still had power, though it ended up backfiring on Evil-Lyn when she tried using it. It's a classic episode also noteworthy for featuring the sole Filmation appearance of Faker.

Since the staff isn't for Entrapta she can be a bit under armed so what I find works good is to equip her with the comb ax weapons from the first and Bubble Power She-Ra figures. With her motif being her hair, in this case the comb weapon just feels appropriate.

I will admit, Entrapta was not high on my anticipation list, but I am still quite pleased overall with how she turned out. Plus it's nice to get another Filmation artifact with her for the collection. As of this post Entrapta is still available on Mattycollector.com, but is marked Almost Gone so better hurry. Good luck and, until next time, Good Journey.


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