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Masters of the Universe Classics: Wun-Dar

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PostPosted: Wed Jul 25, 2012 11:19 pm    Post subject: Masters of the Universe Classics: Wun-Dar Reply with quote

Greetings fellow He-Fans and She-Ravers,

Before we begin this review I have some disturbing news. It seems the sub sales for MOTUC are down quite a bit and the line is in danger of not meeting the minimum number needed to go forward. In other words if not enough subscriptions are sold the line may end up getting canceled!

I beg you not to let this happen. If we can pull through and make sure the 2013 sub is a go Toyguru has announced that the previous planned release schedule will be thrown out and the line reworked so we will have almost everyone from the vintage line as well as the A list heavy hitters from the Princess of Power line and Filmation must haves by the end of 2014. That brings up another point, we just got the Filmation rights, we can't let the line die before using them! So please buy a subscription. It's the only way to ensure the line's future. If you don't want every figure, then just sell off the ones you don't want, or give them to friends as gifts, donate them to charity and write it off on your taxes. Whatever it takes. What's worse, having to unload a few figures you don't want or not getting any more at all? Do you really want this line to go away without seeing Glimmer, Sea Hawk, Two Bad, Mantenna, Tung Lashor, Madame Razz, Horde Troopers and tons of other favorites? Help us out.

Segueing into the actual review now, when you sign up for a subscription each year you get a special figure not offered otherwise. Sometimes it's a variant, sometimes a full new character. The first Subscription figure released was kind of both. Wun-Dar the savage He-Man.

Back in the vintage line there was a very rare figure. It was a He-Man figure but with brown hair and furry pants and a black belt and boots. Thing is, no one knows where this guy came from, not even Mattel! It is an actual figure out there (though most of the ones that pop up on e-bay are fake/customs) but if it's a bootleg or part of a forgotten special offer no one knows. For a long time it was believed that this was a special mail-away figure offered as part of deal with Wonder Bread. Hence the figure is commonly referred to as Wonder Bread He-Man. However it seems no such offer ever existed! Wonder Bread did have some MOTU sticker cards but no mail away figure offer. That didn't stop Mattel from naming the character after them... Wun-Dar!

Wun-Dar comes in the standard MOTUC blister card package. The back of the box shows off other figures in the line and presents a bio for the character. Instead of passing him off as a He-Man variant or a non-canon figure he was actually made an official character.

I have to admit I kind of feel his real name should be just Dar but actually I like how this bio works for the most part. Wonder Bread He-Man was also sometimes called simply savage He-Man in reference to the more savage wandering barbarian version of the hero from the early Pre-Filmation mini-comics. While I have expressed an extreme distaste for Pre-Filmation it is mainly that I don't like that as interpretations of the main characters. Using the story for someone else and not the actual He-Man makes it work for me. Really just take out the line about the "two halves of the sword of He" and I'm cool with this. I just have one question:

Now Wun-Dar is, admittedly, a straight repaint of He-Man with different armor, but then isn't that what Faker is? The armor is a repaint of Zodac's armor. This is a throwback to the original figure -sort of. Many of the "Wonder Bread He-Man" figures that show up are sold wearing black Zodac armor, however this armor actually came with the vintage weapons pack and as best we can tell the actual figure came with no armor. Since the origins of the figure are a mystery nothing is sure, it very well could have.

On the back of the armor there is another tribute to Wonder Bread, with the three colored dots. It's amazing they can get away with this, particularly since, as far as anyone can tell, Wonder Bread had nothing to do with the actual vintage figure. He also comes with a black Zodac gun, again from the vintage weapons pack and not the actual figure.

Wun-Dar also includes a repainted Power Sword done in a black and silver color scheme that is actually quite cool looking. Like most of the figures who came with Power Swords at the time he includes a half sword in the same colors. Finally he includes one last accessory and Wonder Bread reference -a loaf of bread. Honestly this is more of a gag accessory. I've heard conflicting stories on if this is a new tool for this character or a reuse of a Barbie accessory.

Wun-Dar really represents what a good exclusive should be. It's a character that hard core collectors will enjoy having, but casual ones won't really feel they're missing out on if they can't get him. I mentioned in my review of Shadow Weaver how making her a sub exclusive was a bad idea because she is such a demanded character. Not so much with Wun-Dar, however he is still cool in that he gives collectors a chance to have Wonder Bread He-Man, the vintage of which is all but impossible to find. I did an e-bay search right before this review and the cheapest one was $50 and that one the seller admitted was a custom and not a real one! Making him an individual character and not simply a He-Man variant also makes him more appealing, so again I say this is a good way to do an exclusive.

Since Wun-Dar was only available to subscribers he is no longer available and won't be again. In fact he's becoming very rare and hard to get on the secondary market as well. In another year or so he could well be as hard to get as the vintage! See now if you sign up for a sub, you won't have to worry about stuff like that. I wish you good luck in your search, I ask you again to help keep the line alive, and as always I wish you Good Journey


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