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Masters of the Universe Classics: Vikor

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PostPosted: Tue Jun 26, 2012 11:26 pm    Post subject: Masters of the Universe Classics: Vikor Reply with quote

Greetings fellow He-Fans and She-Ravers,

There's another big month long sale coming up on Mattycollector.com in July as we get ready for Comic Con and the new reveals. Mattel's got a few MOTUC figures in the sale, some I've already reviewed, but others I haven't done yet so let's take a look now starting with; Vikor.

Who the heck is Vikor? Well Vikor is a new character based on early concept art by Mark Taylor for what would become the main hero in the Masters of the Universe line. As you can see there is a much closer resemblance to what we got in He-Man than there was between Demo-Man and Skeletor. Now while Demo-Man was a prototype name for Skeletor, I'm not sure if Vikor was a prototype name or a later dubbed name for the art based on his viking helmet. I've heard stories both ways.

Vikor comes in the standard MOTUC blister card pack and his bubble has a "Powers of Grayskull" sticker on it as, rather than simply release the character as a concept figure like what was done in the Star Wars line, Mattel opted to actually make Vikor an official character in the canon. As always his bio can be found on the back of the box under pictures of other characters in the line, all of them Preternian.

I've already expressed my distaste for the multiple He-Mans and then name Sword of He. I also don't like the Pre-Filmation character of the Goddess... yeah this bio is largely made up of plot points I personally don't care for. I will say that there's really nothing bad about the character himself, except maybe the bio indicating he had a brief run and possibly died but it doesn't say how. The mention of The Fighting Foe Men is an interesting nod as this was originally a considered name for the line before they decided on Masters of the Universe. So while I'm not overly impressed with the bio, I seldom am as you may have noticed, it's not outright horrible like say Battleground Teela's. On to the figure.

KROM!... Er I mean GRAYSKULL....

Yeah there is definitely a real Conan vibe coming from this figure. Still he also has a He-Man vibe, largely because he shares most of the same body with He-Man. Vikor has almost all the same standard buck as He-Man with only a few new pieces. He actually does sport a new bicep on his right arm that features a small armband. I'm not sure why they chose to make a new bicep with the armband molded on instead of just fitting the band over the existing mold like they did with other figures. He also features new forearms with shackle wristbands. Each of them feature a real metal chain hanging off as though he broke free of his bonds with his brute strength. Interestingly, the original prototype shown at the 2010 SDCC had one long chain on his left arm only, but the final product was switched to a shorter chain on each wrist.

The most obvious new piece is his head with the viking helmet. The helmet is part of the mold with his hair so it does not come off. And, as usual, the longer hair does limit the amount of movement you can get out of his head. There is actually a fair amount of small details on the helmet and it looks quite good. Please note though the design, while similar, is not the same as the helmeted skull that later came with Demo-Man.

One final new item you may miss at first until you look at him from the side; Vikor's boots are very much like He-Man's, however he was the first figure to introduce a newer mold which covers and hides the ankle pins. Not only does this make the overall look much better, it actually creates a tighter joint and the ankles don't end up being real loose which was a problem that came up several times with earlier figures.

One thing I'm not overly pleased with is the cape. While it looks pretty cool on the figure and has great detail bringing out the sculpted fur as well as the intricate details of the bone necklace/clasp, the problem is it is a solid plastic and rather ridged. There is some pliability to it, but no where near enough so it is very stiff and can get in the way when posing. I kind of wish they had made his cape out of the same soft material as Grizzlor's fur.

Vikor features a new long loincloth piece that has a leather or cloth appearance as opposed to the typical all "furry underwear" look, though there he does have the fur as seen on the sides. It has a bit of a frayed and torn look to it like the concept art. It is made of a softer plastic so it doesn't hinder leg movement. Why couldn't his cape be this soft? There is also a good amount of small details on the belt area. Finally, the back of the loincloth has a holster for his sword. Only his sword fits as the handle of his axe is too wide.

Interestingly, like He-Man, Vikor has a shield, an axe, and a sword. Of course they are of a different design. The shield clips on to the arm though you have to place it above the shackle as it won't fit over it or on his wrist. His axe and sword fit in either hand well. All the weapons have a cool paint job that presents a sort of slightly rusted metal look. The shield has it in large amounts all over while the axe and sword are more sparingly done on the blades.

Vikor is one of those figures I changed my mind on. I fully admit that when he was first revealed I was not impressed. In fact I'll go so far as to say I was disappointed, even angry, that this concept art guy was being done before more mainstream and beloved characters. I felt at worst that he did not belong at all (though I try to avoid saying that about anyone as I feel MOTU is all inclusive, plus I find it very insulting when someone says it about one of my creations) and at best should have been a quarterly variant as he was essentially a version of He-Man.

Once I had the figure in hand however, I began to see him differently. I could truly see all the little details and standing on the shelf he began to really seem like he fit in with the others. In short, the figure has grown on me and I now feel he is a rather cool guy and, while his back story may need some tweaking, I can fully appreciate him as part of the line. (something his evil nemesis Demo-Man failed to do with me)

Vikor (and Demo-Man) will be available on Mattycollector.com starting July 2 and running through July 31 or while supplies last. Until next time, Good Journey.


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