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Dungeons and Dragons 1983-1985 ....

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PostPosted: Tue Jan 31, 2017 10:39 am    Post subject: Dungeons and Dragons 1983-1985 .... Reply with quote

When it first came out..I watched a few of the episodes...unforunately The TV schedule {CBS} keep jerking it on and off the air ...even preempted it for "Punky Brewster" {Yuch...too cute for me to watch..even the Smurfs were better than that!}...several years later FOX Cartoons reran the episodes but only for the summer...

Although the storylines could be convetional...and even barrowed a theme {i.e. villain tries to remake earth past history so kids don't exist..{Star Trek spinoff} and one was quite close to Star Wars Ewocks ...the stories wernt too bad.

Thanks to YouTube finally watched all 27 episodes...7 {The dragons graveyard; Day of the Dungeonmaster; Dungeon at the Heart of dawn; PRESTO Spells Disaster; Quest of the Skelaton Warrior; The box; The Girl who dreamed tomorrow}were excellent; 19 were fair to good ...and 1 {Winds of Darkness} poor. In regard to the 28th and unmade last episode {Eric is not only a leader of dissident kids but makes the decision that redeems Venger; the cliffhanger was if the kids go home or stay}...

Rolling Eyes Rolling Eyes Rolling Eyes Rolling Eyes Cool

Somehow in politicly correct times--this cartoon would never get off the drawing board!

The "winds of Darkness" concept was too not bad-Hank being taken prisoner by an evil being and Eric taking charge....still you get the feeling that this episode has a "hurried" feeling to it.....on the other hand it could make sense as a prequel to "Requeriam" in which the kids split up-Hank: Shelia and Dinah vs Eric; Presto and Bobby each try to make their separate ways home...and at the end its Eric the complainer; the comic relief who actually frees the "good" Venger....with a unresolved cliffhanger of kids either going home or remaining to fight evil... I read the script...for me the actual last episode is "Cave of the fairy dragons" in which Eric destroys the magic mirror to save the dragons...and Dungeonmaster remarks at the end of how home is a reflection of the heart...which eric and the kids are beginning to understand....
5 times the kids see a portal to their world and twice they actually go through it!

Venger appears as the main villain in 20 of the 27 episodes

Hanks episodes "The Dragons Graveyard" & "The Traitor"
Eric episodes: "Beauty and the Bogbeast"; The Garden of zinn:"Day of the Dungeonmaster"l Odessey of the Twelfth Talisman"
Dinah episode "Child of the stargazer'"
Presto episodes" PRESTO spells Disaster" "The last Illusion""Cave of the Fairy dragons"
Shelia episode"Citadel of Shadow"
Bobby" episodes " servant of evil""The Girl who dreemed tomorrow"
Uni "Valley of the Unicorns"
an estimate of the kids ages birthdates

In regard to the series finale..I would have preferred a real cliffhanger a little similar to Requeriam...except that just at the end there is a cliffhanger of the return of Venger's evil master of the unspoken name...and the kids are faced with a dilemea ...help Dungeonmaster and Venger against the nameless evil one or go home....

In a flight of Fancy I wrote a short story script of the Kids vs The Duke of darkness...all based on a remark in "The Dragons Graveyard" episode...even put it online ...but the forum I put it on desnt work anymore... Mad Evil or Very Mad

Sic Transit my Story........................

The Adventure of the Duke of Darkness
Act 1
Scene of the Kids in a town market-townsfolk run in panic
Scene of the kids running in a desert/volcano landscape.
Eric: We just escaped Vengers Pit of eternal doom and despair. Presto use that hat of yours to transport us out of those orcs reach...hurry!
Presto: Zap...zin...zo...hat...transport us out here.
An eleavator appears. Kids get inside
Eric: Nice going Presto...no buttons...
Presto: Zin...zap...zing...make this eleavator disappear...
Eleavator disappears
Eleavator appears..Kids tumble out. Scereny is gray...black
Dinah: What kind of place is this...? Isnt doesn't look normal even for the Realm!
Dungeonmaster appears in their mist.
Dungeonmaster: Acrobat..you and your friends are in very grave danger...for this is the dominion of the Duke of Darkness...yet remember this advice....silver light can balance darkness
Eric: Dungeonmaster... light balance darkness...is that a circus?...Oh great he's gone again
Scene 2: Kids in same marketplace. Shelia approachs a young child
Shelia: Hello...can you tell us what...?
Townsfolk look at kids. Shouts of anger and rage....GET THEM...BEFORE THEY ESCAPE
HanK: WE don't want to hurt you...
Scene 3: KIds in forrest...tired and exhausted
Presto: I don't get it why'd they hate us so much?
Hank: If we knew why...it could be of help...Shelia...you have to act as a spy in the town
Shelia turns invisible
Scene 4 Kids in forest..Sound of running footsteps. Shelia appears holding scroll,,and looking quite frightened
Kids crowd around Scroll
Hank reads: WANTED DEAD...OR DEAD THE FOLLOWING CRIMINALS..{stops reading..puzzeled look on Face}
ERIC: Fearless Leader..why you stop...HEY THATS A DESCRIPTION OF US!
Presto: Its insane...we never did those things
Shelia: The sky is turning dark....gray OHHHH LOOOK
A gigantic being formless yet swirling towars over the Kids
Voice: YOU Insult Me with comparison to the mercical bungler. I am the Duke of Darkess....and I have just found SEVEN more new servants to do my bidding! Slave collars go forth!
Seven neck collars go forth toward the Kids and Uni
Hank fires arrows at them--which absorb the arrows energy!
The collars go toward Eric who holds them at bay with his shield
Eric: These things are draining magic from the shield..cant hold them off...Presto...do something...anything!
Presto: Collars..thats it...zap zing create dogs for them!
Seven dog statues come out of magic hat...collars attach themselves...there is a blinding flash..the statues have turned alive!
Voice {Mockingly} Thank you Wizard...now I have a pack of hounds to track magic...your reward will be seeing each of your friends become my servaants before you do yourself! Servants against the Pure hearts!
Six evil twins of the Kids appear. Each is armed similar to Kids and has a similar look...but evil .{evil Hank has a crossbow; evil Eric has a round shield vs triangle shield of Eric. Evil Dinah has a quaterstaf and is dressed in silver and black; Evil presto is dressed in blue and black; Evil Shelia is dressed in Brown and black; evil Bobbie has a wooden mallet}. (No equilvant of Uni}
General melee of equiliants begin
Eric vs Eric: There is only room for one of us in this realm
Hank fires arrows in front of evil twins and Bobbi smashes ground with club creating a chasham. Kids flee
Scene 5: Kids in deeper part of forest...exhausted and in shock
Eric: If I had a choice between him and venger...Id choose Venger
BobbI: How can we beat them? Their weopons are equal to ours...
An anceient man dressed in ragged silver wizard clothing with a silver ambulant appears
Man: Evil ones...the time for running has passed...time to end this
HanK: Hold it we are not those evil twins
Man: YOu speak the truth...your hearts are pure...I am Argent the silver wizard....eons ago I was the Chief wizard of this district...I could use my magic to help ehance truth and beauty...till one day I made a terrible mistake..I will always rue. I tried to separate evil from myself and store it in my ambulant...it only partically worked....he escaped....and building on hatred evil and malice...became the Duke of Darkness..he has grown till even his rival...the one whose name cannot be spoken...fears HIm. He took my puils and turned them to do his bidding. BEWARE...all enslaved by him...Must serve him forever
Eric: Doing evil for ethernalty...what a fate
HanK: Can he be destroyed? What is the source of his power?
Argent: He is immortal. However the source of his power is his dark ambulant. If his ambulant should ever meet my silver alulant head on..he and his servants will be imprisoned forever
HanK: Listen to a plan
Scene 6 Kids and Argent walking in a grey plain
HanK; If he is looking for Magic..hear goes..{Shoots arrow into air}
Voice: HA...HA...thank you my pets for finding magic...you can bring me the weopons when the battle is over.. servants of Evil..aganst the purehearts
Melee between evil twins and Kids begins
Eric{s}: You again?
Voice: My brother Argent...prepare to be enslaved.....
Hank fires arrow which takes silver ambulant from Argent and travels toward dark ambulant
Voice: No....No....
Amulants meet with a blinding flash; Duke of Darkness; magic hounds and evil twins VANISH
Kids start to cheer...until they reaize in shock and horror that ARgent has vanished as WELL!
BobbI: WHERE....DID...HE...Go?
Hank picks up ambulant off ground. Argent appears
Argent: Farewell...my young friends. I could not tell you the fact that in regard to the Amulant magic...that weather used for good or evil...that all touched by it must remain imprisoned within it. May you find a way to your world
Dungeonmaster appears.
Dungeonmaster: Barbarian and my other pupils. You must understand why Argent chose his fate..as he was the unwhitting author of the Duke of Darkness..he will now do all he can to make sure the Realm is no longer troubled by this malice.
Dinah: But what is to stop Venger from usung the ambulant for evil purposes?
Eric: Throw it down a bottomless well
Dungeonmaster: Chavilier...an excellent suggestion
Amulant disappears
Shelia: Look the sky is clearing from that grey darkness and the ground is becoming green again
Dungonmaster: Thief..this region is renewing itself. Neveertheless it is not wise for you and the rest of the pupils to stay here. For generations the people have been humiliated by that malicious Duke and his minons..they will not understand that you are NOT the Evil Twins
Eric: WHAT ARE YOU waiting For?...Get us out of here quick PLEASE!
Dungeonmaster moves his fingers...Dungeonmaster; kids amd Uni disappear.


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Joined: 31 Jan 2017
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PostPosted: Tue Jan 31, 2017 11:01 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

P.S. according to the online Cartoon encyclopedia there were several scripts/story idea lines that were never made...enough for a 4th season.
1st season-13 episodes
2nd season--8 episodes
3rd season--6 episodes

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PostPosted: Wed Feb 01, 2017 11:33 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I'm not a big fan of Dungeons & Dragons in general, but I have heard a lot of fans love this cartoon based on it. (But I do enjoy both the Smurfs and Punky Brewster Smile - but it's okay if they're not your thing.)
Thanks for adding to the conversation. And welcome to the forums, Nomann! Glad you're here- enjoy your time here. Very Happy Cool

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PostPosted: Thu Feb 02, 2017 12:37 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Dungeons & Dragon opening


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PostPosted: Thu Feb 02, 2017 6:51 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

the kids could fight monster wizards, etc...but two things they couldn't overcome according to the Big cartoon database the series was expensive to make and low ratings as well...it was kind of like in my opinion to cartoons what the orginal Star Trek was to TV...an interesting and entertaining series of sci-fi adventures ....you know except for dvd collections and youtube...its not on television anymore....why when Star trek was made into a cartoon series that was on Cable TV Nick cartoon...years ago...but not anymore....now days they just keep showing blocks of same cartoons.... stiil everyone has their own favorites...I was nevr a fan but He-man was first a toy then a cartoon and even a movie...it even beat out Ghostbusters as kids favorite in ghostbusters II!

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PostPosted: Thu Feb 02, 2017 6:59 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

dexter labrotory did a hilarious spoof D D & D of dungeons and dragons.
At least Dungeons and dragons was spared the fate of the smurfs on for to many year

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PostPosted: Tue Feb 07, 2017 1:22 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Unfortunately the US dvd set is edited syndication versions. However the UK set is uncut and also includes the unreleased scripts in the bonus features.

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PostPosted: Sat Apr 15, 2017 7:20 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Funny thing came across BBC cartoon listing of Dungeons and Dragons; funny they only bought the first two seasons and not the 3rd seasons episodes.
Why I don't know?

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PostPosted: Sun Apr 16, 2017 4:41 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Knowing the beeb, it'll have been down to cost.
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