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Masteres of the Universe Classics: Princess Adora

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PostPosted: Fri May 11, 2012 7:32 pm    Post subject: Masteres of the Universe Classics: Princess Adora Reply with quote

Hello again fellow He-Fans and She-Ravers,

and once again this goes out particularly to the She-Ravers as we're about to take a look at the Princess of Power herself. Or rather the princess who becomes the Princess of Power. Set for reissue this month it's; Adora!

In an interesting twist move Mattel decided to make the first Princess of Power figure released in the MOTUC line not She-Ra herself, but rather her alter ego Princess Adora. For that matter I've also heard they originally planned to release Bow before She-Ra but ended up reversing that decision. That was for the best, but issuing Adora first actually makes a bit of sense when you factor in her time as a Horde Force Captain.

Adora comes in the standard MOTUC blister card package. The bubble features the Princess of Power logo on the front and was the first figure to do so. Notice also that the package also just says Adora and not Princess Adora. Also her title is listed as Leader 'IN" the Great Rebellion not OF. I can excuse the lack of Princess since her royal title doesn't come into play or mean too much on Etheria, but I really feel saying leader in instead of leader of diminishes her rank. As always, the back of the box shows off other figures in the line and gives us a bio for the character.

What can I say about this bio that I haven't already covered in my earlier reviews? It follows the story for Adora as we know it for the most part, but throws in new things for the new mashed up continuity that just plain SUCK. Cloning a sword just does not work, plus if they knew there were going to be twins why wasn't the sword ready and waiting years ago? And how many times must I say it? The whole idea of Etheria being in Despondos is mindpoppingly STUPID! As I've said before, they should have just had Hordak freed from Despondos when Adora was a newborn, lead an attack and get driven back, then escape to Etheria with baby Adora like we saw in Filmation. It makes so much more sense and requires far less rewriting of established history!

On to the figure itself. Adora uses much of the same original female buck as Teela, but does introduce a few new parts. She shares the same shoulders and hands but her biceps are new smooth ones without arm bands and her forearms are also new with different bracers that face outward as many fans felt Teela's should have. Her boots are brand new and do feature a swivel joint at the calve. Her feet have the rocker joint like Teela, but are a new boot design with a slight raised heel.

Adora's head features a brand new sculpt that perfectly captures Adora's beauty right out of the Filmation series. It's so great that Mattel found the style guide that permits them to do things like this. Her hair is solid plastic and does hinder her head movement, but man she is gorgeous!

Adora features her classic red outfit from the cartoon series, although there is a slight difference in the lower part. It is all one piece like Teela's was but is made of a much softer plastic giving her better leg movement and also allowing her to turn at the waist. This looks a bit odd though as it exposes her hip joints and brings me back to the difference, which is something that drew negative comments from some fans. On the cartoon Adora wore a leotard outfit but the design of the female buck results in the bottom of her outfit being more of a skirt. Some fans have complained that it is too bulky, which had to be done to hide her joints, and compared it "granny panties". Personally I don't think it's that bad, but as I mentioned in Teela's review, I kind of wish the Horsemen had designed the female buck with more of an actual sculpted waist and butt like the vintage Princess of Power figures. I know it sounds a bit perverted in that I'm asking for a female action figure with a nice sculpted ass, but, as I said before, such a sculpt would have helped to avoid these waist issues and at the same time paid tribute to the classic figures. Nevertheless, this is still a great looking figure.

Adora naturally includes her Sword of Protection. It is done in a metallic silver color and features a blue gem on both sides. It is a bit smaller and thinner than He-Man's Power Sword and actually looks more like the slimmer style swords of the Filmation series. Also unlike He-Man's sword it is a solid silver. I was perfectly fine with this at the time, but a two tone silver sword was later put out in a Weapons Pack. I gave that one to She-Ra though and still display my Adora with her sword. (I didn't feel like buying a whole other weapons pack for just the one sword) The sword fits easily in either of her hands, or she has a holster on the back of her outfit to hold it as well.

As an extra accessory Adora comes with a laser pistol and holster belt. The belt clips with a peg buckle and can be removed if you prefer to display her without it. The gun fits into either of her hands snugly. It is reminiscent of a gun we saw her use while still a Horde Force Captain in the Secret of the Sword movie, however it actually draws it's design from the 1987 live action Masters of the Universe movie. The gun was based on the laser pistol used by Teela in that film. Very cool tidbit and great tribute by the Four Horsemen there.

The release of an Adora figure is something that fans have been longing for ever since the original line. We never got one until now and the best anyone could do was make a custom figure. While not too hard to do, an official release of the character is a long awaited dream come true. The young princess has finally come home.

I may have seemed to point out a few problems, but the truth is these are really non issues for me. I love this figure. She is a beautiful representation of one of my absolute favorite characters and I am very happy with how she turned out. I'd consider this to be a must have for any She-Raver.

Adora will be available as a reissue on Mattycollector.com on May 15th and you don't want to miss out. Good Luck and, until next time, Good Journey.


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