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Masters Of The Universe Classics: Webstor

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PostPosted: Tue Mar 13, 2012 10:04 pm    Post subject: Masters Of The Universe Classics: Webstor Reply with quote

Greetings fellow He-Fans and She-Ravers,

You know, when Mattel announced the shuffled around release schedule many found it odd that only one new figure was coming out in March. Now however, in addition to the new monthly figure, we have the Mad Matty March sale plus 4, yes 4, regular monthly reissues making it, if I'm not mistaken, the most figures available in a single month ever! So pausing from the reviews of the M.M.M. selection let's look at the first regular reissue figure of the month: Webstor!

Webstor comes in the standard MOTUC packaging. In a nod to how the vintage figure was packaged he is not wearing his armor in the box. The back of the box shows off other figures from the line and offers up a bio for the character.

I was never too fond of the title "Master of Escape" so what, his superpower is the ability to run away? This is, however, one of the better real names in the line and really overall I don't have any problems with the story either. The bio does sort of make it sound like Webstor himself is thousands of years old though so maybe it should have said suspended animation instead of hibernation. That's just being overly nitpicky, but I do feel the "is thousands of years old and still young" angle is getting overused a bit. On to the figure itself.

Webstor's body is the exact same as Skeletor's with a new head. He does feature the more closed left hand so he's able to hold his weapons in either. Also his feet have been painted the same color as the shin guards so as to make him wearing full boots. Unfortunately, and this is something that has continued on every figure to use this mold, the claw toenails are painted a different color, black, so it kind of looks like his nails are poking through holes in his boots. It's not so bad that it ruins the figure, but it is something I wish Mattel would stop doing. It's fine when they are barefoot, but boots should be solid boots.

Getting back to the head, it is mostly based on the vintage figure, but does bring a bit of 200X influence in both in the larger teeth and ears, and mainly the extra eyes. The vintage Webstor had two small red dots on his head that weren't paid much attention to at the time. In 200X two more were added and it was made clear these were actually additional eyes. I really like this idea because it makes Webstor more spider like.

The other 200X influence are the additional thin spider legs on his back. I am very pleased these were included. As a kid I always felt Webstor didn't really look like a humanoid spider so the 200X look greatly improved the design in my opinion.

The extra legs are actually attached to the backpack and are on ball joints allowing them a good range of poses. If you prefer his look without them they can be folded down so they aren't visible from the front. Though from the side they still stick out.

Alternatively, you can remove them from the figure by taking off his backpack which detaches from his armor. Though this does leave him without a back to his armor and takes away his grapple pack. There really is no option to have a completely vintage look. That's fine with me since, as I mentioned, the more spidery appearance is what I prefer, but some fans may be disappointed. It might have been a good idea to have made the legs removable from the pack.

Speaking of the pack, let's move on to accessories. Webstor's pack features the grappling hook line running through it. However therein lies a disappointment for fans. When the figure was first coming out Mattel announced the pack worked, "just like you remember". It doesn't. The line simply runs through the pack. The vintage figure had a pulley mechanism so when you pulled on the cord the figure would shimmy up the line. Doesn't work that way this time. Wouldn't be quite so upsetting if we hadn't been led to believe it would.

On the other hand the vintage string had a tendency to fray and get jammed in the pack. This new line is thicker and stronger. The pack also features a slot where the actual grappling hook can be stored. The hook itself is done in a metallic purple paint, but is made of a very soft plastic and tends to come out of the package warped. Webstor also includes his classic orange gun which is a perfect update of the vintage design.

Despite the little 200X touches, Webstor is very much like the vintage figure, and I have to admit, vintage Webstor was never really a favorite of mine. His main draw was the cool zip-line grapple pack and once that got jammed his lack of an actual spider appearance just made him a dull blue guy.

Come 200X though Webstor got a great updated design that really made him look much cooler. He was also a cooler villain on the cartoon, even though he had only a small handful of episodes and apparently got killed off in his last one. The extra eyes and limbs really add to the character and I'm very glad they were included. I would have liked a bit more 200X influence, but this was a pretty good amalgam. And at least he's not super top heavy and won't bend over and collapse like the staction. (seriously, what I have to go through to keep that thing standing up is ridiculous)

Webstor, while not a personal favorite character of mine, is a very nice figure and fits in great with the other evil warriors in the collection. Despite the minor nitpiks (most of which come from him not being one of my favorite characters) he is still worth picking up if you're a MOTU fan. Webstor will be available on March 15 on Mattycollector.com. Note that he is not part of the Mad Matty March sale and is full price. Until next time, Good Journey.


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