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80s Remakes and Influences which Succeeded,Failed,Promissing

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PostPosted: Sun May 10, 2015 7:01 pm    Post subject: 80s Remakes and Influences which Succeeded,Failed,Promissing Reply with quote

Hello everybody I'm a new member here!
lt really attracted me to join a forum someday where everything is based on 80's material from t.v., videogames, music, comics, brands, food, gadgets, actors, artists, fashion, lifestyle, politics, believes, life stories and other memories. I actually never thought why I didn't do this before!

And since we're living 30 years ahead in time we surely are surrounded in a nostalgic 80's lifestyle which in my opinion somehow increased remarkably more and intensely during this last decade!

To me personal it's quite special because I've actually never expected it to turn out this way! Well let's hope in some way it'll only getting better so it would keep lasting longer.

A positive thing about the 80's is that the number 8 is a everlasting variant of the number 7 which indicates "eternity" but which the number 8 is more abundant. The number 9 is a symbol of spirit, or incompleteness when it doesn't connect orderly and well between the number 8 and number 10. But whatever would appear there anyway the number 10 is the number of perfect completeness and corrects everything whatever went going off-track during that period anyway!

And Anyway.. During especially the last passed years to this present time there are a lot of remakes being made with an ("third") eye especially being trained to focus on 80's details. And this includes details from; Movies, music, games, fashion etc. that are added to music videos, parties, projects from Hollywood, and being perfectioned by Fan-art teams, movements or a particularly well equipped persons that turns the "idea" out into a professional low-budget movie concept which results in serious attention and a lot of positive enthusiastic reactions!

Also a lot of nostalgic cartoons are transformed into 3D animation which when treated with good care to this time and for example would perhaps even have improved in the right way/matter so that it would be able to make you forget the original cartoon as something from "back in the days" It then means the remakers caught the right flow to make this progress to a higher level.
In the contrary if the remakers made efforts that turned out into failures despite the possible big budget equipment being used. It means you would still cling on the existing nostalgia waiting and hoping the next project is going to elevate the cartoon etc. in a upward trend.

I want know your opinions about 80's remakes and concepts that you think:
(This is mainly intended for: cartoons, movies, games and music but also includes all the rest like; parties, fashion, gadgets, lifestyle, art etc.)

Here I have some examples myself ;

- Kung Fury:

Kung fury is a project started by an die hard 80's fan that asks other 80's fans to donate for his project which he started with a trailer and collects the money to make a whole movie out of it! I think the guy is a nostalgic genius like the way he "teleports" the 80's spirit to this present time like you could easily state he doesn't only knows the 80's he also lived the 80's and his epic character would easily remind you of a mix of Johnny Depp and Ryu Hoshi from SF 2! The music he uses is of a new-age 80's DJ which name I forgot but is quite popular especially on YouTube for 80s fans!

- Pixels

80's arcade games coming to terrorize earth!
I think this looks amazing the 8-bit characters made into 3D animation but still looking 8-bit style is great to watch! And it looks so much as an improvement for similar promising projects that probably might going to make use of similar special FX.
But 90's 00's actors going to destroy them ? Hmmm...

- The Mysterious Cities Of Gold (new edition)

I loved this show as a kid!
And I think the animation style like for example facial features looks almost similar to the style of the original cartoon and didn't became something with a whole new transformation to modernize the characters with these extravagantly face expressions or body language of knowadays or the "pre-sarcastic" kind of sense of humor like for example Disney is fully bombed with!
The special effects are from modern technology in it's recognizable element which was remarkable to me as something un-80s but it didn't really bother me although I personally preferred something coming more close fitting in the 80s element I can get used to it!
The intro song is happy enough the same but the remix or new cover don't even comes close to the old intro song made with so much more passion and strong emotion that you'll never forget that anthem and forget this new one so easy! So I just think the new song sucks...

-Punch Out!

Good trailer commercial of this remade game for the Wii from NES. Good graphics which attention being put on the 80s concept came out very well!

- IGN News a new He Man movie?

A small view of a concept art picture of Battlecat.
Looks promising and very within it's 80s element. I hope the movie would elevate this picture!

-He Man arcade game nostalgics style.

Man I love the idea and I love the graphics, sounds, multiplayer mode and music BUT..
The movements are quite and so slowish. And not to talk about the enemies and other objects, like.. They're falling out of the sky with dozens of clones? And when they're getting hit they just stand there like a brick wall? And the objects sometimes looks so sharp contoured it's like they're floating in the area. Amazing idea! Definitely has an 80's vibe but it wasn't really worked out well so the vibe didn't last really long with me. Too bad...

-Tmnt 1980s opening 3D remake

I thought this was done outstandingly great!
To transform a regular drawned cartoon into a 3D lifestyle including to keep the warmth and liveliness as the regular drawings has looks freaking hard to me to succeed in well!
Especially when you're having lower budget 3D equipment!
Little exceptions can't go unnoticed of course. Like the typical 3D rigid, wooden mechanism are always quite obviously existant! And also the face expression could still need a good subtle fix. But the good thing is despite all of that they did really well and they kept the code that these Turtles look epic and identical to the image most of us would recognize them!

-Tmnt 2014

Michael Bay is good at blowing things up just like he blew up this movie!
At least the only positive thing to notice is this gave the Turtles an opportunity again to be in the spotlights. Big budget FX etc. But the movie was sooo much off-80s topic then maybe at one exception. Why did they make Michaelangelo look so much in this trailer like.. James Earl Jones???! Yeah.. Its.... 80s.....but..... :\


And lots of more of course!

Now I like to know your opinion and drop your own found links of course!

And don't forget: Its not really about how good the rest of the movie etc. is but in this case its about how 80s it is!


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PostPosted: Mon May 11, 2015 6:00 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

The short
Space Stallions
seems to be a pretty good attempt at reproducing an 80's style cartoon intro.
You can see Filmation's influence (at their best-Strarchaser:The Legend of Orin)
with several identifiable bits from Thundercats /Silverhawks thrown in for good measure.

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