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Masters of the Universe Classics: Queen Grayskull (Veena)

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PostPosted: Sat Apr 29, 2017 11:20 am    Post subject: Masters of the Universe Classics: Queen Grayskull (Veena) Reply with quote

Greetings fellow He-Fans and She-Ravers,

Itís been a while since I posted any reviews and thatís for a lot of reasons. For a while I thought about just giving up, but Iím gonna give it another try so letís go back and take a look at these figures starting with one I was really excited to finally get; Veena -aka Queen Grayskull.

Veena first appeared in the 200X cartoon episode ďThe Power of GrayskullĒ she was the wife of King Grayskull and the first Sorceress. Although her part was relatively small in the episode, she left a lasting impression, plus she looked awesome, so I and many fans were eager to get in figure form. Well it took 11 years, but she finally arrived as part of the Masters of the Universe Classics Club 200X mini-sub.

For whatever reason her figure was released under the name Queen Grayskull. This seems a bit inconsistent and out of the ordinary. (eg Queen Marlena not Queen Glenn) She comes in the standard MOTUC blister card bubble displaying the figure within. Her bubble does not include the Powers of Grayskull logo sticker however. Flipping it around to the back we get a look at other figures in the line and a bio for the character in MOTUC canon.

Well itís better than how she was treated in the New52 comic, but thatís not saying much. Really my main problem is it focuses entirely on her life after King Grayskullís death and, more so, constant mentioning of story factors that I hate like Sharella turning into the Green Goddess and that whole two halves of the sword thing. It also mentions her death, but at least it says she died of extreme old age instead of getting unceremoniously killed off like so many others.

Okay letís take a look at the figure itself now. Upon removing her from the package the first thing you need to do is attach her wings. This works in the same basic manner as Sweet Bee and Flutterina where the wings are on a peg system that plugs into two small holes in her back. Youíll notice though the holes are in the lower small of her back instead of the shoulder blades. This is accurate to her cartoon appearance, and it does indeed mean that Veena here has a completely new torso sculpt.

And thatís just one factor in what makes this an absolutely gorgeous figure. The head sculpt is so beautiful capturing her look from the cartoon. Sheís both lovely and at the same time very powerful and regal looking. Great paint job all over with the metallic bronze like color, plus the teal blue inside of her headdress, loincloth part of her skirt, and the jewels on her bracers. Lots of intricate details in her outfit, which looks fantastic. And thatís something thatís seen a lot on the 200X characters in the line. The 200X line was full of extra details on the characters and I feel thatís really come though in the Classics versions, while still not making them stand out too much from the rest of the line.

Running down her articulation itís pretty standard for a female figure in the line. Her head is on a ball joint and the part of her headdress that hangs down is a softer flexible plastic so it doesnít hinder the movement really. Shoulders are on ball joints, swivels at the biceps, standard joints at the elbows, and swivels at the wrists. Now one thing is her bracers kind of come down over her hands a bit so her thumbs will scrape against them a little when moving, but it shouldnít cause any paint damage. Like all the female figures there is no ab crunch joint, but she does have the swivel at the waist and the great thing here is the raised sculpt of her skirt actually helps hide the joint so she doesnít end up with that awkward waist hanging out in space off hips look when turned. Her wings, as mentioned, are on those ball joint pegs so they can swivel up and down and move back and forth as well. She has swivels at the hips and she uses the older leg models so she can turn them as well as move forward back and to the sides. Standard joints at the knees, which the sculpt of her leg bracers helps hide, no boot cut swivel as usual for females now, and of course standard joints at the ankles.

Which leads us to talk about her feet as she has a brand new sculpt there. Veena is our first, and so far only, female figure with bare feet. This is something I am very happy they did. I wanted a cartoon accurate Veena, and was worried theyíd cheap out and give her boots. (In fact she was drawn with boots in the New52 comic) Overall I feel they did a very good job, but one minor gripe I have is how the foot coverings were done. Her design calls for the bottom of her leg bracers/shin guards to come over the top of her feet a bit, and the figure was sculpted with those as part of the foot sculpt instead of part of the leg bracer. Iím guessing this was done so as to not hinder articulation, but it can result in a gap in some poses plus it limits reuse of these new barefoot bucks. (Though to be fair the only other barefoot female character I can think of right now is 200X Hawke)

For accessories Veena comes with her falcon topped staff, very similar to the staff of 200X Sorceress. In fact many fans were hoping or at least expecting Veena to come as a slightly deluxe figure where she would have an alternate head so she could be either character. Frankly though I was against this idea from the start. Looking at the two side by side here, you can see that, while they are a similar, their outfits are actually each unique enough that it would not be doing either character justice to combine them into one figure. Veena has the bare feet and midriff plus Sorceressí wings are higher up. So, while I would have no objection to getting a 200X Sorceress in Classics, Iím glad they made Veena her own individual.

Veena also includes her shawl as seen in the cartoon. This is made of a soft somewhat gummy plastic and is sculpted in a way where it drapes around her back and over her arms. Problem is because itís plastic, even though itís soft, it doesnít really lay right most of the time. You can see it sticks out to the side more than it should, and frankly limits the poses she can be in while using it. She had it in the cartoon so it needed to be included, but hereís yet another place where soft goods would have been the better route to take.

Fortunately, it is not permanently attached so you can leave it off when placing her in battle poses. And she looks great if posed on a flight stand with her wings out. Really thatís my only other minor gripe with the figure. Her wings stick out quite a bit and I finally realized the problem is there is no mid wing articulation. If you look at her in the cartoon her wings bend in the middle like real wings and lay more against her back when not in use so an extra articulation point there would have been better, but probably more expensive to produce.

Overall though I absolutely love this figure and am overjoyed to finally have the character in my collection. She turned out beautiful with the details I was hoping for, great paint job, and terrific sculpt. Sadly, with her Mattel once again showed a lack of caring for the line and the fans and made Veena, probably one of the most fan demanded characters, the one from Club 200X that had no day of sale. She did pop up later as Mattycollector was shutting down and they cleared out stock, but she sold out instantly. I do recommend trying to track her down on the secondary market though because she is terrific. Happy hunting and, until next time, Good Journey.


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PostPosted: Sat Apr 29, 2017 8:08 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Even though I don't even collect this line and am not really a huge He-Man fan to begin with, I always enjoy reading your reviews regardless. They are all very well done. Glad to see them return! Very Happy Cool

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