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Weird freaky cartoon memory with nesting bird and hunter

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PostPosted: Sun Feb 05, 2017 8:18 am    Post subject: Weird freaky cartoon memory with nesting bird and hunter Reply with quote

Hi! First-time post!

Ok, this is a weird question but it's something that's been driving me nuts all weekend. It's a scene from a cartoon that I saw long ago, but can't remember the cartoon and my friends think I dreamt it cause it's so weird.

There's a bird, not sure what kind. Maybe a duck or seagull or dove or vulture? It had a light color head, I know. And it has long eyelashes which it flutters so a girl bird? I think a mother bird. And the bird at one point is sitting on her nest asleep, and some person sneaks up on her. I think he's a hunter (Elmer Fudd?) And the guy starts plucking out the bird's tail feathers, but the bird is asleep and still doesn't know. And pretty soon her tail is plucked and her behind is bare.

And then it gets really weird, where the hunter starts to "prepare" the bird's bare behind! Like he pinches her plucked tail and salts and bastes her bum! And finally the guy actually spanks the bird's bum, and she finally wakes up and screams and freaks out on the guy.

I know this is a weird sorta sick scene but I'm sure I didn't imagine it! I can even sort of remember the music and sounds and animation movement, but not enough. And it's definitely from a kids cartoon, believe it or not! I saw it as a little one in the 90s and it really bothered me because I was disturbed by the idea of her being plucked and prepared while sleeping and her hysterical screams made it all the worse. It's probably not so disturbing really, probably silly, but as a kid it was rough.

I think it might be Looney Tunes. Someone one Reddit thinks it's a character called "Mother Buzzard" or "Mother Vulture" who was Beaky's mom, and she seems to fit the nesting bird and Elmer Fudd was probably the hunter/chef. Does anyone know this episode? Maybe from Tiny Toons?

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PostPosted: Sun Feb 04, 2018 1:02 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Honestly this doesn't sound that weird or sick. It sounds like pretty typical old school cartoon humor. Butt jokes or "fanny gags" were very common back in the day.

I'm not sure but I think I remember something like this in an old cartoon, Popeye I think. A seagull nests to lay her eggs in someone's hat and Wimpy of course sees her as a chicken. If I remember correctly, he uses his meat grinder on the seagull's rear end, skinning the feathers off, then butters her bare rump until she wakes up and flies off squawking bloody murder.

Silly but pretty standard cartoon slapstick. I can't remember which Popeye cartoon this is from and theres been so many it will be hard to find. Maybe someone else can help with the cartoon name.

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