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Master of the Universe Classics: King Chooblah

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PostPosted: Sun Sep 27, 2015 9:21 am    Post subject: Master of the Universe Classics: King Chooblah Reply with quote

Greetings fellow He-Fans and She-Ravers,

I'm a bit behind on my reviews again because of my theater work again. Probably will be next month too. I'm deep into rehearsals right now for "The Foreigner" which opens in and runs through October and if all goes well I'll move right from that one into rehearsals for "Into the Woods" (really praying I get into that one. it was the first major show I ever did, way back in 1996, and I've been wanting to reprise it ever since) so I could, and actually hope to, be quite busy for the rest of the year.

But whatever, you came here to read a figure review:

Continuing the club 200X mini sub line we receive a new figure of a character that was introduced in the 200X cartoon series. This time it's the Kulatak elder. First seen in the episode Trust he later went on to show up as a member of the new Eternian Council. Apparently the Four Horsemen were actually planning to add him, or at least a Kulatak warrior, to the 200X toy/staction line but didn't get him out before the end so this is the first time he's appeared in figure form. It's also the first time we've learned his actual name. Up till now he's just been the Elder Kulatak but now he's been given the title King Chooblah.

Chooblah comes in the standard Masters of the Universe Classics blister card package and, since he's kinda big, he's a bit crammed in there. Flipping it around to the back we get a look at other figures in the line and are presented with a bio.

It may be a typo but why is his real name spelled different? The bio starts off kind of telling how it went in the cartoon. It's largely condensed though, probably so there was room for it to go off into Toyguru continuity with the whole Second Ultimate Battleground nonsense that honestly I'm getting real tired of hearing about at this point. We never saw Chooblah fight in the cartoon, and in fact he seemed to prefer peaceful methods using wisdom to solve problems. Like how he figured out who to trust when Stratos and Trap Jaw showed up both seeking Eternium. He locked them in a supply chamber full of Eternuim while he "took time to think". Stratos, being the good guy, refused to take advantage of it and steal the metal. Trap Jaw, being evil, ate some to give him extra power (a reference to a famous Filmation episode) but it turned out to be fake and made him sick. The whole thing was a test set up by Chooblah to see who was honest. It's interesting to note that this wise peaceful character was voiced by the late Campbell Lane who had previously voiced Skeletor on the NA cartoon.

Taking a look at the figure out of the package now he has a very unique look. He is made up a a mixture of old an new parts cleverly arranged to make up his design. The paint job is also well done as, while he's mostly all white, there is a blackwash shading over him that brings out the detailed sculpt of his fur. One thing I did note though is that he is lacking the armband seen on him in the cartoon. A bit surprising given how much attention to detail the Horsemen usually have. I suppose it's possible they just couldn't budget the extra piece though.

The articulation on him is pretty basic. Head shoulders and hips on ball joints, standard joints at the elbows and knees, swivels at the biceps and waist plus the mid torso crunch. He does feature new forearms and his hands are on ball joints. However it should be noted that they are very tight so while it's meant for more movement, it is a bit hard to do so. The large forearms make him a bit top heavy but he can be posed fairly easy to avoid falling plus his one accessory, a large cane/walking stick, can be used to help with balance. He can really only hold it in his right hand as the other is more open.

Chooblah actually uses the existing furry buck from Beast Man for his torso arms and legs. His head is designed with a longer slanted neck, sort of like Fang Man, so he ends up slightly hunched. This is added to by a large armor piece that sits over his shoulders and blends together to create a large bulky look. The overlay comes off as part of his body instead of an armor piece. Likewise he has the long furry loincloth piece, but no belt, and it's painted like his fur so it all flows together as his natural look.

Like Lord Dactus, Chooblah has large extended feet pieces that attach to what would be the ankle joint for most figures. This raises his height up as Kulataks were large creatures on the show. While scaled down a bit from 200X he still stands a good head taller than the standard figure. Dactus seems taller mainly due to Chooblah's hunched over look and the fact that, like Beast Man, he tends to get posed with bent knees.

With all the other creatures and races in Eternia it seems perfectly fitting to add a Yeti like species to the mix. King Chooblah is one of those characters that, while I had not been anxiously waiting for, I am pleased with the result and happy to add him to my collection. King Chooblah is no longer available on Mattycollector.com (again sorry for the delay) so happy hunting and until next time, Good Journey.


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