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Masters of the Universe Classics: Spirit of Grayskull

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PostPosted: Wed Jul 22, 2015 6:58 pm    Post subject: Masters of the Universe Classics: Spirit of Grayskull Reply with quote

Greetings fellow He-Fans and She-Ravers,

When Mattel added chase figures to the line (despite previously saying they wouldn't ever do that) they initially followed the same style as in the 200X line where the chase was just a rare but intentional paint variant of an existing figure. Granted they took it to a bit more extreme though. When Loo-Kee became a chase figure it seemed the sku slot was going to be used for pretty much anyone, however this year they've gone back to the previous tradition of variant and we get our second Spirit chase figure. This time it's the Spirit of Grayskull.

Now way back in 2008 when the first version of King Grayskull was released there was a chase variant version painted to look like the bronze statue of King Grayskull as seen in the 200X cartoon. However there was also a rare Spirit of Grayskull version made. It was made out of translucent blue plastic and had a production run of... five. See that verison was only made for a special charity raffle auction. So really it doesn't actually count as part of the line if you want a complete set. Many fans did want the figure though so Mattel has produced a new Spirit of Grayskull figure. This one is slightly different to keep it unique though. He comes in the standard MOTUC blister card package, though there is no Powers of Grayskull logo sticker on his bubble.

The back of the package features a bio for the Spirit which tries again to beef up the character in the mythos and also alludes to several plot developments that just plain sucked and made us angry at Toyguru for shoving them into the canon. Now there has been a Spirit of Grayskull in continuity before. Back then though it was referred to as the Spirit of the castle not the king. In the early pre-Filmation comics it appeared as a floating smoky skull over the castle as seen in the bio picture.

Filmation had a version of the spirit too, though it was quite different being just a floating ghostly purple head. This spirit appeared only in one episode and strangely was treated as though he had been around frequently and the heroes knew him despite his never appearing before or after.

The figure is the exact same mold as the original release. As such the cape is non removable. His articulation is the standard for any figure in the line though because of the cape his head articulation is limited. Also the head, while removable, is on very tight and the plastic of the figure is more ridged than the normal fair. He comes with the normal Power Sword, shield and axe all done in the same green plastic as the figure itself. Now the green plastic does have a nice wash over it so the details do stand out better than on Spirit of Hordak, but in turn he is less translucent as the plastic serves a different spirit purpose.

Namely, it glows in the dark. Now sadly my blacklight I had back when I reviewed Scare Glow stopped working and the bulb I currently have doesn't work as well so it's really hard to get a good picture of the glowing to truly show off it's affect. I could take a picture with the black light still on letting you see the figure better, but that doesn't really show off the glow affect then.

And what sucks about that is this guy is actually super bright in hand. I'm honestly amazed it didn't turn up better in the photos considering how bright he is in person. Unlike Scare Glow and others who have the more clearish white plastic that glows green, he is green to start and has an almost night light quality to him. The other reason is sucks that I can't properly show it off is... well that's really all there is to this figure. This has been a real short review, but there's honestly nothing much to talk about. He's a variant of the King Grayskull figure that glows in the dark. What more can I say?

Much like Spirit of Hordak it looks cool enough, but really is only for completionists as far as collecting goes and is arguably not worth the purchase price plus the shipping costs. (I traded to get mine) That in turn though makes better suited for a chase figure as it's something hard core collectors will like to have, but most fans won't feel bad about not being able to get if they can't.

Spirit of Grayskull is this year's chase figure so he will be popping up at random times unannounced on Mattycollector.com. You'll need a lot of luck to grab him if you want him -that's why they're called chase figures after all. Until next time, Good Journey.


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PostPosted: Wed Jul 22, 2015 7:49 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Great review LS!

Check out my YouTube channel and subscribe please! Smile

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