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Masters of the Universe Classics: Blast-Attak

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PostPosted: Tue May 19, 2015 10:06 pm    Post subject: Masters of the Universe Classics: Blast-Attak Reply with quote

Greetings fellow He-Fans and She-Ravers,

This month's figure is a villain that is one of the more obscure characters. He's also a bit of a controversial character on a couple points, which I will cover in just a moment. For various reasons it was unclear for years if we would ever actually get this guy in the line, and if so how he'd be done. Well we're getting everyone from the vintage line so here finally is Blast-Attak.

And as you can see that's not a typo, Blast-Attak does not have a c in his name -most likely for trademark reasons. Blast-Attack comes in the standard MOTUC blister card package, complete with the Snake Men logo sticker on the front.

And that's where the first point of controversy comes in. Namely, who does this guy work for? The vintage figure did not have a Snake Man logo sticker on his box leading many fans to place him as one of Skeletor's warriors and he was shown as such in the Star Comics. However in the mini-comic included with the figures (published by Mattel) Blast-Attak was portrayed as a creation of King Hiss and working with the Snake Men. He was a late comer to the line so had no Filmation appearance, and never showed up in 200X. We know he's a villain and his vintage box art shows him fighting Horde members so he's not on their side. (In spite of this I've been reading several comments online recently from fans who thought he was for some reason and are shocked he's not) Of course in the vintage continuity Skeletor and King Hiss were allies making it a bit of a moot point. Fans were divided for years (and frankly still are) on who he should be working for.

Many fans were expecting the new story to have him built, or at least reprogrammed by, Snake Man-At-Arms in order to fit him in. Instead the Classics continuity decided to split the difference between his two older origins and have him summoned to Eternia by Skeletor -as seen in the Star Comic- but then end up as one of King Hiss' minions -as seen in the mini-comic. Of course it should be noted that Blast-Attak's personality and powers were very different in those two stories. In the mini-comic he was depicted as being rather low in intelligence. Most of his dialogue consisted of him saying "tic.. Tic... tic..." as he was little more than a walking, talking, reusable time bomb. In the Star comic he was instead a robotic alien mercenary and was far smarter and more sentient. Conversely though his power was shown as simply being able to split his body in half and operate both sides at once for a double attack. Despite being called Blast-Attak there was no blast explosion power.

And that really is the other area of controversy surrounding this character. His power is that he attacks enemies by blowing himself up. It's a real sign of changing times (and not in a good way) in how this didn't really cause complaints in the 80's, but these days it raises levels of discomfort. It's largely suspected that the whole suicide bomber angle is why Blast-Attak was left out of 200X, and also why it was uncertain he would show up in Classics until we were guaranteed to get everyone.

Blast-Attack has a lot of new tooling going into him, particularly in the legs, but he does reuse some existing molds as well. He features the same shoulders previously seen on Trap Jaw and Optikk, plus the arms and hands of Roboto. Under his new torso armor he actually has the smaller robotic Horde Trooper torso, however this seems kind of pointless as the armor does not come off. On the upside of that, there's no "Rubenization" puffiness since there are no tabs. Also remember technically, story line wise, the character has no armor. He is a robot.

Articulation wise he has the standard ball jointed head, shoulders and hips; swivels at the biceps, wrists, waist, and boot cuts; standard elbow and knee joints, and the mid torso ab crunch under his armor. The paint job is great with details on his wiring and a shiny gold body.

The head sculpt is very well done. It seems the Horsemen tired to capture the look of the vintage figure while also making him fit in more with the Snake Men. One of the biggest arguments used by those who were against him working for King Hiss is that he was not a snake and didn't look like one. On this new version the area around his eyes has been given a more scaly look and his mouth now has sharp pointed fang like teeth. I also feel like the eyes themselves have a darker more evil look to them.

For accessories he comes with his bizarre, sort of techno, pole axe weapon which is a perfect recreation of his vintage one. It is made of a slightly softer plastic overall, but the actual part where he grips it is pretty solid so there should be no problems there. His other weapon is a type of whip based on his vintage plunger cord. For the vintage figure this device plugged into his back and when pressed triggered the spring release in the figure that caused him to fly apart. The Classics version does not come apart (though the armor does have a nice nod to the vintage in that there is a line down the middle right where the vintage figure split) and, though the armor is designed with a small notch on the back like the vintage figure's, it cannot plug in. Instead the cord has been modified so it now works as a whip with the prongs that clipped and triggered on the vintage now being spikes on the end of the whip. It's made of a softer rubbery plastic so it works well. I would not be surprised if we see Dragstor's ripcord worked into a similar design when he comes out.

Overall I'm very happy with how this guy looks. He captures the vintage style while updating it for the new line. I especially like how the head sculpt not only makes him look more evil, but also more snake like as I was one of the fans who always put him in with the Snake Men. One major area of disappointment though is that he does not come apart in any way aside from the removable head that all figures in the line have. While we have not had action features in the line, most figures have found a way to incorporate the basics of what the feature was in some manner. I had almost been expecting this guy to be released as a deluxe figure so he could have his split down the center feature, but even barring that there should have been some kind of take him apart feature. We've had figures that can split at the waist and, more to the point, he uses the shoulders from Trap Jaw and the hands of Roboto, which did come off on those figures yet don't here. Even Optikk, who used the same shoulders, could take off the arms and there was no character reason for him to. For a character who is supposed to explode to pieces there really should have been SOME removable body parts. He looks awesome on display, but there really is something missing without any exploding feature.

At the time of this posting Blast-Attak is still available on Mattycollector.com so good luck and, until next time, Good Journey


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