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Masters of the Universe Classics: Spinnerella

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PostPosted: Thu Jan 01, 2015 11:18 pm    Post subject: Masters of the Universe Classics: Spinnerella Reply with quote

Greetings fellow He-Fans and She-Ravers,

With the end of 2014 comes the final figure in the Club Etheria add on mini-sub, and it's a doozy. Or perhaps I should say a dizzy. Making her way into the Classics line is one of the absolute rarest characters from the vintage; Spinnerella!

Spinnerella is one of those characters who is famous because she's seldom seen. Not only is her vintage figure hard to come by, she only made one appearance on the cartoon series. This was partly because she came out late in the line, but mainly due to how she was presented on the show. Her single episode focuses on her as the Horde captures Netossa -her EXTREMELY close best friend- and convinced the naive newcomer that the rebels were the ones holding her. Spinnerella nearly destroyed Whispering Woods with her powers is response until She-Ra rescued Netossa from the Horde revealing the truth at which point Spinnerella turned her powers on the Horde wiping out a whole brigade single handed. And that is why she never appeared again. The writers realized they had made her too powerful and thus didn't know what to do with her after that.

But now, thanks to Classics, many more fans can add her to their adventures. Spinnerella comes in the standard MOTUC blister card package, complete with the Princess of Power logo sticker on the front of the bubble. The back of the box shows off other figures in the line and presents a bio for the character.

And frankly this is a rather lazy bio. Most of this is stuff from the old licensing guide, hence why it talks about her outfit and it's colors. I know I said there wasn't much material on her due to her rareness and little use, but it really feels like they had no idea what to say in this bio and just tossed a few quick sentences together. Spinny wasn't really ditsy in the show, she just didn't know better as she had apparently just arrived in the area from far away on Etheria where the Horde had no presence and she had never heard of them. (Though really shouldn't the name Horde send up a little red flag?)

Spinnerella is modeled more after her vintage toy look than her sole Filmation appearance, but in this case that's for the best as the toy had much more detail and color to it. Like everyone else in this line what was cloth on the vintage is now plastic, but her skirt still has the ribbon tassel look. It's worth noting that under her skirt she has the new boots with the covered ankle pins so this may be the new norm for females in the line. (though there's not that many left)

She has the tassels hanging from her bracers too, but since they are plastic and all one sculpt that does once again bring up the issue where what should be cloth sticks out oddly with her arms raised up. Also because of the tassels it becomes pretty much impossible to clip on her standard POP shield accessory! At least not in a position where it looks right. She can at least still use her other weapon which is a repaint of the spear that first came with Green Goddess.

Now the paint on Spinnerella is quite good, with shiny bracers, and her tiara plus more pastel colors for her skirt and tassels. That, by the way, is why she had a higher price point. Each of those individual tassels needed a separate paint deco which drove up the cost of producing her.

Spinnerella has a unique feature in how her hair is done. The vintage toy had large thick rooted hair and came with a tiara that fit into that. We have been given that thick layered hair look for the Classics figure, however in her cartoon appearance her hairstyle was not as big and she had no tiara. Rather than pick and choose the Horsemen and Mattel have given us a way to display her in either style. Her hair is done in sections where you can remove the ponytail and then the upper layer with the tiara. After that you can plug the ponytail back in and have her Filmation hairstyle if you prefer, or stick with the full toy look. Either way looks good and complements her very pretty face sculpt.

The vintage Spinnerella is very hard to come by. It was released in the final wave and even then only in Europe and Canada making her extremely rare. When one actually does show up on ebay she usually goes for outrageously high amounts. And that's for loose ones missing accessories. It's even rarer to see a mint on card one. I've seen those sell for more than the three towers of Eternia playset! Yeah, so this is the part of the review where I tell you I don't have one and likely never will....

No wait I totally have a vintage Spinnerella! Okay so the previous owner sadly decided to give her a bad haircut, but on the other hand that's probably why I was able to get her for less than 1/4 of what she usually goes for. Actually she was also bare, I got the accessories later from another seller. The vintage figure's action feature was achieved via a rotating stand (that I do have it's just not pictured here) Whereas the Classics line has no action features, it still kinda feels like this should have been included somehow, but that would have pushed the price up even more.

Despite the very minor issue with her arm tassels defying gravity when placed up -and how they make her shield pretty much useless, Spinnerella turned out very well. Plus it's just wonderful to not only expand the Great Rebellion that much closer to completion, but also to get a new version of a super rare character that many collectors would be without otherwise. That said, Spinnerella is no longer available on Mattycollector.com so hit up the secondary market to grab her fast before she becomes as rare and expensive as her vintage counterpart. Good Luck and until next time, Good Journey.


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