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Masters of the Universe Classics: Goat Man

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PostPosted: Sat Apr 26, 2014 10:53 pm    Post subject: Masters of the Universe Classics: Goat Man Reply with quote

Greetings fellow He-Fans and She-Ravers,

As you probably know by now, MOTUC has a new annual tradition and extra SKU slot that brings us a Traveling Convention Exclusive figure offered at the various conventions Mattel attends throughout the year. (aside from SDCC which gets it's own exclusive figure) The first one was Temple of Darkness Sorceress, which was just a repaint of the existing figure, though it did include a new accessory in the orb stand. The next year we got Strobo, an obscure one shot character that was made up of existing character parts including the head (though he did have a new cape). This year we get another obscure one shot character; Goat Man.

Goat Man never appeared in figure form before, nor did he have a cartoon appearance. His only appearance was in a Goldenbook story "Secret of the Dragon's Egg" He doesn't even do much in the story, having no dialogue only appearing on a couple pages mainly in one scene where Beast Man ambushed Fisto and seemingly takes control of Stridor with his animal control powers. Beast Man then orders Goat Man to finish off Fisto, only to have Fisto reveal that Stridor was faking in order to catch them off guard and is actually unaffected by Beast Man's powers given that he's a robotic horse. (DUH!!!!!!!!) Fisto then proceeds to beat the every loving tar out of Goat Man and he's not seen again. Nevertheless he somehow earned a cult following of fans who wanted to see him in figure form.

It might be worth noting that there was concept art for a goat headed figure called Basher that never got released. Though that guy's head was like an actual goat not just a ram horned man. The figure would have had an action feature where he had a extending neck that shot out allowing him to bash enemies with a headbutt. Though Basher never got made, the action feature was later used in the NA line for the tragically named space mutant Butthead.

Also, speaking of NA, the first episode of the cartoon did feature a brief appearance of goat man henchmen of Skeletor, the main one called Andros. Andros and his kin though also looked more like actual goats as they not only had horns, but their heads were covered with wool. Like the first Goat Man though, these guys appeared very briefly in this one story then were never seen or heard from again. Though, to be fair, in this case it's because they stayed on Eternia while the rest of the series took place in the Tri-Solar galaxy.

But let's get back to the Goat Man figure in question shall we? Goat Man comes in the standard Masters of the Universe Classics blister card packaging. He is posed in a more sideways stance as opposed to the normal head on look. Another interesting thing is how his weapon is packed. It's placed so from head on it looks like he's holding it, however it is really inserted next to his hand and not actually in it. I like this idea as it creates a cooler look for mint on card collectors, but for those of us who open it, we don't have to worry about any warping or paint scuffs that can happen when weapons are packed in the figure's hand.

As always, the back of the card shows off other characters in the line and presents a bio. Since Goat Man had only the one small appearance with no background given there isn't really much to complain about as it's not contradicting previously established canon. There are, of course, a few references to other stupid plot points of the Classics continuity, but as far as the new info about Goat Man himself the only thing I really must complain about is the horrible real name. I mean seriously, Klacky? The thought of there actually being a sentient humanoid race that is subject to Beast Man's mind control is actually a neat idea though, and in some regard it's cool to see the normally obedient lackey Beast Man have someone he can boss around for a change.

Out of the package Goat Man is one of those characters who utilizes a lot of existing molds, while still adding a few new parts to make him unique. He has the standard torso, shoulders, biceps, lower legs and furry shorts. He features the Skeletor shins and booted feet, but he does use the older mold with the open pins and sadly I must admit he does have somewhat loose ankles. He has brand new thighs that feature sculpted on straps that match the design from the book. Again I'm not sure why they made all new thighs instead of just making a part to fit over the existing sculpt but it's not something to complain about. He also has new forearms featuring a different wrist bracer design. Actually, with his hands painted red it creates a gloved look, however a close inspection reveals that he uses the standard buck hands with fingernails. His armor captures the look from the book, and features very nice paint shading, though once again there is a bit of puffiness near the bottom due to the poor placement of the tabs. It's not that noticeable on this figure though due to it being more of a half armor.

Then we come to the head sculpt, which is richly detailed and presents a creepy look of downright evil. He's got black eyes with red pupils, a sneering mouth filled with sharp pointed teeth and ram like horns on the side of his red skinned head. Though the character is called Goat Man, the image he presents is more of a devil or hell spawned demon. This is probably why he gained a cult following of fans who wanted him in figure form. Here is a guy who looks unquestionably like a villain -something that always scores big points on the coolness meter. Granted though I hate to think how the heavily religious zealots who were already unfairly condemning the franchise would have reacted had he gotten a figure back in the day. I mean I don't want to throw fuel on a fire here, but let's face it this guy is very satanic looking. (but so what? he's a BAD GUY!)

Goat Man was not shown using any weapons in the book, but the Four Horsemen have created a new accessory for him to wield in the form of this large war hammer. Apparently they've wanted to make a battle hammer for MOTU for a while now and I have to agree it really fits in well with the line. It's done in a very nice worn metal paint job and can easily be held in either hand, though the handle is too short for two handed poses. The hammer's head is solid plastic so there is some weight to it. Not so much that it will affect the figure's joints, but enough to throw off balance if held out extended.

Now they've also used Goat Man as another of those figures who comes with a bonus accessory that's not actually intended for the character. This is the Emerald Staff of Avion, as it appeared in the mini-comics, to go with Stratos. It features a translucent green egg shaped orb at the top and actually has a handle on the side that fits around Stratos' open hand so he can actually hold it without careful balancing. That said though, as a fan who loves the Filmation cartoon and detests the Pre-Filmation comics, I prefer to pose my Stratos with the cartoon style staff that previously came with Icer. This actually is a pretty cool staff design though and I'm trying to consider who else I could pose it with. If the line survives long enough to give us a Hawke figure then we're golden. For right now I display it on my Weapons Rack.

Goat Man is a figure who, while not the most awesome design in comparison to ones like Two Bad, Trap Jaw, or Scare Glow, still fits in very well with the other evil warriors. I'll admit I wasn't one of those fans clamoring for him and part of me feels he doesn't fit into the "get all the most important/fan demanded figures out by 2015" motif. Nevertheless he's still a good figure and feels right in the collection. He's an obscure character so he's not for everyone, which makes him a good choice for a Traveling Convention figure. He'll be offered at a few various cons throughout the year -yet here it is the second quarter already and Mattel still has not announced exactly which ones. Most likely places like Power-Con or NYCC. He was however first offered through Early Access in April, (which is where I got mine) though only Early Access and not on day of sale. There will also be a few, along with any unsold stock, sold on Mattycollector.com toward the end of the year, so hopefully everyone who wants one will be able to get him. Good luck and, until next time, Good Journey.


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PostPosted: Mon Apr 28, 2014 5:58 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Nice to see obscure characters getting released- even one that was primarily featured in a Little Golden book- wow! That seems kinda reaching for a cartoon franchise, but nice to see that Mattel acknowledges the fanbase and their knowledge of all kinds of characters.

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