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Masters of the Universe Classics: Two Bad

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PostPosted: Mon Jan 20, 2014 11:10 pm    Post subject: Masters of the Universe Classics: Two Bad Reply with quote

Greetings fellow He-Fans and She-Ravers,

Well it's time to kick off another great year of Masters of the Universe Classics figures. As you probably know, the figure release roadmap was greatly reworked so that the next two years will bring us all the vintage MOTU and POP characters -along with the super fan demanded Filmation first timers and a few pivotal characters from other branches of the franchise like NA and 200X. The original release plan was designed to have such major characters along with lesser/more obscure ones in order to keep a balance each year and stretch the line out, but following some decreasing subscription sign ups it was decided to go forward with the most important and most wanted figures to reduce the chance of the line getting canceled before we got to them. We begin with a well recognized and awaited villain -or villains as the case may be. Here's Two Bad!

Two Bad comes in the first of the new brown mailer boxes. These are made of a thinner recycled material and are meant as a way of cutting down costs. They're cheaper for Mattel, which in turn keeps cost down for us the buyers, and they're more environmentally friendly so what's to complain about? Sadly some people just love to complain and are moaning about the lack of uniformity with the old mailer boxes. For the love of the Elders, WHO GIVES A DAMN?!?! The mailer boxes are solely for packing material! Mint on card is one thing, but does anybody seriously display their collection still in the mailers?

Inside the new mailer is the standard MOTUC blister card package. Two Bad is posed in the package with his arms in the vintage figure style position. Back when we were waiting for this guy to be revealed many speculated he would wind up in a deluxe package due to his wider girth -particularly after Ram Man ended up doing so- but he's really not that much bigger so the standard worked fine. The back of the package gives us a look at other figures in the line and presents a bio for the character.

This pretty much follows the origin he received in the 200X series. Before that there was no back story for the two headed villain, though he was pretty much always depicted as arguing with himself constantly. This, combined with his two colors, makes the two beings fused into one story a perfect origin for the character. This is also where the names came from though they did apparently change the spelling of Baddrah (In case you didn't know Tuvar is the blue one Baddrah is the purple one) The only real problem here is that the bio ends up a bit short. Better a short bio of only pre-exisiting canon than slapping together a crappy new story though.

This guy/guys looks impressive enough still in the box, but taking him out allows you to really get a feel for how much went into him. He utilizes the standard buck for his Tuvar side shoulder, bicep and upper leg parts, plus the standard loin piece, but is otherwise all brand new tooling. His torso is a bit wider to accommodate his two heads. Despite the difference, he has all the same articulation as a normal figure including the mid torso ab crunch, which is in no way hindered by his armor or bulk. His two heads are a bit closer to each other than previous versions, so they do tend to collide when turned towards each other and Baddrah's side pointed ears can poke Tuvar's head sometimes. I feel this is a minor issue though as it arguably reflects the actual problems Two Bad goes through in his existence. All of his joints are nice and tight. In fact his right ankle is so tight I can barely get it to move at all and I'm afraid to force it.

Two Bad's arms are set like a standard figure instead of up on the shoulders like the vintage figure had to work his action feature. This greatly increases the poses you can do with him/them over previous versions since even the 200X version had spring loaded action feature arms, though they were positioned down his sides in a more normal look. The only trade off here is you can't make the two arms punch each other in the faces which was always a fun feature on the vintage figure. This does not count as articulation hindrance though since it is no less than a standard Classics figure.

The detailing on Two Bad is amazing especially on the Baddrah side which features a scaly sculpt and fins similar to Whiplash or Snake Face. His boot is highly detailed allowing you to make out the toe split and his gloved hand features a leather like sculpt with a brass knuckle like device. His armor features a two tone orange coloring with metallic highlights on the rivets. It can be removed via pegs on the back that are disguised as rivets in the armor. (I really like when the tabs are hidden in the sculpt like this) The paint job on the entire figure is very well done, though I should point out that, unlike the previous versions, his two halves are evenly split straight down the middle. Before there was a bit of swirling and blending as though the two halves had been melted to each other (which in a way is what happened story wise) but the split is perfectly vertical down the center this time.

By comparison the vintage figure actually had purple bleeding over into the blue leg. This really isn't a deal breaker though. It's one of those things that strikes me as so minor that it's not an issue, but I can't help wondering why it was done specifically this way. Nevertheless, the look of the vintage figure is captured and updated vary nicely. The heads are clearly vintage inspired, but at the same time contain much more menacing facial expressions. Baddrah's eyes in particular seem a bit more 200X styled. And being able to pose his arms around instead of the static "bear hug" pose is a major plus.

For accessories Two bad includes his classic shield. It is done in only one color with no highlights on the rivets, but to me I don't find it as flat as Stinkor or Snake Face's shields were. The shield is designed with a larger than normal clip and fits on his arm just above the glove, whereas they usually go down near the wrist. As a result, though he can use it on either arm, it really only works for this one figure. He also includes his double headed mace from the 200X version. It's a bit smaller and doesn't feature articulation this time, but does have a nice silvery metallic paint deco. This can only be held in Tuvar's hand though as Baddrah's is molded in a closed fist.

Two Bad is a character(s) that has always been a fan favorite due to his/their unique design and concept. He has been long awaited in the Classics line and the end result is one that I am very pleased with. He's lots of fun as is, and also makes for some amusing mix and matching. (Swapping heads has always been an extra bit of fun in the line, but there's something about a two headed character that really takes it to the next level) He's a great figure to kick off the year, and indeed the next two years as we wrap up the big hitters. If you have a 2014 subscription you should be getting yours in hand right about now. Sadly though, if you don't you're in for a tough time getting him as Mattel made Two Bad another figure who had no day of sale stock and this is one figure every collector is going to want. Good luck and, until next time, Good Journey.


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