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Masters of the Universe Classics: Spirit of Hordak

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PostPosted: Wed Jun 12, 2013 9:53 am    Post subject: Masters of the Universe Classics: Spirit of Hordak Reply with quote

Greetings fellow He-fans and She-Ravers,

This will be a relatively shorter review as there really isn't too much to say about this figure since he's pretty much a straight up redeco of an existing figure; Spirit of Hordak.

Spirit of Hordak is essentially a chase figure (despite Mattel's previous statement that there would be no chase figures in the line) He was put up on the site unannounced and somewhat hidden. If you found him during the brief time he was up good for you, otherwise he went "back into hiding" The idea according to Mattel was to recreate "the hunt" where collectors had to go to retail stores searching and hoping to find the figure they wanted, never knowing if it would be there or not. To say this marketing strategy backfired on them big time would be an understatement. Fans were not happy about this tactic at all! Even those who like the general idea feel we should have been told in advance to be on the lookout for him.

The figure comes in the standard MOTUC blister card package with the Evil Horde logo on the front. It's actually simply labeled Hordak with "spirit" listed as his description similar to how Eternos Palace King Randor was. Though technically he's more "Astral Projection Hordak" than spirit.

The card back shows off other Evil Horde figures from the line plus Keldor, making it an example where the selection is actually related to the figure. Strangely the picture of the Spirit Hordak on the back has a white armband. He also contains a bio which is different from the previous Hordak figure. The bio card was not shown on the sale page with Mattel stating you'd have to buy the figure to see it. (though naturally it was posted on the internet by collectors within days) The bio art is from the "Secret Origin of Skeletor" mini-comic that came with King He-Man as that is what this figure is based on.

I've stated before how Hordak's real name is horrible. Apparently it actually translates as "Cowardly Dog" which is totally wrong for Hordak's personality. I also prefer to think Keldor was already power hungry and at least somewhat evil before. The part about forsaking his birthright is contradictory as the continuity otherwise suggests the whole reason he sought to rule Eternia is it is his birthright.

Looking at the actual figure, he is nothing more than the previously released Hordak figure molded in a translucent red plastic. Therefore he has all the same articulation, the same buck, everything. There is zero new tooling. not even his weapon.

It would have been nice to get his staff and/or the little imp creature in the translucent plastic too, but Spirit Hordak comes only with his crossbow done in the fan-demanded white color. The vintage Hordak had a white crossbow but the Classics was given a black one. A silver one was later released in a weapons pack but fans were not satisfied and still demanded a vintage accurate white one, so Mattel has finally released it with this figure. Personally though I like the more realistic metallic colored ones. I should also point out that the crossbow is made of a softer plastic and is a bit gummy as a result.

Actually, though not gummy, the figure itself is made of a softer plastic too. The good part about that is he isn't as hard and brittle as the Green Goddess figure was. Like her though, the translucent plastic has a tendency to allow the connection pegs inside the figure to be visible. The bad part is his joints are rather loose due to the softness. The only painted parts on the figure are the Horde emblem on his armor, his armband, and the red of his eyes. With the right light effects he can look pretty cool, otherwise he looks like he's made of Kool-Aid.

This is really a for completionists only figure,which is arguably a good thing since he's so hard to get. If you want this figure you need to keep checking Mattycollector.com for him to randomly show up. Click on the "shop" link and look for the Horde Emblem in place of the MOTU logo. If it's there click on it to find the figure's sale page. You can find him on the secondary market, but he's going for ridiculously high amounts due to he rareness. He will be showing up unannounced at random times all year. Supposedly he will also be available during Early Access in December, but you have to have a subscription to access that. Good Luck and until next time, Good Journey.


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