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Masters Of The Universe Classics: Leech

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PostPosted: Sat Mar 03, 2012 4:27 pm    Post subject: Masters Of The Universe Classics: Leech Reply with quote

Greetings fellow He-Fans and She-Ravers,

Continuing with the series of MOTUC re-issues available during Mattel's Mad Matty March sale, we previously looked at Hordak now let's take a look at his slimy brute of a henchman, Leech.

Leech comes in the standard MOTUC packaging and features the Evil Horde logo sticker on his plastic bubble. There is also a blurb on the side of the bubble showing off the suction cup feature of his new accessory. (More on that in a bit) The back of the box shows off other figures in the line, all Horde and Great Rebellion, as well as a bio for the character.

Not too fond of the hard to pronounce real name, and why a slug man when he's a leech? Not all invertebrates are the same. I'm also getting a little tired of every single Horde member having their memory erased or altered. Adora, Grizzlor, now Leech and if they stick to the classic story Dragstor will be too. And why bother? Leech was already evil it seems.

Otherwise the bio fits the character and there's only one major thing I utterly despise. I mentioned in Hordak's review that issues would come up and I'd address them then so here we go:


From what we previously knew about Despondos it was like the Phantom Zone from Superman. A pure hell like prison pocket dimension where time had no meaning. By placing Etheria inside it more problems are created and the storyline just gets even more crazy. Now you're forced to come up with wild explinations about how a beautiful planet can exist in an otherwise hell and you have to make it so every Horde member is thousands of years old and yet still alive and in their prime!

Now I know why this was done; the story had to work in the elements of Hordak's imprisonment from the 200X story while also working in Adora's abduction and the Horde occupation of Etheria. However, a much simpler and far better solution would have been for Hordak to have been freed by Skeletor around the time of Adora's birth, lead an attack but be driven back by Randor's forces and escape to a new world with Adora like we saw in Filmation. I know Mattel didn't have rights to exclusively Filmation stories and characters but this is generic enough and not strictly a Filmation idea. They also apparently wanted to stick with the 200X planned idea of Evil-Lyn being the one to free Hordak and betray Skeletor, but given the choice between abandoning that idea and the complicated mess we got I think the better choice should have been clear. I'm sorry to take so much time ranting on this, but it's a major plot point of this new continuity and a major reason why it isn't sitting well with many fans, so it has to be addressed.

All right let's go to the more positive and look at the actual figure.

Leech features a lot of new tooling, though not the 100% unique tool you might expect. He does feature standard buck shoulders and biceps as well as legs. At first you might think this is too small/thin for his bulky body, but looking at the vintage figure his arms and legs weren't really much bigger than a standard figure's either. (It was really the 200X version that got super bulky) There does seem to be a bit of disproportion, but personally I think that adds to the unique look of the character. As though his torso is swelled up with the energy he's absorbed. His armband is attached to his shoulder guard but is adjustable on his arm so it can be repositioned and not interfere with articulation. I do feel the orange of the piece kinda clashes a bit with his green. Both the vintage and 200X versions had it green, but they chose to go with orange here as seen in the style guide.

The tops of his boots are reused from Hordak's mold but his feet are new and unique. They are actually on slight rocker joints which allow him to keep his wide feet flat on the ground even when his legs are moved around. This really helps with both appearance and balance and was a very good move design wise. Leech, of course, also has new forearms and hands, which are designed in the suction cup like appearance, but unlike the original figure they are not actual suction cups themselves. This does mean the underside is kinda flat and dull. It might have been nice if they had sculpted in the little hand mouths that the 200X version had.

On the plus side he does feature extra joints at the wrist, similar to what Bow had. This allows him to obtain actual poses where he can seem to latch on to his victims with his suckers, including the above hands on each side of the head pose used so often in classic media.

Leech features a brand new torso but oddly it is a unique sculpt. His armor and actual chest are one solid mold. I have to question why they chose to go this route instead of molding a separate armor and having a wide torso that could be re-used later. (Like say for Ram Man!) I can only assume this was actually somehow cheaper budget wise.

Leech actually does use the standard pelvic piece and simply has a wide pants/cover piece to match with his wide torso. The one slight problem here is when his waist is turned to the side he ends up looking awkward with part of his torso sticking out over thin air. It's great that he has all the same articulation, but it's not fully usable if he doesn't look right when applying it.

Leech's head is larger than most figures and is greatly detailed with large teeth and the leech like sucker deep inside. The vintage figure's mouth had the suction cup on the end, which compromised the look a bit, however since that's what he looked like many may feel the new head is off. However if you look at the vintage head in profile you can see the new look perfectly captures what he should look like without the actual suction cup stuck on his face.

Further complicating it, the 200X staction had the leech sucker extended a bit into his mouth. I've heard had the design been an actual figure his action feature would have had this extending and contracting. Even so I do feel the 200X version is much more menacing looking. So while I do very much like the Classics version, I think the 200X is still my favorite.

For accessories Leech comes with his crossbow, which just like the vintage figure's is similar to Hordak's but is actually a unique design. Since Leech's hands can't hold weapons it is designed to clip onto his arm. Leech also features a brand new weapon. A net shaped like the Horde Emblem. The net is made of a very flexible, almost rubber like plastic. The tips of the bat wings have actual suction cups on them so they can be stuck to surfaces to help hold his trapped victim in place. I have heard reports the net can tear if not handled with caution, so keep this in mind. My net is still fine, but then I haven't really been messing around with it either.

Leech is a great figure overall, and I'm very happy to expand the ranks of the Evil Horde. If you're a fan of the Horde like me then you'll definitely want to pick this guy up for your collection. Leech is available now on Mattycollector.com as part of the Mad Matty March sale and as such is marked down 10% from the normal price. Supplies are limited though so get him while you can. Good Luck and until next time, Good Journey.


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